Alexei Bordas

profilephoto01-0013700000QT9lKAATCoach Alexei comes from a highly technical background with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Civil & Environmental Engineering. While working on his PhD, Alexei decided that he would be much happier training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and helping others reach their fitness goals. Despite his PhD advisor's confusion, he left graduate school to move into the Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Berkeley, quickly got certified through NASM to begin working with students, athletes, & martial artists.

Eventually, Alexei decided to team up with friends to start a gym of their own: Oakland's Most Powerful. He is a StrongFirst Elite Instructor (SFGI, SFGII, SFL, SFB) and is well-versed in the latest research by Pavel and StrongFirst (Plan Strong, Strong Endurance, & Second Wind). He is also a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms), a Mobility Assessment Specialist (FRAs), a Kinstretch Instructor, a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, and a Certified Functional Strength Coach through Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. Through all of this, Alexei continues to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is now an instructor at the Ralph Gracie Academy in Berkeley.

Alexei looks forward to dedicating his knowledge & expertise towards designing programs for strength, mobility, and endurance that are actually backed by science and give results. He has helped many to achieve their goals (even Iron Maidens and Beast Tamers!) through StrongFirst principles--combined with FRC mobility principles for healthier joint function, injury reduction/prevention, and improved performance.

Instagram: @coachalexei
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Caleb Khan
I've been working with Alexei for over 4 years now and look forward to many more years of it. Alexei has helped me continue to grapple with people that are literally trying to dismantle my body.
Every grappler needs a mechanic and a S & C coach and Alexei is goes above and beyond when it comes to that. He's made great programs for me that have gotten me to the competitive levels I dreamed of.
Thank you for keeping me strong, fast, and mobile.

Alison Stiegler
Alexei is perhaps one of the most passionate trainers you can meet. He helped me along some pretty intense moments of injury with logical, scientific explanations. Alexei introduced me - and many other grateful jiu jitsu athletes - to smart training techniques such as mobility and getting stronger with kettle bells. It has been great to watch his success (along with Melissa and Luis) in opening up their own gym, which by the way is the hippest outdoor gym I've seen.

Ramie Chaarani
I first reached out to Alexei after being fed up with chronic pain I had been experiencing in my ankles, knees and both hips for the last few years.

In our first meeting Alexei listened to all of my complaints, goals and physical aspirations and seemed optimistic about everything.
Alexei offered very clear, patient and scientifically backed instruction to help determine what my problems were.

After teaching me the fundamentals of how to assess what my issues were he set me on a journey towards strengthening my joints. I can safely say that due to Alexei’s instruction I am no longer a victim to any of the pain I was initially experiencing and we’re currently working on a new strength program geared specifically towards my goals in martial arts.

I can’t recommend Alexei enough - he quite literally changed the way I look at fitness and has also led me to having a happier life pain free!

In the short time that I've worked with Alexei he has inspired me to keep pushing myself toward goals I didn't even know I wanted to achieve. With his friendly demeanor and infectious enthusiasm, he has made working out an enjoyable endeavor. His science-based approach to health and fitness makes it so that his programs are designed to get you optimum results with as little energy wasted. I leave every session with him feeling like I worked hard but never feeling overly taxed or sore. And yet week after week I keep getting stronger and leaner which has been a lifelong struggle for me.
Alexei is committed to knowledge that he is more than happy to share with you to better help you understand the mechanics and reasoning behind each and every exercise he coaches you in. I have found this extremely helpful in seeing the big picture toward my goals especially on days when I'm lacking motivation.
Finally, through his coaching Alexei will help you address any problem you have going on with your body. He has a solution for just about anything and will work tirelessly until the problem is fixed. Personally, my profession has put a lot of stress on my body over the years but after about 9 months of working with him, I no longer leave work with back pain and he has helped me strengthen all the other problem areas so that I can perform my job with ease.
If you are committed to taking your health and fitness to the next level, I highly recommend working with Alexei toward that goal.

JC Morales
I have trained with Alexei for about 5 years now, and I can definitively attest that he’s one of the best coaches you could ever wish for. His breath of knowledge is quite impressive, and he’s always striving to learn even more for the benefit of his clients. He practices what he preaches and helps you to be your very best leading by example, being quite a dedicated athlete himself. And finally, he is not only an excellent coach, but a wonderful human being quite empathetic to your needs, and sincerely interested in your success. A coach by heart, I recommend him highly.

Ethan Kanat
Alexei is a great coach for all the obvious reasons: He's very knowledgable, he's great at giving instruction, he's a keen observer, and he has a fun, friendly demeanor—which is pretty important when you spend hours with someone while they watch you do weird things with your body. But the thing that makes Alexei really shine is his ability to combine these things into the perfect recipe for identifying and reaching your goals. Alexei helped me recover from knee surgery in half the time the doctors predicted, while also keeping me strong and healthy enough to jump right back into my jiu-jitsu training. I can't thank him enough.

I've bee training with Alexei on and off since 2014. He's, in a word, incredible.

Alexei is highly sensitive and aware. He can push you without pushing you over the edge. His depth and breadth of knowledge about the scientific principles behind what we're doing is mind blowing and fascinating to a nerd like me. He's a joy to learn from, so if you have the chance to work with him, JUMP ON IT!

I first came to Alexei after spraining my knee in my karate class. In all my years of training, this was my first serious injury, and I was very fearful about what the future could look like if I didn’t address this properly. Alexei was comforting in his precision and attentiveness. He gave me multiple different mobility exercises, such as rotating my feet/ankles, hips, etc. I quickly felt a difference. My knee went from feeling loose and unstable to stable and mobile.
Despite my own ignorance, he never made me feel dumb for not understanding or knowing something. He gives clear explanations, and is able to adapt when something he is saying is not getting in.
His passion for helping others is apparent in his work. He would often follow up and send me different bits of homework to keep my recovery moving along. After a few weeks I was able to get back to training.
Not only did he help me repair my knee, but he also gave me a new awareness of my body’s movement and how to change/direct it, making my training safer and nicer for me.
Overall, I trust him completely and think he does incredible work. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves and achieve new fitness goals.

Anu K
Alexi has been training me over 3 years now. My goal has been gaining strength and mass. His advice is very technical which makes sense from his engineering background. I didn’t know how to lift a kettlebell when I first met him. But he has a knack for connecting with you and i was on board quickly. In these 3 years I’ve put on about 20lbs at 11% body fat. Most importantly I’ve never been injured.

Apart from his exceptional coaching skills what sets him apart is that his advice comes from a genuine place. It’s rare to see that with fitness coaches. Very motivating and world class training.

Warren Ronsiek
Alexei is a fantastic coach. His advice has dramatically sped up my rehab from several injuries - if it weren't for him I'd have chronic problems in my legs and feet. He knows fitness and physiology backwards and forwards. He pushes you when you are slacking, lets you relax when you need a break, and compliments you when you make progress. I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to improve strength, fitness, and recovery.

Even coaches need coaches. I have known Alexei for about six years now, which means he also knows me very well. Like any coach, sometimes you put too much energy into your work, and forget to carve out goals and maintain a level of health and fitness that is important to you. I've entrusted Alexei with helping me in that department and he has been instrumental in helping me with programs from Plan Strong and Strong Endurance. Knowing my schedule, my goals, my injuries, and the kind of active lifestyle that is important to me, Alexei will take the time to help you map out meaningful goals. Whether you are a new client, or an experienced coach, you are in excellent hands when you've got Alexei on your team. Week after week, I am grateful for how straightforward his programming is for me, how thoughtful his feedback is, and how precise his expectations are for quality of movement.
One of my favorite parts of being a coach, is to have a rich network of individuals to help support our mutual goal of helping people move better and be stronger. Not only does Alexei help me with my personal programming, but also for troubleshooting ideas, concepts, goals, and injuries around working with some of the people I see on a day to day basis. Alexei is an invaluable resource for all things strength and mobility.

Melody G.
Alexei is the most knowledgeable coach I have ever met and has consistently helped me meet and exceed my strength and fitness goals for the past two years. After training with him at his previous gym, I followed him to his new gym and have never looked back. Since working with Alexei, I have PR’d over and over and have reached a level of strength I didn’t know I was capable of. He is extremely informative and is invested in the the success of all of his clients. Working with him has been a pleasure and I can’t think of a better guide into the wonderful world of kettlebells!

Jonny C.
Alexei is a special coach. He has a unique combination of analytical and observational skills, and bottomless enthusiasm to help people solve problems. Talk to him for five minutes and he will give you “homework”. He helped me break lifelong bad habits and appy powerful techniques to training and injury rehabilitation. These same techniques have improved my performance and resilience to injury. Alexei is a solution for anyone who wants to improve strength, mobility and capability. He is a brilliant coach and teacher, and he makes everyone around him better.

Chad S.
I can't recommend Alexei enough. His coaching is a wonderful combination of technical detail and inspiration. His passion for how bodies work, move, strengthen, struggle and heal is palpable, and I'm truly grateful to have him as a resource. Do your mind and your body a favor and connect with Alexei. Your life will improve.

David H2
I played sports throughout my life, was a Division 1 collegiate athlete, and continued to exercise after college. I worked out over the years, both on my own and with trainers. About two to three years ago, I had gotten to a point where I was injuring myself consistently and not seeing results. The lack of progress coupled with a demanding and stressful professional life made me think about stepping away from weight training all together. I turned to Alexei to help change the pattern of injuries and he has worked wonders.

Alexei has assisted me with multiple areas to help improve my workouts, including proper form, workout programs, sleep, nutrition, and mobility. We constantly dialogue to figure out to what I am responding best and it has been a positive and dramatic shift. I am now able to workout consistently, feel more confident doing movements, and as a result--have seen drastic shifts with my body composition, joint health, and over well-being.

Alexei is a wonderful trainer, fun to be around, extremely knowledgeable, and down-to-earth.

Alexei is the funniest and most educated trainer that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He has extensive knowledge of human anatomy and can pick up on subtle abnormalities in movement. He taught me how to increase the accuracy of my deadlifting form and how to create a strong foundation for bodyweight movements, notably the push up and the plank.

I can sometimes be a sensitive crybaby that gets easily upset from minor setbacks so I was irritated with myself when I hurt my lower back from exercising with improper form, but Alexei was very patient and thorough with examining the issue, describing what went wrong, and prescribing exercises to correct the damage. Within a few weeks, I was back fully training again!

He’s a swiss army knife of a trainer; whenever I need a helping hand with leveling up my deadlift PR, increasing the size of my buttocks, strenghtening my noodle arms with pull ups, or ensuring the health and longevity of my flexibility and range of motion through mobility training, he’s my go to trainer I can always count on!

Erica Lupiloff
Coach Alexei is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate fitness professionals available. I’ve been fortunate to train with him in both hard-style kettlebell and mobility. Even when I moved cross-country, I knew I still wanted him to help prep me for my strong first certification in September. He’s not only a brilliant technician, but also one of the kindest human beings I’ve met.


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