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I was a small, skinny and weak child, and grew up to be a tall, skinny and weak adult. To change that I started to train martial arts as a hobby in 1994, when I was 17. I got hooked straight away. I realized that my body was neglected and I have to improve everything. I trained grappling, striking, weapon based styles, weight training and cardio. In 2008 I became an instructor and started to teach part time. I've been working as a full time Personal Trainer since 2013. That year I discovered hard style kettlebell training and passed the StrongFirst SFG1 certification in 2014. Since then StrongFirst principles are the core of my training.

The main focus of my training sessions is building strength and pain free mobility - that seems to sort out the body composition goals as well. My client’s results are there to prove it.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Nandor is THE man! He helped me build a routine that is enjoyable and is getting results. I am getting stronger with my lifts and exceeding my goals each week. He is personable, professional and knowledgeable. A really great PT!

I have been training kettlebells with Nandor for five months, and have appreciated his highly dedicated, tailored, and professional approach to teaching.

What originally attracted me to Nandor's profile was his broad experience in martial arts as well as strength and fitness. This has proved itself in the richness of knowledge he brings to what he teaches. It isn't 'just' fitness: he will show you how to use what you learn in order to achieve your goals, but also to draw on your own experience and learning style so as to learn better and progress more quickly.

Nandor is generous with his knowledge. He doesn't hold back - he gives you everything you need to know to accelerate your own learning and sill development. At the same time, he is always keen to learn and grow. In my own experience, this makes for a great coach.

I highly recommend Nandor to anyone who wishes to learn kettlebells and develop their strength and fitness - whatever level they may be at currently, and whatever their goals.

I started kettlebells with zero knowledge. From my own experience of many years in traditional martial arts, I appreciated the importance of a good teacher and coach - something you can never get from videos. I'm glad I invested in learning from Nandor - it's made the learning process safer and more effective (instead of getting injuries and picking up bad habits that are hard to fix). Five months on, I'm still learning, but feel I have made incredible progress. I had never done weigh training before, and I now feel significantly stronger - more than I have ever before.

I will add that Nandor can also effectively teach via online classes, so you can learn from any location. I recommended him to a friend of mine based in Asia, who found the experience perfect, and I understand that Nandor is very used to the online medium of teaching.

I was looking to pick up kick-boxing/Muay Thai, and engaged Nandor based on the profile posted in the gym. It was a great learning experience as Nandor adapted what he taught each lesson to my abilities; I felt that my movements were becoming more natural with each lesson, and there was always something new to learn. Nandor's familiarity with multiple forms of martial arts also makes for interesting discussions on martial arts concepts in general.

Later, I asked Nandor to train me to build strength using kettlebells. He taught me how to train safely with kettlebells, and how to maximise my strength effectively. In a relatively short time, I was pressing heavier kettlebells and doing more repetitions, probably due to better technique.

I would definitely have continued training with Nandor if I didn't have to move out of London.

Amir Joffe
After playing a bit with kettlebells in the gym and ruining my back, Nandor kindly approached me and corrected my form. His kindness, professionalism, and hard-work ethics are what draw me to work with him full-time.
After two months I lost 7 kg while getting stronger and stronger. Some of the results I gained in two moths:
- Get-ups: started - 14 kg get-ups shaking, now:24 stable and with great form.
- Press: have bad shoulders so was really anxious about it. started - 12 kg with shoulder pain, now: 24 with good form and the pains are gone!!!

He is the right instructor for you if you are looking for hard work, good form and longevity. No bullshit approach, no fancy stuff, mobility and strength are some of his expertise. I highly recommend him and wish I met him before!

Jocs S
Nandor is the instructor you want if your goal is to improve tactics and body strength without fancy stuff. Truly hard work and focusses on sustainable techniques to create long term results. He has a calm and professional attitude and personalises every training to your needs.

Thanks Nandor, I highly recommend you!

Lissassi Iman
Year &half that I have been training with Mr Nandor and I am so pleased and extremely happy with my body !!! He is such a respectful and honest person. I totally appreciate his efforts to keep me going on with my program . Always motivating and supporting me . Thank you so much.

Fabio Campaner
I have been training with Nandor for a couple of years now and it was one of the best decisions I have ever taken! I’m passionate about fitness but have been doing the classic workout routine of training 1 muscle part per day until Nandor introduced me to Kettlebells! My strength increased like never before along with my knowledge about fitness. Nandor has also trained me in Thai boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and I can pretty much train with people that have a decent level in Martial arts! Thank you Nandor!

Nandor is an extremely knowledgable and professional instructor. Best PT I’ve had. He fine tunes and gives regular feedback when it’s needed, extending and supporting where necessary. His technical knowledge is outstanding!

Ed Watkins
I've been training with Nandor for a few months now and having plateaued for ages before (probably years) I've started to make some real improvements. All the kettlebell work has helped me get significantly stronger already and it's paying off in gaining muscular weight too. Nandor has a great approach, pushing me the right amount so I can make consistent progress.

I’ve trained with Nandor for almost 3 years. I started training after taking a year off due to an injury but I was 4 months away from my wedding and needed help fast. This turned into training for my honeymoon 3 months later, which later became training because it was a part of my lifestyle.

Nandor offered various programs for my goals and eventually helped me train through my first pregnancy. He’s an amazing coach and now a good friend. Our new goal... losing the baby weight. I’m sure he will have a great program for me.

I’ve trained with many trainers over the years but none that have consistently motivated me and adapted to my lifestyle the way Nandor has. I’ve set what I thought were impossible goals and we’ve reached them together.

Géraldine Z.
I trained with Nandor in London for about 7 months before I moved to Paris (and I sadly couldn't take him with me). Nandor is a great instructor and personal trainer.

When we first met I said to him: "I don't like going to the gym, I'm bored super easily, I'm not very patient, and also I'd love to get fit and lose weight as I'm basically chronically unfit and overweight. All that while having fun otherwise I won't last". Dream client, right?

Well none of that phased Nandor, who in 7 months went on to help me lose nearly 10 kg, reduce my body fat percentage, build muscle, and most of all succeeded in making me LOOK FORWARD to go to the gym for sessions. We did a lot of resistance training, kettlebells, and some muay thai boxing which I had asked him for (and which is great fun and great training to do!)
To top it all up, Nandor is the friendliest, funniest guy and it's a pleasure to spend time training with him, so I highly recommend him to anyone who's after a good trainer in London town.

Nandor does not train me but I can confidently say this guy knows his stuff and its been a pleasure to know him and be able to ask him questions whenever I need to! He is one of the only few PTs I would recommend a freind go to especially for somebody starting out he knows the basics and it is very refreshing to see somebody who truly loves what he does and is clued up on it as well its a great pleasure to have you in my gym brother!

I began training with Nandor leading up to my wedding. After analysing what I could and couldn't do, he began with my mobility which has improved exponentially, changing the way I live! After those issues were solved he began an intensive program for me which introduced kettle bell training. I ended up looking exactly like I wanted for the wedding, having lost a significant fat percentage and gaining lean muscle. I also completed the 4 week kettle bell challenge with him and he has been pushing the kettle bell weights up ever since! Nandor is a fantastic trainer, he has an amazing knowledge of exercise, the body and how each movement impacts physical development, and is always improving his own learning which speaks volumes to those he teaches. He is always ensuring that his Clients have the correct technique, that they work hard and push their goals even further!

I have been training with Nandor for two years. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Nandor’s diverse training methods, challenging but achievable. His professionalism and extensive knowledge and commitment to his work changed my lifestyle. I have never felt healthier and stronger. I highly recommend Nandor

Nandor is a very helpful instructor and helped me enjoy training he always motivates his clients to become better and stronger. Nandor has a lot of knowledge about working out and I personally think he is the best trainer out there.

I throughly enjoy training with Nandor - he introduced me to kettlebells. Nandor is a great motivator who always pushes me harder. He has very good technique and keeps an eye on my posture / technique.

Mark Walker
Nandor is an exceptional personal trainer. He imparts wisdom and a philosophy of training that means the cost of sessions is an investment in your future stronger and happier self.

In a world in which everyone is taking shortcuts in the pursuit of quick gains, Nandor uses training principles which are hundreds of years old. He teaches you that strength training and Muay Thai are art forms, the dedication to which is a rewarding and fun way to live your life.

Having recovered from spinal surgery I’m glad I have found a trainer with a serious understanding of human physiology who can help me in my journey to becoming stronger and healthier. I can not recommend Nandor enough.

Saul Heard
Nandor helped me rekindle my love for martial arts. I had previously practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu forma number of years and he added Thai Boxomg to my training which I absolutely love.

He mixes up all training sessions to h not only help with technique but also to up my cardiovascular performance.

Most importantly of all he is now a close friend!


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