Tim Almond

profilephoto01-001370000076TtEAAUA former 13-year member of the Royal Australian Navy’s Elite Clearance Diving Teams, Tim has operational experience from both Afghanistan and the North Arabian gulf.

Tim Almond, SFG Senior Instructor, has been hosting and instructing StrongFirst courses and certifications across Australia and New Zealand since StrongFirst’s formation in 2012.

As a 3-time winner of StrongFirst’s Tactical Strength Challenge in the open division, Tim has successfully trained and mentored over a dozen top 3 place winners since 2015.

Favourite pastimes usually involve 2 kettlebells and a grimace, however Tim is also a passionate yogi bringing balance, some yin to the yang that kettlebell training creates. Tim enjoys rucking and sees it a tool for both conditioning (working out) and connecting to nature for a form of meditation in motion (working in).

Tim owns and operates a small boutique kettlebell studio in Perth Western Australia, Hardstyle Method, providing kettlebell instruction, strength and movement education and exercise therapy.
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JP Papineau
When I met Tim 18 months ago I had no knowledge or experience with kettlebells and strength training. I was impressed at the extent of his knowledge, but most importantly his ability to break complex concepts down simply in order to make them accessible and easy to understand.

Choosing to begin training with Tim has been one of the best decisions of my life. He has an outstanding ability to tailor each session to get the most out of you, allowing you to lean just over your edge and achieve more than you believed you were capable of. Furthermore, his holistic approach to wellness encompasses more than just strength training. With his guidance I have made significant improvements on both my physical health and mental wellbeing. His ability to lead a brotherhood of like-minded individuals towards a collective sense of purpose is world class.

I could not recommend training with Tim more highly.

Chris Parkes
I have only been in Tim’s gym for 18 months. What I have been able achieve in this short period time is a testament to the culture he has built in his gym.
Tim’s attention to detail brings on quick learning with a great safety and cultural aspect.
If you want to learn the movements safely and are willing to put in. Tim’s gym is the place to be and you can’t go wrong with Tim as your instructor.

Belinda Spencer
I have been training under Tim Almond for 4+ years, my first interview consisted of Tim seeking understanding of my level of fitness, what my goals in strength were and Tim then took the time to explain he would provide me with the tools to walk into any conventional gym and be confident exercising safely with correct technique. Years later, I am still training with Tim and would not even think of entering a conventional gym.

Tim leads from the front and demonstrates what hard work and dedication to the craft will achieve.

You do not get a chance to give up on yourself, Tim provides a community for likeminded people to have fun whilst pushing yourself to achieve your personal goals.

My goal is 24kg military press and world record kettle bell swings. For me to achieve these goals, Tim has provided tailored programs and checks in on my progress and provides assistant work to help me achieve these goals.

I have attended many courses and certifications which Tim has facilitated; breathing workshops, introduction to Kettlebells, deadlift courses, mobility courses, SFG1, SFG2 and many more. I learnt a lot about myself, how my body moves and Tim’s knowledge and passion is what makes these courses powerful.

I have recently asked Tim to train my daughter who just turned 9, within 8 weeks she can perform a TGU, 2H Swing, KB Deadlift. In her words “favourite day is Thursday, definitely come here, Tim explains and shows me how to do the movement and I have fun!”

Roberto Santella
I was searching for a different approach to fitness and training which included variety, strength progression and accountability. Tim’s introduction to StrongFirst based training ticked all those boxes and allowed me to cater my fitness journey to my specific goals whilst developing the many nuances to the core movements of kettlebell training. This was 6 years ago and I have as much passion for my training as the years have progressed. The Hardstyle gym is state of the art and with best equipment to deliver on Tim’s commitment to strength training. Just as important to me as the training is the great community of guys that train at Hardstyle which make it a highlight of my week.

Ezekiel Kwaymullina
I've suffered from health issues for over ten years. After overcoming my illness I turned to Tim to help me get physically functional again. Currently I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been in.

Tim is able to deconstruct, explain and demonstrate movements in a simple and straight forward manner which has allowed me to rapidly improve in my technique and strength.

His training methods are innovative and holistic, pursuing not only strength and technical excellence but also mobility, recovery and the creation of the right mental scaffolding needed to reach the highest levels of your training journey.

Highly recommended, one of the best trainers in Australia

Jani Kalla
I’ve been training with Tim for a number of years and find him to be extremely knowledgeable and you can always trust him to notice any flaws in your form and correct them. Tim’s always enthusiastic and his programming (and knowledge) is world class. Tim knows how to motivate and get the best out of everyone.
I wouldn’t train anywhere else.

Jonathan Bullen
I first met Tim over two years ago and it was him that started me off on my experience of Kettlebells and learning about strength- and what an experience it has been so far.
One memory that stands out for me is from the SFG 1 certification weekend when Tim lead the final group workout- his ability to instruct, encourage and inspire has stuck in my mind- That was a big moment for me as it helped me realise my limits were not in fact my limits and I still had more to give; I was able, after two years of training do it without flaring up old injuries. I am now a proud to call myself a Certified SFG Level 1 Instructor.
On a different note, as a physio and someone who has dedicated himself to ongoing learning and mastery of human movement and using it to help others with their injuries and movement efficiency, I know I am in the best place in Perth to continue my education of Kettlebell training and strength principles which I can apply to myself and my work.
Tim’s knowledge and attention to detail is second to none and it is a real privilege to continue to learn from him and the other experienced instructors and members of the Hardstyle Method gym.

Sam B
I’ve been training with Tim for some months - when Tim initially asked me what my goals were, I answered with a “..taking my training to the next level”... oh boy! I had no idea what the next level would start to become.. In these short months I have gone from knowing nothing about kettlebells to becoming addicted to the theory, practice, results and everything else that goes with the Strongfirst way. Tim has shown me time and time again just how deep his knowledge goes (world class and I suspect we haven’t even scratched the surface!) and how that knowledge can lay foundations to achieving my very specific goals.

I am looking forward to what strength milestones I can achieve in the future under Tims coaching.

Oh and that lingering back stiffness that was persistent throughout the last five years. It’s gone.

I have been training under Tim for over 2 years now. The experience and ability to explain information at all ability levels is impressive. He know how to push everyone at the gym to get the most out of themselves. Over the 2 years he has changed the way I look at what strength is and what training is about. I would training with Tim for anyone of at any level of their fitness journey.

James Hughes
I have been following/training with Tim for 3 years now and have completed my SFG I and attempted SFG II.
His attention to detail, knowledge and coaching ability is second to none and keep me coming back to the gym. As someone who has previously trained and played in an elite Athlete setting I can confirm that the level of training and coaching quality pales in comparison to what you get when you train with Tim.
I can not recommend him enough and would encourage anyone interested in becoming better to train with him.

Todd Hepden
When you first meet Tim you very quickly understand this guy knows his stuff and has a very strong passion for StrongFirst and kettle bell training. The knowledge he passes onto his student is priceless. If you have ever wanted to learn StrongFirst I recommend making an appointment with Tim. The community that Has been created at hardstyle is fantastic. Do your self a favour and book a consult with Tim.

Shaun Cheney
I’ve been training with Tim for 2 years and in that time he has changed my understanding of strength and movement, Tim leads by example and always strives for perfection. I would recommend training with Tim for anyone at any level, his knowledge and grasp of the strong first system and exercise systems in general is second to none.

Daniel Melia
I have recently become involved with Tim Almond over the last two months after having moved home and now being fortunate enough to now living 5 minutes away from the Hardstyle Method. What can I say, this man needs no introduction, he is a true master of his craft and his knowledge and wisdom of all things kettlebell and strength is second to none. His detailed analysis and breakdowns of various techniques such as the swing and snatch have helped me immensely on my strength journey and his focus on the technical aspects of the kettlebell I benefit from greatly after every session. Tim has instilled the confidence in myself to attempt my SFG1 certification in a few months and for that I am great ful and never thought possible before I started training with him. Not only do I consider this man my mentor but due to his care factor and care of his students now consider him like a brother. Thanks Tim

Michael Humphreys
Tim’s attention to detail and knowledge are some of the best in the world. His ability to teach and explain to all levels makes him a great teacher.

He understands movement and the human body. Allowing him to help you move better and with more purpose.

I have done multiple StrongFirst workshops and certifications. Tim’s ability to always be sharpening his teaching skills and develop better ways to bring across what he knows is amazing.

Matthew Campbell
Strenuous physical activity all but ceased for me 18 months ago, at the age of 33, with the diagnosis of Ankylosing Spondylitis; an arthritis type auto-immune disease typified by inflammation of the lower back, pelvis and hips. My days would begin awakening in agony and having to roll from bed onto the floor, up into a crawl, then eventually onto my feet as I managed to get some movement into my joints. I’d proceed to grit my teeth and fight through my shift at work with the assistance of NSAIDS and painkillers.

Fortunately, I was eventually diagnosed and put on monthly injections of a modern biologic which reigned in the worst of the inflammation and associated pain (these injections are the difference between me walking or needing a wheelchair in my 50’s). What the medicines, physiotherapy, podiatry, acupuncture etc couldn’t help me with was the remnant chronic fatigue, insomnia and constant limp from crippling plantar fasciitis. I was told further improvements would only come via rest and cortisone injections.

I was aware of StrongFirst as someone who’d read ETK and swung the odd bell before my body twisted up on me. I found Tim had a gym not far from where I live via the website and contacted him to see if he had any ideas that could help get me moving again and hopefully back to work.

I write this after 6 weeks of twice weekly sessions with Tim and the crew at Hardstyle Method. My limp is all but gone, the custom orthopaedic insoles I was told I’d need for the rest of my life are in the bin along with the referral for cortisone injections. I sleep like the dead and have getups for breakfast. This morning at home I military pressed a 24kg kettlebell 50 times with each hand.

I have Tim to thank for the new lease on life that I now have. His knowledge and enthusiasm for strength and health have pushed me towards my own strength and health. I might even avoid that desk job after all.

Chris Abbott
Shortly after becoming SFG I certified in 2015 I read an article on the SF blog Tim wrote on taming the Beast. I was no where near taming the Beast the the program made sense logically and I'm a learn by doing kinda guy so I hopped on it. While I didn't tame the Beast (yet) the program DID take me to a DBL 44k Front Squat, DBL 36k Military Press (for 2 at 160 lbs.) and a 36k pull-up.

I continued to follow Tim on instagram and couldn't help but be impressed. In 2019 I started tracking my tonnage from a few posts I'd seem him post on instagram. His instagram posts alone helped me vastly improve my snatch strength and conditioning.

Present day (July 2020) I've found an even greater passion for the strength, power, endurance, and efficiency snatching gives me. Naturally when you find someone who can do a 40k snatch test in under 4 minutes it grabs your attention. While I haven't personally worked with Tim (little tough from NY to Australia), his instagram posts and willingness to openly share his knowledge has been and incredible resource.

If you want to not only get stronger, but pursue MASTERY of a skill (specifically the snatch in my case), I couldn't think of a better guy to learn from.

Thanks Mate!

Seamus Hayes
I first met Tim in November 2019 during my SFG1 in Perth.
Professionally I’ve work in Musculoskeletal rehab, manual therapy(Myotherapist) and as a strength coach currently based at Absolute MMA Melbourne. I have been lucky to work with Olympic and world champions from track sprinting, powerlifting & Brazilian JiuJitsu and their coaches. Tim is among the best, he is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable coaches I have worked with.
Since the SFG he has offered guidance and programming advice in my training, but also in aiding in programming advice for Running kettlebell classes within the MMA gym that I run. Thank you for being a great leader Tim, looking forward to attending your courses in future.

Tim is very passionate about his Bells and it shows through his eagerness to share his vast and entertaining knowledge.
I went into this course with a sound understanding of Kettlebell's and was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd only scratched the surface.
Tim has excited a sense to go explore further what I'd previously thought of Kettlebells, Health & Fitness.

I highly recommend the Kettlebell workshop with Tim. He is very easy to listen to and demonstrates each move as he explains it. The workshop is very hands on and engaging for everyone. Tim is professional and encouraging to all students who attend.

Adam Chilcott
An extremely knowledgeable man. If I kept doing it alone and didn't come to see Tim and learn how to do kettlebell moves with proper technique I don't think I would have ever progressed. I feel confident I can bigger, stronger and happier without injuring myself! Plus he's a great bloke! Thanks heaps Tim.

Chris Dawson
Excellent knowledge and accommodating with all levels. I'd highly recommend for anyone to to train with Tim.

Andrew Crellin
Tim provided a truly sophisticated and focused overview of the basic kettlebell movements. I have covered off a number of weaknesses and gained a great deal of confidence in just one day. I can’t wait to apply this in the weeks to come.

India Sieber
Tim’s course far exceeded expectations. His insights into health & fitness were motivational and informative, and his kettlebell knowledge was impressive. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I couldn’t recommend his course enough.

Joshua John Samuel Hughes
Tim Almond is able to articulate his knowledge in a comprehensive and intuitive way that accelerated our learning on the kettlebell workshop at The Mill. We left knowing a lot more and able to practice with confidence what we had learnt.
Thanks Tim for you professionalism and commitment to our health and well being.

Kohl Yates
Kettlebell course 2-11-19 Freo
The course was a game changer and Tim is an inspiring individual .
I'll be sure to recommend Tim to my friends in the martial art industry ,
and I'd look forward to working with him in the future .

Casey Campbell
Tim was my Team Leader for the SFG1 course and I consider myself incredibly fortunate for that to have been the case. I came into the SFG with having ten years of kettlebell training and coaching experience. While I knew I could always get better with my technique, the amount it improved under his guidance was more than I could have expected. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable but he’s equally as generous with his wisdom. Awesome coach and awesome person, seek him out whether you reside in Australia or for distance coaching, you’ll be glad you did.

VJ Bumanlag
The man knows what he's talking about.

Did the class 28/9/2019 at the Crossfit Alice Springs. Did not know what to expect before going in. Tim discussed the science and prove the science through demonstration and unique teachings. Highly recommend to people who loves the ins and outs of the basic fundamentals of fitness.

Richard Bailey
Tim Almond is an exceptional trainer!
You cannot go wrong in seeking out Tim as a trainer, coach and mentor.

Tim has developed a remarkable depth of expertise and mastery of Physical Culture, coupled with an uncanny ability to transmit his teachings to you.
Possessing rare insight, with an exceptionally broad depth of knowledge and understanding, Tim's ability to guide your journey of personal growth and development is truely awe inspiring!

Jason Appel
Once you’ve seen Tim go about his business at Box 33, you can’t help not want to be part of the community.
I was drawn to StrongFirst after taking other kettlebell instructor courses that were absolutely shocking - certifying trainers that were clearly not technically proficient enough to coach the movements.
Which is why I take any opportunity to learn from Tim - his commitment and discipline towards his training and teaching are second to none, glad to have an instructor of that caliber on Western Australia to learn from.

Deborah Biggs
I contacted Tim when preparing for my first StrongFirst certification and I am so glad that I did! Tim is extremely knowledgeable and has been a fantastic mentor on my StrongFirst journey. He also has a holistic approach which resonates with me because sometimes I need to be forced to consider that factors outside of my physical training might be affecting my progress. Tim does this with graciousness and a thoughtful approach. When I suffer a lapse in self confidence or my progress stalls, Tim knows how to coach me through it so that I can keep on improving. I was using kettlebells before I started working with Tim but my technique and performance has improved immensely under Tim's guidance. I would not be the athlete or the coach that I am today without the mentorship I have received from Tim. I look forward to continuing to work with Tim and am ever grateful to be a part of the StrongFirst Australia community.

Mark Seares
As a proud foundation member of Tim's Box 33, I'd still be there if we hadn't retired 300 kms away! Tim has an exceptional knowledge of exercise physiology, coupled with an inimitable ability to communicate. You'll discover that your limits are much higher than you thought. Tim makes it fun, you will get stronger, move better, maybe lose some weight and you'll want to keep coming back for more.

Richard Scholes
I have been a Box33 member for almost 6 years now and have been fortunate enough to have had Tim Almond as a Personal Trainer and also attended a few StrongFirst certifications and workshops run by Tim. His attention to detail and his knowledge and passion leaves no stone unturned and this has allowed me/my body to perform at my own PB. I just love getting more out of life because of this. Very highly recommended.

John Negoescu
Tim is an extremely knowledgeable coach and is able to convey complex ideas in a simple, practical manner with a logical progression.
Tim has a holistic approach to coaching and is able to accommodate those who are in pain with little or no training experience and those with a long training history.
Tim is hands down one of the best kettlebell instructors in the country and I would highly recommend him for any training endeavour.

James Hughes
Tim introduced me to kettlebells and the change it has made for me both physically and mentally has been massive.
Coming from a background as an elite athlete I was pretty certain about my fitness and strength being elite but quickly found out in reality I was a novice.
I have learnt and continue to learn so much from training with Tim.
I would recommend Tim to anyone who wants to advance and better themselves.

Scott Jackson
Tim is a passionate, knowledgeable and inspiring trainer who will take you to the next level and beyond.


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