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profilephoto01-0013700000Xe7JoAAJLouka Kurcer lives by the StrongFirst code. His training is based on the belief that strength fixes almost everything. He trains and teaches with a minimalist, yet highly effective, approach. He is considered an expert in the practice of “hardstyle” kettlebell, flexibility, and bodyweight strength training within the fitness community.

Louka’s attitude can be compared to that of an old-time strongman and a martial artist. He challenges his students to “practice” rather than “workout”. He is about the underlying principles, not just the tools. “An exercise or movement has greater value if it is done with quality and purpose. That is how I build real, long lasting strength.”

He believes strength and flexibility training should be a lifestyle and advocates being able to train anytime and anywhere.  “A kettlebell can replace an entire gym…” he says, “…but if you don’t have one available, you can still get very strong using just your own body.” That’s- one mind, any weapon -mentality.

Louka currently teaches StrongFirst Kettlebell user courses, as well as Flexible Steel certifications across Canada. He is also the proud owner of Hardstyle Kettlebell Mtl, his own “school of strength” in the Montreal area, where he teaches. When he is not swinging a kettlebell or putting heavy weights overhead, he pursues his other passion of art in the form of painting and drawing.

For more information on courses, certifications, or training questions, please contact: louka@hardstylekettlebell.ca .  You can also visit his website: www.HardstyleKettlebellPro.com


Mark Limbaga
If you ever find yourself in Montreal, don't pass the opportunity to learn from this gentleman. Top notch is a huge understatement

Mark Wiwcharyk
I started training g with Louka almost 4 months ago and could not be more impressed with his coaching style and his approach to making you strong. I have learned more and progressed more in my little time with him than I have at any other point in my training and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody who is looking to get strong the right way. Best gym and best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Greg Braat
I did the kettlebell and body weight course with Louka in the fall of 2018 in Lacombe, Alberta at Fit Body Boot Camp. Louka was so focussed and professional. Safety came first, but aside from that he had a very calm yet motivating way about him. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his training. There was no judgement. Everyone was treated equally. It was ridiculous how much I was able to learn in just two days. I highly recommend spending time with Louka to take your skills to the next level!

Julie Guimond
Louka is The best kettlebell Coach I know!!! He as been my coach for the last 4 uears and I have learn so much with him! And being myself a trainer, I also learned a lot on good cueing and coaching!!!

Jakub Kaliszczak
Louka is one of a kind trainer. He is very present and attentive to my needs. I was very impressed with Louka and his approach. He is a very dedicated and generous coach. I would gladly reccomend him to my family and friends, or anyone who is looking to get stronger, healthier, loose weight, gain musscle, or be happier with their body.

Louka is not to not only passionate about his craft but also he masters and roles model his craft very well but also he knows that he is a student for life, always learning, always growing and always curious and for him it doesn’t stop at Kettlebell only, he has a lot in his pockets and hats.
I am privileged to train with Louka and learn from him. Amazing human being.

John Swann
I had the opportunity to receive online coaching from Louka for a loaded carry program. While I am often skeptical of online coaching, Louka proved to be adept, aware, and informative throughout the program. I had heard of the many benefits of loaded carries, but Louka was able to walk me through the process of how best to integrate them into my practice, how to compliment them with other movements and lifts, and how to maximize the gains from the program in multiple stages. If the rule of thumb is to avoid online coaching, Louka proved the exception and demonstrated excellence throughout the program. If I'm ever in Montreal, I'll definitely be stopping in for a live instruction!

Karine Verela-Gibeau
Louka is amazing! He is very passionate, perfectionist and knows how to maximize someone’s strenght. He has offered to help me but most importantly guide me with my OAPU so I can become a SFB certified instructor. I am beyond grateful.

Had an excellent experience taking the KB Course with Louka

Loukas is a Kettlebell technician and a wonderful teacher. He is able to break complex movements into attainable steps and can address difficulties from a functional perspective. The day that I spent learning from Louka has made a very large impact on my kettle bell practice.

Louka is the real deal! He genuinely cares about his clients and helps them achieve their goals in a professional and non-threatening way.

Mourad Nakhla
Louka is a great trainer and i recommend him specially for the people who have physical problems he is capable to train them with no pain and can overcome their physical problem during training

Benjamin Renaud
Louka is a great teacher and really knows his stuff. I came to him after having read a few books and watching a few dvds and he really helped me to get my technique on point. His workshops are well worth it. Looking forward to the next time I will make it to Montreal to train with him again.

Excellent instructor for people of all fitness levels , if some one is serious looking to improve conditioning , joint mobility , flexibility and have a real fun with kettlebells then Louka is the person to reach .


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StrongFirst Certified Team Leader
StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
Barbell Instructor SFL
Bodyweight Instructor SFB


City: Pierrefonds
Zip code: H9H 5L7
State: QC
Country: Canada


Accepting new students.
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