Owen Chau

profilephoto01-0013700000ZB2ZJAA1Owen's passion for teaching originated from his roots as an award winning national level martial artist. Through martial
arts, Owen learned the fundamentals of body mechanics and human movements; and through strength training, learned
methods that were not only beneficial for athletes, but for everyone. Owen promotes and teaches time-tested training
principles for improving the wellbeing and health of individuals from all backgrounds and body types.

In addition to more than 10 years training as a competitive martial artist, Owen is also experienced/certified in the following:
- StrongFirst Certified Team Leader and Elite Instructor
(SFG Level II, SFB, SFL)
- Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist
(FS Level II, FSIC)
- 1st Canadian Beast Tamer
- GFM Level I Instructor
- FMS Level I

AMPFit | Always Making Progress
106 - 11800 River Road
Richmond BC V6X 1Z7

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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.ampfit.ca
Contact: Click to contact


Birgit Feil
I can only say that my one-on-one KB training session with Owen was absolutely awesome!
The instruction that I received was clear, easy to understand and apply, great cues on how to get a feel for what he was asking me to do differently. I feel that I am now equipped with an abundance of input to make my training at home so much more successful and useful - not only when it comes to gaining more strength, but also for my health. To me, this consultation with Owen was more valuable than what I could have gotten from a visit with a health professional - his knowledge about strength, correct movement patterns and how to apply those in real-life-situations is already helping me to reduce the wear and tear on my body while doing physical labor jobs.
So, I cannot recommend Owen enough and the moment I can make it happen, I will be back for more!

Lane Britnell
As a fellow SFG in Western Canada, I've known Owen for a few years now and I look up to him very much. He is the epitome of a quiet professional. He is incredibly humble, despite being freakishly strong. I hired him for online coaching last year and had a great experience, he was tremendously through, communicated well, and I got great results. I particularly enjoy assisting alongside him, as a coach I learn a lot from his calm, minimalist, and effective cueing. I plan on hiring him again, and can't recommend him enough.


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StrongFirst Certified Team Leader
StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
Barbell Instructor SFL
Bodyweight Instructor SFB


Beast Tamer


City: Richmond
Zip code: V6X 1Z7
State: BC
Country: Canada

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