Louka Kurcer

profilephoto01-0013700000Xe7JoAAJLouka Kurcer lives by the StrongFirst code. His training is based on the belief that strength fixes almost everything. He trains and teaches with a minimalist, yet highly effective, approach. He is considered an expert in the practice of “hardstyle” kettlebell, flexibility, and bodyweight strength training within the fitness community.

His mission is to empower people to achieve the lifestyle transformation they deserve and to educate them on the best most sustainable ways to achieve their training goals. He helps people move more, move better, become stronger and more resilient.

Louka’s training attitude can be compared to that of an old-time strongman and a martial artist. He challenges his students to “practice” rather than “workout”. He is about the underlying principles, not just the tools. “An exercise or movement has greater value if it is done with quality and purpose. That is how I build real, long-lasting strength.”

He believes strength and flexibility training should be a lifestyle and advocates being able to train anytime and anywhere.  “A kettlebell can replace an entire gym…” he says, “…but if you don’t have one available, you can still get very strong using just your own body.” That’s- one mind, any weapon -mentality.

Louka teaches the StrongFirst 1-Day Courses. Flexible Steel certifications, and the Ground Force Method certification across Canada. He is also the proud owner of the Kettlebell Club, his own “school of strength” in the Montreal area, where he teaches.

When he is not swinging a kettlebell or putting heavy weights overhead, he pursues his other passion for art in the form of painting and drawing.

For more information on courses, certifications, or training questions, please contact hardstylekbmtl@gmail.com.  You can also visit his website: www.HardstyleKettlebellPro.com or www.KettlebellClub.ca.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.HardstyleKettlebellPro.com
Contact: Click to contact


Andrew Roberts
Every course I have taken with Louka has been fantastic.
He is a great communicator and also enthusiastic and caring.
He gives technique corrections that are quickly understood and get to the most important points right away.
Thank you, Louka!

Ioana Sasarman
Louka is a one of a kind coach. He has the gift of teaching and of sharing. With clear and simple explanations and examples he breaks down every move, making is easier for you to learn and practice. He has an incredible ability to observe and correct every single detail until you get the moves perfected and they become second nature. For him, nothing is impossible. When there is a will, there is a way and if you have the will, he is the best qualified person to show you the way.

Thank you coach for an amazing and inspiring workshop. I am looking forward to the next ones.

Alexander Kodama
Louka is quick to fix your form and makes it easy. He is calm under pressure, kind and clear, and shows you how much he knows his stuff in a way that makes you inspired.

This trainer walks the path he teaches and has his trade down to an art. Not only are his workshops fun, they are useful for months afterwards, and you leave feeling like you can do far more than you came in with.

If you want to learn how to swing a kettlebell, you need to attend at least one session with this man.

Thank you Louka for your help, kindness, and honesty in all you do.

Heidi Chamberlain
Louka, you are a rare gem! The humble approach to learning new skills is his true craft. His ability to make us all feel comfortable and equal is what I really admired most. He also was able to correct quickly and always gave us his full attention. No matter your fitness level, Louka is there to guide you through. Thank you coach!

Seb Rolland
Training with Louka is a great experience: the mastery in his movements is inspiring. He shares his knowledge freely and thoroughly and his course encompasses more than just training, but principles and philosophy to effectively build strength while staying safe.

I particularly admire the attention and support he gave to a student who showed up completely new to all things Kettlebell: while she was comparing herself at times with some of the more experienced folks, he encouraged her to focus on her own growth and practice.

And yet the focus and feedback was spread evenly among everyone as far as I could see.

My personal highlight was a much deeper understanding the hinge movement, it's carried over into my day-to-day life when lifting/moving my special needs son. :)

I heartily recommend him, regardless of your level of training or experience.

Mark Lyon
Louka is a deeply gifted instructor. I feel deeply fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from him. His ability to demonstrate, communicate, and help students grow is truly remarkable. I cannot recommend Louka or StrongFirst highly enough.

Andrew Roberts
Louka is one of those rare teachers who can do and can teach!
Just being around such an accomplished instructor makes it easy to learn.
On top of that he is very articulate, diagnosing issues and suggesting immediate corrections that take into account any limitations that the student may have. There is no time wasted and it is possible to make very quick improvement.
Thank you for a great course, Louka. I look forward to more courses and instruction in the future.

After several years of benefitting from Louka's targeted and minimalizt videos, I moved to some remote coaching. Frankly, I thought my form was better than it was... In 1 session, he quickly and nimbly offered about 15 adjustments through a range of KB movements. I could feel right away through applying them over time it's likely my trips to the chiropractor will be less frequent, and my ability to reap the benefits of my practice will increase - while I have more fun in the process! Louka is not only highly fluent with the kettlebells and movements, he's a grounded and effective instructor.

Josh Elbaz
Great coach - a coach's coach!
Knows his stuff through and through.

Adam Guerguis
Louka is one of very few people I consider myself lucky to cross paths with them.

He is a true talented and passionate trainer and mentor. He is very knowledgeable and generous in sharing his knowledge, skills, and experience.

I believe he is a true treasure in the city to anyone serious about getting healthy, strong, and in shape.

Brian Breit
Louka is a fantastic instructor. He teaches you a lot of the little things along with the basics. And he wants to see you succeed and progress. He is very knowledgeable, he is straight forwarding with you as a student. His goal is your goal.

Kim Berube, Alberta, Canada
If you're looking for the consummate professional, Louka lives the Strongfirst principles and inspires greatness in his students. Aside from technique, drills and skills, it is his master approach in creating passionate and proficient students for life that sets him apart. Anyone can hand you a kettlebell, not everyone can make you a better version of yourself. But Louka can. He is patient, encouragement and the ideal amount of expectation. Not only will time with him make you ridiculously strong and conditioned, but it will make you a fantastic handstyle girevik.

Saheb Singh Dewan
I had joined Louka’s gym in 2017 and unfortunately I had to leave it after 6 months due to some health issues. I can tell you that the time he put in teaching and training was amazing and I was able to make significant improvements in my health and overall development. I wish Louka best of everything in his endeavors

Linda Robin
Louka is one of a kind, not only is he extremely knowledgeable in hard style kettlebell but he understands human physiology. I have pretty severe rheumatoid arthritis and have had several surgeries. I used to train hard when I was younger and was trying to find my way back to training, I asked Louka if he thought it would be possible for me to train st the Kettlebell club. He not only said yes but helped me all along the way. I am feeling decently strong again and hope to go back to the classes soon. I not only built some muscle but became more flexible and feel better: Thanks Louka❤️

Dave Mills
Louka was/is one of a kind. I needed a boost to get me moving in the right direction and finding Kettlebell Club under his supervision was what the doctor ordered so to speak.
Stronger, feeling better, adjusting workouts to account for injuries so I could still get full effects of the workouts were amazing. He even sent me home after my time at the gym was up with at home workouts which benefited me greatly.
Grateful and indebted to Louka for his excellence and care for his clients!!

Gregory Dzemaili
Louka is not only an absolute professional in his approach as a coach but also very knowledgeable, empathetic, smart and humble. We have learned the ins and outs of the StrongFirst philosophy, as well as the most pivotal kettlebell exercises that can be learned in Hardstyle. I‘m grateful and proud to not only call Louka a great teacher but also a good friend. ?

I was fortunate enough to attend two of Loukas workshops at the kettlebell club (kettlebell 201 and 301)

Louka is an instructor full of knowledge; a master of strength, and a fantastic teacher. His lessons are clear and straightforward. If you're looking for someone to help you with your goals, regardless of where you are at in your fitness journey, you do not have to look any further.

Jesse H
I have only been training under Louka's guidance for a month, but it has been an invaluable experience. Going from "self taught" kettlebelling to online coaching with Louka allowed me to get clear constructive feedback on my form, breathing and purpose for each practice session. His coaching has allowed me to see huge jumps in strength in such a limited amount of time. Highly recommended.

I wasn't convinced of the value I could get from on-line zoom sessions, but Louka transformed my swing. Great coach, explains things very simply. I am getting so much more out of my workouts now. 5 stars.

Mark Kelly
Louka is an expert in the field of strength and mobility. Working with him online is clear and constructive. He assessed my form in the ketelbell main moves and gave me the ques to improve and fix my errors in my technique. Highly recommend

Marc Gane
Excellent coach. Very knowledgeable and passionate.

Kyle Brown
Louka and his Kettlebell Club team have been instrumental in helping me recover from a bad case of peroneal tendinitis.
Part of my prescribed rehabilitation was to rebuild the strength in my leg.
Fortunately for me, I found Louka and his team. Over the past year, I have not only rebuilt the strength in my leg. I have improved my overall strength in ways I never thought possible. I am a particularly enjoying the simple low rep plans that Louka provides. With a very small selection of KB, I have been able to keep progressing working out at home.

Mathieu Dumontet
Passionate and knowledgeable coach. I highly recommend.

Jeremy Pastic
Louka was an assistant instructor at a recent SFG cert I attended, but would have been well qualified to teach the whole course himself. He is direct and detailed in describing technique, without over-cueing., and he is surgical in his corrections. It was a pleasure and an honour to have him there for the weekend.

D Fraser
Louka is professional, thorough, humble and personable. Louka does an outstanding job of assessing where his clients are in their development, guiding them towards accomplishing their goals (and deciding what those goals should be), supporting them through the journey, and always with great communication skills. He is equally adept at teaching one-on-one as he is delivering group lessons. It is a always a pleasure to work with Louka

Guillaume Gagné
He teach me the first course of flexible steel and made me curious about kettlebell. He was very though full for everyone during that class.
Maybe one day i will try Strong first formation too

Pavel Macek
My teacher, colleague, and great friend. Smart, hard working and enthusiastic gentleman who walks the talk. I can't recommend his classes and courses enough!

Benjamin Renaud
With just a few lessons with Louka I was able to learn the principles of Strong First and apply them to my training. Being new to training when I first met him I was able to safely learn the kettlebell swing, the Turkish get-up and various bodyweight exercises. Although I can not attend his classes regularly I see him for private sessions to polish my technique and for program design. Louka is a great teacher.

Alexander Halford
I learned with Louka twice, including a one day course of the hardstyle kettlebell. Louka is very passionate and enthusiastic about what he is doing, his knowledge is impressive, and he knows how to apply positive impact on his students in a very effective way. His dedication and proficiency are always there for you.

Robert Belanger
Teaches what he preaches. Truly a passionate instructor.

-Strength has a greater purpose

Khalila Glanville
This guy is the REAL DEAL.
Professional, reliable, knowledgeable and FUN.The skills he possesses are like GOLD to what I've been trying to achieve. I recommend Louka, He really knows his stuff!

Laurie Di Giulio
I worked with Louka online. He has an amazing eye for where movement can be improved, and gave me some great strategies to improve my technique and focus my strength. I didn’t know what to expect working through video only, but Loukas skill, patience and kindness far exceeded my expectations. Louka is truly skilled.

Mark Limbaga
If you ever find yourself in Montreal, don't pass the opportunity to learn from this gentleman. Top notch is a huge understatement

Mark Wiwcharyk
I started training g with Louka almost 4 months ago and could not be more impressed with his coaching style and his approach to making you strong. I have learned more and progressed more in my little time with him than I have at any other point in my training and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is looking to get strong the right way. Best gym and best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Greg Braat
I did the kettlebell and body weight course with Louka in the fall of 2018 in Lacombe, Alberta at Fit Body Boot Camp. Louka was so focussed and professional. Safety came first, but aside from that he had a very calm yet motivating way about him. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his training. There was no judgement. Everyone was treated equally. It was ridiculous how much I was able to learn in just two days. I highly recommend spending time with Louka to take your skills to the next level!

Julie Guimond
Louka is The best kettlebell Coach I know!!! He as been my coach for the last 4 uears and I have learn so much with him! And being myself a trainer, I also learned a lot on good cueing and coaching!!!

Jakub Kaliszczak
Louka is one of a kind trainer. He is very present and attentive to my needs. I was very impressed with Louka and his approach. He is a very dedicated and generous coach. I would gladly reccomend him to my family and friends, or anyone who is looking to get stronger, healthier, loose weight, gain musscle, or be happier with their body.

Louka is not to not only passionate about his craft but also he masters and roles model his craft very well but also he knows that he is a student for life, always learning, always growing and always curious and for him it doesn’t stop at Kettlebell only, he has a lot in his pockets and hats.
I am privileged to train with Louka and learn from him. Amazing human being.

John Swann
I had the opportunity to receive online coaching from Louka for a loaded carry program. While I am often skeptical of online coaching, Louka proved to be adept, aware, and informative throughout the program. I had heard of the many benefits of loaded carries, but Louka was able to walk me through the process of how best to integrate them into my practice, how to compliment them with other movements and lifts, and how to maximize the gains from the program in multiple stages. If the rule of thumb is to avoid online coaching, Louka proved the exception and demonstrated excellence throughout the program. If I'm ever in Montreal, I'll definitely be stopping in for a live instruction!

Karine Verela-Gibeau
Louka is amazing! He is very passionate, perfectionist and knows how to maximize someone’s strenght. He has offered to help me but most importantly guide me with my OAPU so I can become a SFB certified instructor. I am beyond grateful.

Had an excellent experience taking the KB Course with Louka

Loukas is a Kettlebell technician and a wonderful teacher. He is able to break complex movements into attainable steps and can address difficulties from a functional perspective. The day that I spent learning from Louka has made a very large impact on my kettle bell practice.

Louka is the real deal! He genuinely cares about his clients and helps them achieve their goals in a professional and non-threatening way.

Mourad Nakhla
Louka is a great trainer and i recommend him specially for the people who have physical problems he is capable to train them with no pain and can overcome their physical problem during training

Benjamin Renaud
Louka is a great teacher and really knows his stuff. I came to him after having read a few books and watching a few dvds and he really helped me to get my technique on point. His workshops are well worth it. Looking forward to the next time I will make it to Montreal to train with him again.

Excellent instructor for people of all fitness levels , if some one is serious looking to improve conditioning , joint mobility , flexibility and have a real fun with kettlebells then Louka is the person to reach .


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