Nolan De Leon

profilephoto01-0013700000N3kPTAAZNolan De Leon is an experienced martial artist, having obtained his black belt in Sikaran Arnis, Tae Kwon Do, and Shotokan Karate. An award winning fighter at the national level, he became interested in the mechanics of the human body and the self-healing properties of strength. Through the guidance of Senior SFG Cole Summers, he became highly skilled in kettlebell strength and conditioning training, as well as in Olympic barbell and body weight techniques. Wanting to share his knowledge of safe, effective, and time-tested training, he received his SFG Level I certification at the Dome of Strength in Chicago, Illinois in hopes to help others realise their true potential as students of strength. Nolan currently holds the world record as the youngest and lightest person to have completed the StrongFirst Beast Tamer Challenge and is studying to pursue a career in medicine.
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