Łukasz Dmytrowski


Having been doing CrossFit for over 2 years, I decided to open my own gym and and move back to Poland from the UK. Another 2 years in the business showed me that Cross training style isn't suited to everyone and decided to move more towards kettlebell training for improved mobility, gaining strength working using lower weights doing hardstyle training. StrongFirst certification was a natural progression to improve own skills and ensure quality training and knowledge is offered to our students. Shortly after passing the requirements, kettlebell training began in house and there are plans to further certify as SFL and later as SFG2. Long journey has begun and there have been only good things because of that! :)

If you want to join us in Świdnica - please visit - www.box74.pl and book a no sweat intro in order to start training! POWER TO YOU!

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