John Kenny

profilephoto01-001370000076Xj1AAEName: John T. Kenny
Location: Raheny, Dublin 5, Ireland
Certified Instructor:
SFG - May 2014 with Dan John and Mark Toomey (Re-certification June ‘16, June ‘18)
SFL - December 2015 with Dr Michael Hartle (Re-certification Nov ‘17)
SFG2 - June 2016 with Master Jon Engum (Re-certification June ‘18)
SFB - June 2017 with Karen Smith

My name is John T. Kenny. I'm a lifestyle coach and own Access Health & Fitness, a private training facility in Raheny, Dublin 5.

Im a certified instructor in SFG, SFL, SFB and SFG2. My aim is to educate people on Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle choices.

I see all gym equipment as tools like medicine balls, Swiss balls, TRX and Dumbbells but I find I use the Kettlebell for so much more compared to the others like Mobility, Stability or Movement Corrections, Neuromuscular Development, Conditioning and of course Core Stability and development.

When it comes to strength nothing compares to barbell lifts when done safely, effectively and under proper instruction.

If you would like to find out more please visit my website or contact me through any means below.

Access Health & Fitness
1st Floor River House
Raheny Shopping Centre
Howth Road
Dublin 5
Phone:  01 443 9923

Mobile: 0863625194



Facebook: Access Health & Fitness


Myles Creane
John is very knowledgeable and a great coach. Would highly recommend.

Mark Deevy
I first went to John over a year and a half ago for help with the Simple & Sinister Proramme. I thought a few sessions and I would happily be on my way, however, I am still regularly seeing John for help with all things strength and mobility related. I find his knowledge invaluable in my journey to become stronger.

Many thanks John for all your help!

Paul Dolan
Im currently working with John to prep for my StrongFirst level 1 cert. The amount of knowledge John has is incredible. I would have comsidered myself fairly good when it comes to using kettlebells but what ive learnt with john so far has really been amazing....

John has taken me right back to the basics and shown me that you need to master the basics first above all.

What a COACH ??

Shane Lunney
I have trained and worked with John over the last year and a half and can safely say this guy knows his stuff when it comes to Kettlebells and Barbell work

If you are looking for some flashy, faddy method or secret I'm sad to say John won't provide it

But if you want to learn how to work and develop some serious strength and conditioning or just drop some of that extra body fat and move and feel better then John can provide you with the theory and more importantly the practical knowledge to get you were you need and want to be

Shane Lunney PT


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StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
Barbell Instructor SFL
Bodyweight Instructor SFB


City: Raheny
Zip code: 5
State: Dublin
Country: Ireland


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