Justyna Macková

profilephoto01-001370000076TmGAAUJustyna Macková, StrongFirst Certified Team Leader, Elite.

Justyna (together with her husband Pavel Macek, Master SFG) is a first StrongFirst certified instructors in Czech Republic.

She is also Chief-Instructor and Gym founder of Functional Training in Prague (since 2010) - an unique gym only for women.

Justyna and her instructors (also StrongFirst ladies) are leading by example promoting StrongFirst message of "beautiful strength" - to be strong & healthy lady.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person.
Website: http://www.funkcnitrenink.cz
Contact: Click to contact


Lucie Gaston
Justyna is an excellent Strong First instructor and a great person. She’s been an inspiration to me and many of her other students and she is one of the reasons why we get up and get going. Her energy, enthusiasm, and loveliness has created a gym that is safe, encouraging, and supportive. Her knowledge and experiences have made her a great coach that guides us to bring the best out of ourselves. When I was going through challenging times, training with Justyna has always remained one positive and sane thing in my life.

Funkční Trénink is Justyna’s baby - the gym reflects an atmosphere of friendship and support. Justyna has created a community of women from all walks of life that are here for each other. She’s done an amazing job at enabling many of us to transform our lives in more ways than is obvious :-)

Réza Frantová
I have been Justýna's student for three years and I'm quite certain that without her pushing me with her infectious enthusiasm, I would never accomplish the results I'm getting. She is full of ideas on technique improvement, overcoming roadblocks and finding new motivation. And she creates a great atmosphere at her gym, so you really feel like going even if you're not at your best. Just seeing how incredibly strong she is makes you want to work that much harder.

Monika Stastna
About five years ago I started to visit Justyna's gym Functional training and I can honestly say that it was one of the best things that could have happened to me. Justyna is a great teacher who allways pays attention to the precise technique of performed exercises. She has been able to motivate me for great performances and was a fantastic support at several TSCs (Tacticall Strength Challenge), both as a coach and a friend. Justyna and her Functional training have undoubtedly changed my life - in terms of training and a lifestyle in general. Justyna is not only a great coach, but a person who has created a community of great people and friends. And I'm truly glad to be a part of it.

Five years already with Functional training in Justyna´s gym... My first regular exercise and also fun with great ladies there including pushing personal limits much further. Go on!

Michaela Macova
I never stick to a sport for more than few weeks in past, so when I visited Justyna's gym I thought it will be eventually the same- that my enthusiasm will fade away. I coudn't be more wrong! Justyna is strong woman who knows how to teach and motivate her students. She pays the same attention to everyone- no matter how advanced the students are. I feel very safe pushing my limits under her guidance and I improve my skills every single training. Training in Justyna's gym makes better not only my body, but definetely my life in general.

Antonin Tuma
It is a great honor for me to be Justyna’s student. She is very nice true lady, awesome teacher, friend and definitely strong skillful wise profesional.

Pavel Macek
Leading by example from the front! Justyna's "ladies only" gym is something truly unique - what a STRONG community.

I find myself extremely lucky that I have Justyna as my teacher. She turned me from I-don't-think-I-can-do-this attitude into a let's-see-if-I-can-do-more enthusiast. I feel stronger, physically more capable and harder to kill after every training session with her. She is a super strong woman, an amazing human being, and a wonderful coach. She has created an exceptional community of super strong women in her gym, and I am super proud to be a part of it.


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