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profilephoto01-0013700000TLvhVAATCarlos Guendulain is better known as "Charly" within StrongFirst Mexico, he is a Strength Athlete himself and he is specialized in Powerlifting and Strength & Conditioning in Fighting Sports and Group Sports.
Charly has a passion in the ways of teaching, he works at a very respected Institute in Mexico (Colegio Mexicano de Educadores Fisicos) teaching the course of Functional Training and he's been involved in multiple seminars and workshops as special guest as Strength & Kettlebells Hardstyle Specialist.
Over 6 years of experience and hard work "In Field", you will find what you are looking for under his Instructions.
Trust the process and never back down.

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Samantha Fernández Gómez
Carlos was the one who taught me the Hardstyle Kettlebell and his teaching, patience and passion with which he teaches was so good that I ended up in love with the method and today I am also a certified instructor. Charly is still my instructor and every day I learn more, now not only for my training, but also to be a better instructor.

Paola C
I've been training with him for a few months. His way of teaching and taking you to achieve your goals is second to none. I am very grateful that in a few months I completely changed my perspective towards exercise, of leading a healthy life and of including training in my daily routine. His patience and dedication to us, his students, is admirable. Güendulain lives and transmits his philosophy in everything he does.

Fausto Ramos
Carlos is an excellent coach, he manages his sessions very well, checks that people are doing the practice with good form and uses all the tools learned from the strongfirst methodology to obtain the best results.

Adriana Leia
What can I say about Charlie!!!! I’m soooo thankful with him. I’ve been working out for half a year, and I’ve seen the changes. I’m more fit, stronger, achieving every goal I’d set from the begging and beyond, and getting into others that I didn’t imagine I could even think about them. Incredible the way he encourage you to keep on going, further and also teaching the discipline that you have to get in order to get the results you want, with that gentle and human touch.
Never the less that he is a remarkable human being with that special touch he has and patience to explain the do’s and the doesn’t, with a perfect technique; I can get to improve with every single day of trainning.
In my personal experience, I can’t go regularly to the same gym, ‘cuz of my work (lifestyle), so he had to prepare and teach me the correct way to performed the exercises, and practice everyday, I can tell you that even people at my work and the gyms I visit all over the country they’ve seen my remarkable change.

So I just want to say Thank you for your effort, patience and the professionalism you project in every single session you give.

Dave Zamora
Carlos is both an exceptional coach and a human being, working with him has been one of the greatest experiences of my sporting life. Coming from a career in long distance training, Charlie helped me reshape my entire body composition into a lean, mean strength machine. I hope to keep working with him for the time to come as I’m sure he is one of the greatest coaches of the kettlebell sport.

Erick Chávez
An excellent coach and person, constantly looking for new challenges, new routines, better results and above all is very devoted to his work.

Great coach, in addition to taking care of each position in each training and helping you achieve your goal, it fills you with knowledge about what you are developing in training, which broadens your vision and takes you into this wonderful world of functional training.

It is as important to develop body strength as mental, it makes you be constant and disciplined.

No doubt injected passion for this sport!
I have a couple of months training with him and I just can not wait for another day of training!

I have noticed more strength and coordination in my training, a lot of energy and incredible results in my body composition.

I just have to say thank you Coach!
You're the best!

Carlos has been my personal trainer for almost four years, and in that time he has helped me to be stronger every day, healthier and sexier. He is always aware of the technique of execution of the exercises and transmits the passion for kettlebell training. Without a doubt he is the best StrongFirst instructor in Mexico!

He was my coach for a little more than a year and I highly recommend him, he has great attitude, shows a lot of professionalism and love for his job, personally he helped me a lot, he's always aware of the techniques to improve our execution, he passed on to me the love for kettlebells and now I look forward the course of these in StrongFirst Mexico.

Carlos, Charly as I first knew him, motivated me to train with excelent attention -and patience, since I was completely new at training-, he explains every exercise with detail so one can make it apropiately. As I kept training, he made me understand limits are only in our minds, and impossible is nothing.

He’s so great in his job, he help me to get to my goal, such a great trainer, he’s good explaining all the exercises and if you are doing something wrong he teaches you to learn in your mistakes.
A really good instructor

Carlos has inspired and motivated me to get involved in Strongfirst training. He is an excellent personal trainer. During each session, his full attention is on his trainee, correcting and making sure each excercise is well executed to avoid any injury.


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StrongFirst Certified Team Leader
StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
Barbell Instructor SFL
Bodyweight Instructor SFB


City: Mexico City
Zip code: 16020
State: Mexico City
Country: Mexico

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