Piers Kwan

profilephoto01-0013700000VaKH0AANPiers has been certified with Strongfirst since it's inception, and with it's parent company since 2010.

His training philosophy focuses upon helping people to move well, and then to build strength to support people's quality of life - to borrow a phrase, "Strength Has A Greater Purpose".

Piers trains people out of Queensland Kettlebells. A primarily group training based community, where people look out for each other, and get unusually strong.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: http://qldkettlebells.com.au
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Ant Aggs
Piers is a legend!

Andy Williams
I had the privilege of meeting Piers at an SFB event last year. He is a professional, friendly instructor. When he speaks it comes with real authority and I really enjoyed getting to know him and glean his training wisdom over the 2 day event. If you are anywhere near his facilities; do yourself a favor and go see him. Thanks for all you do Piers, it was a real pleasure getting to know you!

Brent Cunningham
Piers is the calm in the storm that is health and fitness. Piers is a genuine human being that takes a simple and pragmatic approach to getting you stronger and guiding you on your fitness goal journey. Above all else Piers listens and takes the time to understand you.

Nick Macmillan
Piers has built a strong, supportive community at QKB, which is built around his philosophy that “training should build you up.” He really is a student of strength, and has solutions for any problem, whether you’re a beginner or have been training for years. He has a gift for finding simple, memorable cues that help movements make sense. I highly recommend him, wherever you are in your training journey.

Barry Doolan
Piers Kwan exemplifies all that I believe is essential as a StrongFirst Team Leader. He nurtures a community of like minded people at Queensland Kettlebells, seeking to move well and get stronger, through a variety of methods. Beyond that he continues to lead, motivate, and develop those (both within and external to the QKB gym) that regard him as both a coach and a mentor.

Trent Mackay
I was recommended by Daniel for my back pain and I found that Piers gives you the space to learn and grow at the pace you're comfortable with. This creates a unique training environment focused on long term benefits and community. I've become much stronger than expected, feel less back pain on a daily basis and feel happier for being apart of the awesome group of people who also train there.

Torrin Nelson
Piers is a great team leader and mentor who displays a genuine interest in seeing his clients move well and be strong, without bias or judgement. Not only does he facilitate a great community gym with quality instructors, he also leads a great community of supportive like-minded people who want to move better and feel strong - without ego or bias.

Daniel rothenberg
Highly insightful, intuitive and all round great coach. Piers has a great depth of knowledge, highly recommend to anyone wanting a practical approach to long term, sustainable strength training. As a practitioner I have no hesitencies referring patients to him.

Piers is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with. His knowledge of movement and his passion to help people are second to none. In the past he has helped me work around injuries so that my training didnt suffer. On top everything else he is an awesome dude.

Paul Victor
Piers is an excellent person who is very passionate and knowledgeable. He has helped me and countless others so much. His passion and commitment shows everyday and acts like a magnet, causing his clients to turn up day after day, creating a community that does more than training together.


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