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Stefano is a great and extremely professional trainer! He always knows how to motivate me even when the will to train is lacking completely. He has helped me a lot in my fitness journey, achieving my goals, especially when it comes to strength training.

Marco Bersani
Passionate, humble, great teacher, great

Stefano represents the principles of the Strongfirst school in his work and life.

He taught me a lot and gave me so many possibilities.

Power to you Stefano

Claudia Sorvino
Anyone like me who has had the pleasure and the good fortune to meet Stefano Massa along their path knows that, in addition to being a person available and always at the service of others, he is a great athlete and professional. He is able to convey his passion with extreme ease, making anyone who wants to approach the world of fitness fall in love.
Absolutely prepared in the field of strength and training in all its forms.
A guide for all lovers of psychophysical well-being.

Alessio Parente
Stefano Massa is the most authentic expression of strength and who better than him could be the Strongfirst team leader. He is a very good person, he listens a lot (qualities that few have), he gets involved and is always ready to learn and teach you something even if you don't want to. He is a person who gives you a lot on a professional level, but above all from a human point of view. A great Coach, a great professional.

Alfredo Tripicchio
I’m lucky to have been able to train with the professional Stefano Massa for a year, and thanks to him I was able to learn the Strongfirst training principles in a simple way and I have increased my strength significantly and in a safe way.

Laura Canonico
I will never stop thanking him. Stefano, as well as teaching me the true meaning of the word strength, gave it to me. He stands out for his methodology, and his attention to detail has fueled my passion for training with the ketlebell ... now I can't do without him! a wonderful person with a huge heart.

marco mistone
A great Trainer!! He knows how to transmit passion and knowledge in a unique way! He gives you always the right enthusiasm to do this job! Sìmply the best!!

Stefano is one of the most talented, intuitive, and masterful instructors in the entire Strong First organization. It is a pleasure and an honor to study with him. Thank you so much Stefano!

Andrea Allocca
Great man, Great Coach, a guide that taught me so much, will always be grateful to him. The best!

Dario Corteselli
Stefano is a passionate professional.
He is the man who has spread the Strongfirst principles through the whole Southern Italy since 2010.
All of us owe him much as a Team Leader.


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