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Cole Summers is a Senior SFG with StrongFirst based in Winnipeg, Canada. He began with a life in hockey, football, and other sports in the 1950s and ‘60s. In the 1970s, he was certified as a Yogendra Hatha Yoga instructor, received his black shash in Gung Fu, and wrestled for Manitoba in the Western Canada Games.

He introduced the first separate men’s and women's intramural weight training courses at the University of Manitoba in 1978. He has been a head strength coach to several university teams (volleyball, basketball, track) and longtime advisor to the head track coach for Team Canada. Cole was co-coach during the inaugural (1978) season of Winnipeg Wasps Women's Rugby, one of the first women's rugby teams in the world. He was also the strength coach for Team Canada women's volleyball.

Cole has trained NHL and WHA Pro team champions, Olympic hockey team members, professional football players, amateur national boxing champions, professional boxers, and rugby players, as well as martial artists. He was a regular consultant to the late great USA hockey coach Herb Brooks.

Cole was a liaison with the Soviet State Physical Culture and Olympic Committee to exchange ideas on the training and development of coaches and athletes.

He organized and played with the first ever North American rugby team to tour East Europe, the Czechoslovakia Goodwill Rugby Tour in 1986. With the Winnipeg Wasps Rugby Club, he toured Scotland, Hawaii, Czechoslovakia, and Holland up until 2001.

Over the years, Cole has trained thousands of regular folks of all ages and backgrounds. He is known as a seminar leader and public speaker on the topics of street safety for women. For 27 years, he has been the Strength Coach at Garden City Collegiate, "Hardstyle High," in Winnipeg, Canada."

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Vlad Domozhyrov
Mr Summers is one of the best pioneers in the fitness community. He truly puts his heart and soul into everyone who is willing to learn and goes out of his way to help people who need it. He has helped my friends and I with reaching our fitness goals, which ended up steering our lives in a positive direction unimaginable without his help. Mr Summers is a true inspiration for me and I'd encourage anyone who has the chance to train under him to take the opportunity, especially high school students who are at a very vulnerable stage in their lives and could use a great mentor who practices what he preaches. Great coach, and most importantly a very good person. The world would be a much better place with people like this. Once again, I'd encourage anyone who gets an opportunity to train under Mr Summers to take it and absorb some of his knowledge.

Ian De Leon
This man has changed my life .I will be forever grateful everything Mr summers has done for me. If it was not for him i wouldn't be where i am today all the deep conversation we have had about talking life where i want to be who i want to become. I will be graduating June 2019 to be a certified athletic massage therapist it was a Hard process but always had mr summers in the back of my mind pushing me and making me a stronger person physically and mentally . All the years of training kettle bells under this man has made me the man i am today. Very strict but worth every minute Again thank you Mr summers!! all the love in the world TEAM SUMMERS!!!


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