Thiemo Nass

profilephoto01-0011G00000ePCFfQAOStrongFirst-certified Instructor.

I started Kettlebell training since 2009 in my wrestling / grappling course. At that time I could not believe how much the ball got ready for me. So I started training more with the kettlebell and did my education on the HKC, RKC & RKC II and finally switched to StrongFirst to learn from the best!

I work as a sports manager, personal trainer, refernet and seminar leader. Sports background: Martial Arts, MMA, Muay Thai, Grappling, Shidokan Karate..

Significant education:

A-license fitness instructor
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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The knowledge and support I have received from Thiemo has been exceptional. Through Thiemo I have become extremely strong over time in terms of barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight training. His own experience, his expertise in programming and coaching all enabled me to perform at the highest possible level in competitions. Thiemo has also made it possible for me to successfully complete the Iron Maiden challenge and be the first StrongFirst Iron Maiden in Germany. Thank YOU for always coaching me to reach my goals!

Thiemo is by far one of the best trainer and with a huge amount of knowledge. He helped me a lot on my way to different huge personal goals and certifications.
Whenever there was a problem at my side, he knew how to fix it. You receive a very direct but so usefull feedback of him, it´s pure gold to have him as a trainer for several years and I´m looking forward to more years.

Best personal trainer!! Always in a good mood, sympathetic and motivating.
Through Thiemo Nass, the sport became a pure passion.
Thank you so much for the valuable and instructive training sessions.

Luca La Torre
Thiemo is the type of coach, that brings the best out of you. He walks the walk and knows a lot about his profession because he experienced all by himself!

A kind person, a great teacher and an athlete with YEARS of experience in the iron game! When Thiemo talks you better listen.

Probably one of the best coaches in Germany when it comes to kettlebell and strength training. No matter what goal you have, he always has the right progression to get you to that new Personal Best. Helped me a lot overcoming my plateau in the bench press and worked wonders on my shoulder stability


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