John Kenny

profilephoto01-001370000076Xj1AAESince attending his first StrongFirst Certification in May 2014 John has worked tirelessly at mastering the basics of his own physical and teaching abilities.

In pursuit of this he has attended, assisted on and taught at all four StrongFirst Certification and Special Events multiple times across Europe learning from StrongFirst Certified Master Instructors like Fabio Zonin, Brett Jones, Jon Engum, Shaun Cairns, Karen Smith, Jason Marshall as well as Pavel Tsatsouline himself.

John's commitment has been recognised and in April 2019 John was awarded the title 'StrongFirst Certified Team Leader'. He is also an Elite Instructor and is now the StrongFirst Event Coordinator for Ireland, teaching the Official StrongFirst Foundations Workshop as well as the StrongFirst One Day Kettlebell, Barbell and Bodyweight Courses.

John also owns and runs the only StrongFirst Accredited Gym in the country (Access Health & Fitness).

"What I love about the StrongFirst method is the effectiveness of simplicity. My own views on 'exercising' or strength training is all based on how we move our body. I educate people to Practice, Train and Strengthen movements. To do this we first address the Mobility, Flexibility and Stability of muscles and joints. The aim then is to master the movements by consistency of practice. Finally we strengthen the movements using tools like Kettlebells, Barbells or Bodyweight progressions and regressions.
Sound simple?
It is but it’s not necessarily easy. " John T.

If you would like to find out more please visit my website or contact me through the means below.

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Conor Clinch
Excellent coach:

1) Extremely knowledgeable and highly motivated in terms of keeping up to date with the most effective training methods;

2) Great teacher- really good at explaining technique so that students can build strong foundations and develop safely;

3) Very supportive - takes time in between sessions to provide feedback on form and provide advice which means his students are learning outside of scheduled training sessions too.

David Doherty
I attended the StrongFirst Foundations workshop on the 6th of September at Source Gym in Omagh. The course was excellent. We covered breathing techniques, Planks, Deadlifts, Kettlebell Swings and Press Ups. The foundations of the techniques for each exercise / movement were covered in really good detail. I found it helpful that John broke each technique into stages and then built each stage into the full movement for the exercise he was teaching. This enabled me to learn each stage and follow it properly.

The whole course was fun, engaging and very informative. I had a fantastic day learning and getting involved on the course. I really enjoyed myself.

Conor McKernan
I attended the Strong First Foundation Workshop in SourceGym in Omagh.
We covered breathing techniques, Deadlifts, Kettlebells, Mobility, Push Ups and even talked a little about TSC.
John's teaching was fantastic, he really broke everything down into simple to follow steps, which will really help improve my workouts. The whole day flew by, with plenty of craic to go with it.
I really can't recommend John's workshops enough, they will help you further understand how muscle groups work and even help you understand how tiny movements can give you that extra push in your workout.
I look forward to more workshops of John's and hopefully be able to expand my knowledge once again.

Colette McEnhill
I attended a Strong First Foundation Workshop on 6th September in@SourceGym Omagh.
It covered mobility, breathing techniques, Kettlebell movements, Deadlifts, Plank and Push ups(with a little segue into pull ups).
John is an excellent coach, who is dedicated to the Strong First code. We were taught to a very high standard, with clear instructions, in a friendly relaxed manner.
The whole day was informative and also full of craic.
I highly recommend John and will definitely be attending more workshops given by him.

Graham Finn
Excellent day on the deadlift and kettelbell foundation day with John couldn't recommend it enough

Fiona Maguire
I had the pleasure of participating in a Strongfirst workshop with John Kenny on the 8th August 2020.  It was a 1-day work shop that went over the basic kettlebell movements Deadlift, Swing, body weight plank, push-ups and breathing techniques, which are extremely important to develop stability.  

I highly recommend taking one of these workshops with John if you have any interest in kettlebells at all, not only will you get taught to an extremely high standard by a very knowledgeable coach but you will also get great banter and an amazing lunch which John provided.

I did StrongFirst Foundations Workshop with John. This was really good introduction to StrongFirst philosophy, John is a great teacher. Looking forward for next events.

Dax Malone
John gave a very engaging and comprehensive introduction into the SF ethos and practice at the recent day-long foundations workshop.

Would highly recommend and I'll be back for more!

David Cahalane
Excellent, clear and comprehensive instruction by John on the Strong First Essentials course

I found John to be an brilliant instructor. He gave very clear and easy to understand instructions with good reasoning. I found the workshop to be very relaxed and extremely informative. I would highly recommend John as a trainer.

Noirin McCarthy
Good foundations support growth.
John clearly commits to his students and shares his knowledge and skill in a safe and strategic manner.
Well worth attending and I look for to more of John’s workshops.

Megan Cahill
Highly recommend johns classes. I found he really helped me understand the basics as I’m only new to weightlifting

Rachel Caprani
John is very knowledgeable in his field. Easily communicates the fundamentals and drills during the course. Very relaxed and comfortable environment , which made the course very enjoyable

Just did a StrongFirst Foundations workshop in Dublin with John. Really informative and I can’t wait to put everything into practice!

Declan Flynn
Just attended my first StrongFirst workshop and it was a very informative day, with lots to take away and put into practice.

Look forward to other days

John is excellent teacher and extremly dedicated to the Strong First code and community.

Brilliant teacher who is very approachable. Classes are tough, enjoyable and you learn a lot. Highly recommend.

Terry D
Attended the Strongfirst Foundations Course with John last month and found the course content very practical and comorehensive. Credit to John for this as his delivery of the material was very relaxed and engaging. Highly recommend training with John.

Stuart Macdonald
In October of this year I attended the SFL level 1, when we got there I was selected to be part of johns team, have not met him (or anyone) before he put us all straight at ease and was a brilliant teacher. He also shared a very heart warming and personal story which took real guts and showed a very honest vulnerability most are scared to show, he will always have my respect for that.

On the snatch test I only managed 81 reps meaning I had a lot of work to do in the next 90 days. John was in contact regularly to check in on my training and give me advice via programming. After 84 days I retook my test and comfortably hit the 100. This I am absolutely sure was only possible through johns support. I can not recommend him enough as a coach and team leader.

Joe Newitt
I recently attended the SFG where John was my team leader for the course. Throughout the course he was able to give me lots of useful tips to help me improve my technique.
I didn't pass my snatch test on the day so needed to submit a video after, I was a little disappointed at the time but John help me see this as a opportunity to practise my snatch technique and get better.
While preparing I was struggling a bit while trying to work around an injury, John took the time to offer support recommend a couple programs which ultimately helped me pass my snatch test.
John is a great coach who clearly wants to help everyone succeed in their goals.

M. Lawler
I contacted John to get more training and information on certification. He was very helpful and a great instructor. I learned a lot in the session. Happy to recommend and will go back for follow up.

I went to John for help on my kettle bell form. In particular the swing and the TGU. After one session my form and technique has improved massively. I feel like I'm getting much more progress with the swing, and I've increased the weight of my TGU. The level of knowledge and instruction he has is unbelievable and I couldn't recommend him enough

Niamh Pitts
I've been training with John for almost 4yrs now. John demonstrates and talks you through every exercise so you not only know how to do it, you know why you're doing it.

He keeps training fun & interesting & makes training with kettlebells so enjoyable i even bought my own kettlebells for using at home.

Candace Slyne
I had done kettlebells previously with other trainers and thought I had them mastered... until I met John!!
John strips it right back to the basic movements and teaches you techniques to ensure you are using your whole body to power through with those movements efficiently.

John's passion for kettlebells was evident from day 1 in his class and I knew I had to get onboard with some 1-2-1 training to see what it was all about. I can honestly say I wouldn't train with anyone else now.
Not only do you get a full on killer workout, he also throws in some life coaching chats and giggles along the way.
The guy is a hero.

Ciara White
I’ve been training with John for 4yrs now and have to say that he has extensive knowledge, expertise and passion for nutrition and training.

At the beginning of each kettlebell session, John would break down and demonstrate the fundamental movements used for each exercise. Some of the exercises I do during training range from single/double handed swings, squats, clean, press, snatch and get ups. John will constantly monitor my movement/technique, giving me advice along the way, so I could make corrections as required.
By using kettlebells in my training, it has enabled me to develop my core stability, increase my strength & endurance and mobility.

Many thanks John for all your help over the last few years.

Martin Kiernan
I have been working with John for over 2 years now, originally to lose some weight but with Johns guidance and support I love my strength training. Always look forward to my deadlifts and kettlebell training. Has been a complete change in my lifestyle since I started training with John.

Sinead Watters
I first worked with John over 4 years ago after having my first child. Through his down to earth approach and consistently going above & beyond to help his clients, I have learned so much and progressed in my strength journey. Initially I was pretty apprehensive for a 'kettlebell' rookie like myself, but with John's coaching and motivation my confidence and my strength have grown. Not sure I will make an Iron Maiden but who knows with John's knowledge and ability to encourage people to challenge themselves......

Sean O’ Cionnaigh
I began training with John in January 2017 when I was recovering from surgery having suffered a serious rota cuff injury in 2015. I had physio and recovery for 2 years and instructed by doctors not to exceed weights of 10 kgs.

With Johns I was doing one on one personal training three times a week. With somewhat simple and very controlled exercises I have achieved goals way beyond my expectations.

I now can complete multiple sets of 10 pull-ups and regularly deadlift 115 kgs (5sets of 5)

Having taken all the nutrition and lifestyle advise offered by John, I now weigh 78 kgs, feel healthy and happy and at 65 years of age I don’t think that’s too bad at all.

Bren Fanning
John is a loving soul who pretends he’s a hardass. He is very convincing. This extends to us having absolute confidence in him. Sessions are hard and rewarding and we laugh a lot, which is important. He is absolutely on top of his game

Myles Creane
John is very knowledgeable and a great coach. Would highly recommend.

Mark Deevy
I first went to John over a year and a half ago for help with the Simple & Sinister Proramme. I thought a few sessions and I would happily be on my way, however, I am still regularly seeing John for help with all things strength and mobility related. I find his knowledge invaluable in my journey to become stronger.

Many thanks John for all your help!

Paul Dolan
Im currently working with John to prep for my StrongFirst level 1 cert. The amount of knowledge John has is incredible. I would have comsidered myself fairly good when it comes to using kettlebells but what ive learnt with john so far has really been amazing....

John has taken me right back to the basics and shown me that you need to master the basics first above all.

What a COACH ??

Shane Lunney
I have trained and worked with John over the last year and a half and can safely say this guy knows his stuff when it comes to Kettlebells and Barbell work

If you are looking for some flashy, faddy method or secret I'm sad to say John won't provide it

But if you want to learn how to work and develop some serious strength and conditioning or just drop some of that extra body fat and move and feel better then John can provide you with the theory and more importantly the practical knowledge to get you were you need and want to be

Shane Lunney PT


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