Andżelika Stefańska-Kowalik

profilephoto01-001370000076XkJAAUANDŻELIKA STEFAŃSKA
StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor
Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist

Since 2010 I manage a sports club and school of martial arts in Krakow. I'm a founder and the chief trainer in the Centrum Kettlebell Kraków - StrongFirst Gym. I share my expertise during the advanced level training sessions in the gym, private lessons with my students, StrongFirst Workshops and during numerous instructor certifications I teach all around the world. My specialty is teaching how to build strength with the use of kettlebell and the knowledge how to maintain and increase the flexibility of muscles without the loss of their strength in accordance with the motto "Be Both Strong and Flexible – Be StrongFirst and Become Flexible Steel".

I practice Chen Family Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu and sports martial arts of Sanda Kickboxing. I'm all the time increasing my skills, among others, by participating in foreign trainings – Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling) in Italy or Traditional Kung Fu in Hong Kong. As a representative of the Polish National Team I won two bronze medals at the Traditional Wushu Championships in Shiyan – China 2010 and silver and bronze medals at the World Traditional Wushu Championships in Huangshan – China 2012. For the last achievement I was the only member of the Polish National Team awarded with the Prize of the Minister of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Poland.

I am a professional and the quality is my priority. My assumption is simple – do something well or do not do it at all. I know what I want and I know how to achieve it. I value the work with groups of people who are involved in trainings, and I find good positive vibes easily. We have determination, strength and power. We always make one frontline.

Poland, Kraków
Centrum Kettlebell Kraków
ul. Chełmońskiego 255

mobile: +48 663 52 04 52

Online training:
Gym website:
Instagram: andzelika_tiger_zone
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Maya Licheva
When I started working with Andzelika Stefanska-Kowalik it was a total change in my skills and understanding of practice with kettlebells. I already knew Andzelika from social media, but preparing for two StrongFirst certifications with a mentor and teacher like Anzelika is something amazing. She is an exceptional professional, her training programming takes you to a totally new and successful level. Her level of teaching is high. Every piece of information and detail it provides is meaningful, structured and prepares you for many next steps forward.
She is a friend, support and inspiration. She is the person who started StrongFirst Bulgaria and gives me the opportunity to learn from her, to have a strong back and to develop together the principles, standards and the knowledge of the School of Strength in my small and challenging country.
I am honored to know, work, learn and improve myself with a person like Andzelika Stefanska-Kowalik.
I recommend Andzelika to anyone who wants to get strong and solid certification preparation. I recommend all the workshops in the world where she is a teacher. I recommend Andzelika Stefanska-Kowalik to always be on your side of the barricade, a strong lady with uncompromising precision and intelligence.

Jan Lutze
Had a pleasure to take part in Barbell 101 and 201 sessions with Andżelika. Her professional, yet upbeat attitude, wealth of knowledge and friendly approach have helped me a lot with getting familiar with proper technique and to develop rapidly and safely when it comes to own strength journey.

I hope to learn more from her also in the future and strongly recommend as a teacher for those hesitating :)

Profesjonalne podejście plus Twoja charyzma to połączenie któremu nie można się oprzeć:)

A professional approach plus your charisma is an irresistible combination :)


Warsztaty z Andżeliką spełniły w stu procentach moje oczekiwania co do podstaw pracy z Kettlebell. W świetny i profesjonalny sposób przekazana wiedza sprawiła że na pewno spotkamy się na następnych szkoleniach.
Bardzo dziękuje.??

Workshops with Andżelika fully met my expectations regarding the basics of working with Kettlebell. Knowledge transferred in a great and professional way meant that we will definitely meet at the next trainings.
Thank you very much.??

The workshops conducted by Andzelika are top-notch. The instructor is one hundred percent professional. She is a communicative person, her message is clear and understandable. All the exercises presented were thoroughly discussed, with examples. During the entire training she remained at the disposal of the participants, answered all questions clearly and understandably.

Workshops with Andżelika are full of professional knowledge! Clear communication, full commitment, lots of details and tips provided in an accessible way; total focus on participants! Great job and great time?

Michał Zagrabiński
Brałem udział w warsztatach, treningach personalnych i zajęciach grupowych.
Dla mnie każdy rodzaj treningu z Andżelika, daje dużo wiedzy i satysfakcji z treningu.
Warsztaty - dużo szczegółów, nic nie zostaje pominięte. Treningi personalne - pomimo krótkiego czasu, wszystko omówione i przepracowane. Zajęcia grupowe - nawet w większej grupie wyłapywanie błędów.

I took part in workshops, personal trainings and group classes.
For me, each type of training with Andżelika gives a lot of knowledge and satisfaction from training.
Workshops – lots of details, nothing is overlooked. Personal training - despite the short time, everything is discussed and worked out. Group classes - even in a larger group, catching mistakes.
I recommend!

Andżelika is fully involved in promoting SF in Poland. Thanks to her I got to know how powerful kettlebells are, how to become the naked warrior and what strength really means. Power to the People! I know that I can count on her. She is knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. Andżelika is a great person as a teacher as well as a friend.

Olsi Stergio
Andzelika is one of the best Strongfirst trainers i have ever met!
She is very kind person and very helpful.
Her articulate coaching,guidance,meticulous attention to details and also her absolute support and help make her one of the best trainers i have ever met!

Andzelika instructions and will to help the instructors is impressive and unique to find!

Kuba Lipnicki
Andżelika can be both; an athlete and a coach, a charismatic teacher and a friendly human being, both flexible and strong. She doesn't let her professionalism outshine her passion, so she maintans a distinctive personality, while embodying the code of StrongFirst.

Monika Żurańska
Andżelika is one of the best instructors I've ever met, always very helpful and giving good advises. Cooperation with Andżelika is always in friendly atmosphere. I very like substantive talk where we can exchange our insights, sharing our experiences. Even if Andżelika don't know the answer for some questions it only lasts a moment because she always find a way to figure it out.

Andżelika is the most helpful person I ever worked with. She is true professional with big knowledge and trustworthy smile. I’m happy that I can always hear advices about technique and training when she is near:)

I had the privilege to meet andzelika during my flexible steel level 1&2 certification (which I passed with joy) in Paris.
Andzelika is passionate, professional, and sees the potential in each of her students. The training went extremely well, and it is thanks to her patience, her explanations and her encouragement, that I succeeded in doing the lateral splits. Thank you again andzelika for all this knowledge.

Wojciech Baran
I had an honor to be prepared (and pass successfuly) for SFG I certification by Andzelika. She is a porfessional in every inch and in every sense of this word: wise, demanding and understanding. She knows exactly when to build up strength steadily and slowly, and when to push you to your limits - but always safe. Its just as faboulus and extraordinary as it sunds. My performance, self confidecne and overall wellbeing grew enormously since we work together. Her medical training and felxible steel knowledge are great advantage over the competition too, as she has deeper understanding of overall body processess. Just top of the top.

Last week I attended 101, 201 and 301 barbell classes with Andżelika, and before that, a couple of years of following her kettlebells classes. I can say that Andżelika is the best trainer I've ever worked with. She is very professional and knowledgeable, and she has this unique ability to easily break down complex things into smaller bits that are easier to follow and to explain the 'why' behind every movement and technique. Her classes and courses are always very well structured and as easy to follow as possible while giving the students detailed feedback and a handful of hints on how they could improve their technique and strength.
At the same time, Andżelika is just the most patient and kindest person; her good attitude and passion are truly contagious. Under her guidance, I had the opportunity to build my strength after serious health problems and beat some personal records on the way!
I highly recommend working with Andżelika, she is definitely the right person if you are looking for StrongFirst coaching.

Rob Zenker
Was at the Kettlebell 101 course in Aargau Switzerland yesterday. ANDŻELIKA ran the course and it was excellent. Working through the different swings, TGU etc and equally importantly the foundations of many swings (foot placement, muscles to be tensed, breathing and everything else) was really well explained and demonstrated. The course assistants were also great and helped me and everyone else, get the movements right, something that is pretty much impossible to do from watching an online course as you don’t get the personal feedback. Being there and being taught in person is the only real way for something like KB, even though videos can be helpful. Great atmosphere too.

Marta Naskret
When you meet Andżelika in her gym you immediately know that she's the right person in the right place. I had the great pleasure to assist her during SF workshops in Kraków and I was very impressed by how truly professional she was. Her knowledge and passion for kettlebells that she passes to her students are incredible. If you're looking for tips and tricks to improve your exercise technique, no matter whether it's a press, squat or TGU, she knows them all. Or maybe you want to become a certified SF instructor? She's definitely the one that will know how to help you achieve your goal.

Marcin Maciukiewicz
After many years of moving kettlebells with what I self-assessed as “pretty good technique” I’ve encountered Andzelika’s Instagram account. Amongst many other “kettlebell” accounts hers was standing out with detailed and precise hints on the technique. This is what convinced me to follow. Ever since then I wanted to meet her in person and draw from the wisdom directly. Few years forward, it’s 2022. The wait is over. I’m at two-day kettlebell workshop at her gym in Cracow, Poland. Before I know all my confidence is destroyed… and rebuilt ground up. Swing, press, one arm, double arm, turkish getup - all of them! I hated this initially but now, after a few months, I’m grateful. My training plan has more consistency and is more intentional. The weights regressed initially to focus on technique but are catching up quickly. It is amazing how well Andzelika and her team can coach a such a simple tool - kettlebell!

Piotr Kowalik
Top StrongFirst Instructor in Poland! Her knowledge is huge and she knows how to coach a student to achieve his/her goals. She is strong and kind. Great example of StrongFirst values. If you have opportunity to work with her you should definitely do it!

Pawel Grobelny
Andżelika is synonymous of passion and knowledge about strength training and coaching. It doesn't matter if you want to improve your strength, flexibility learn martial arts or just be fit! Andżelika will help you ;)

Joanna Kowalkowska
Hardstyle and heartstyle :)
The tiny instructor that gives us great power... for life!

Pavel Macek
To be a strength coach is not Andzelika's job - it is her life and passion. If you want to move better, get in shape, move stronger, she will teach you how - and she will be always there for you. Her and her husband's gym is a role model StrongFirst Gym, an example to follow!


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