Andrea U-Shi Chang

profilephoto01-Andrea-U-Shi-Chang.jpegAndrea U-Shi Chang, Master StrongFirst Certified Instructor, StrongFirst Elite Instructor, FMS Instructor, Ground Force Method Global Instructor, Z-Health Movement Coach, Oxygen Advantage Breathing Coach, Precision Nutrition Specialist, NASM Certified Instructor, and advisory board member for R2P (Rehab 2 Performance), has specialized in movement training and kettlebell coaching since 2005. An early member of the instructor staff of kettlebell pioneer Pavel Tsatsouline, Andrea became editor of Pavel’s online newsletter and authored several articles in StrongFirst and Dragon Door. In 2009 Andrea opened the Pacific Northwest’s FIRST kettlebell gym—Kettlebility —her Russian Kettlebell Instruction and Elite Performance Coaching studio, in Seattle.

A successful high school and college athlete, Andrea had stayed active after college (she thought), playing competitive soccer and tennis and 'working out.' But she weighed in at 195 pounds and 34% body fat. Technically obese, she realized something had to change. After a childhood friend introduced Andrea to kettlebells she was amazed. Not only was kettlebell training fun and challenging, it was melting off the fat and giving her back her fit athlete body. In just five months, Andrea lost more than 45 pounds. Better yet, she went from 34% to 18% body fat and gained lean muscle mass. Hard style kettlebells had literally changed her life. Andrea has been featured in Oprah Magazine and local broadcast and print media. She has worked as a technical advisor on several training and fitness books, was invited to contribute a chapter in Dr. Craig Liebenson's book, Rehabilitation Of The Spine, and edited and co-authored the Ground Force Movement Instructor manual. In 2016 the Seattle Seahawks hired Andrea to set up their Functional Movement Systems (FMS) screening program for players.

On a never-ending quest to follow her passion and learn more about strength and movement, Andrea continues to study to refine her knowledge and become a more effective coach. Andrea travels globally as a certification instructor for StrongFirst, Ground Force Method, and FMS. She holds specialty workshops, instructor certifications and group classes and provides personal training for people from all walks of life and elite athletes at her studio, Kettlebility, a StrongFirst Accredited gym.

IG: @andreaushichang @kettlebility @hcp_sfg
FB: andreaushichang
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John Odden
Andrea has been an integral mentor throughout my "upbringing" as a StrongFirst instructor. She has consistently challenged me to be better as a student, business owner, and instructor. Andrea generously invited me to shadow at her facility while I was just getting on my feet as a full time fitness studio owner and has continued to reach out and offer advice and ideas to help me grow in all areas. Whether its a quick phone call, text or offer to meet in person, she is always willing to help as long as you step up and give her your absolute best. The phrase "anything worth doing, is worth doing well" is a fitting mantra for her. I have also had the opportunity to assist at workshops/certifications on several occasions and I have seen her tirelessly go for days straight without losing a beat to offer the best possible learning experience for her students. She has gone above and beyond countless times for me and other instructors while continuing to grow and learn as a perpetual student herself. Thank you Andrea!

I met Andrea at Kettlebility when they hosted the SFB. I was initially quite intimidated, having heard of her before, and indeed along with her immense knowledge and keen eye for movement, she enforced the highest of standards. I did eventually find out later that that she is very approachable, and quite fun to be around. I look forward to my next visit to Seattle.

Will Johnston
I met Andrea at my SFG Level 1 certification course.
I passed all my skills tests at the cert, but ended up having to do a video re-test on the snatch test. While I was not originally assigned Andrea as my team leader at the certification, she was kind enough to step in to oversee my video re-rest due to some scheduling issues with my team leader. This proved to be a huge benefit for me, as Andrea's coaching is fantastic. When I resubmitted my snatch-test video, I was dealing with some mobility issues in my left shoulder relating to a previous injury from my youth, and Andrea recommended a drill to do with my existing mobility work, and it made a massive difference. That combined with a few coaching tips, and I was able to greatly improve my snatch form.

Andrea is thoughtful, patient, and above all, a fantastic coach. She was supportive along the way, both at the certification weekend as well as the video re-test process. She is genuinely passionate about helping clients, and coaches, become the best human being they can. Can't wait to get up to Kettlebility for a session!

Ian Acker
I did my Cert with Andrea in 2018. She was approachable, consistent and very knowledgable. Working with her brought a lot of wisdom and energy back to my training

Griffin Waller
I had a great experience with Andrea for my Level 1 Recertification. Her expertise, knowledge, and passion cannot be understated. Having the opportunity to work with her has been instrumental to refining my skills.

Hannah Thayer
I always look forward to working with Andrea because I always walk away with at least two to three new "tricks" to dial in my form. I did a video recert via FaceTime and even though connection can be choppy at times, she did not miss a thing and I appreciate that she brings even the tiniest things to my attention. In my opinion, those little details can add up and sometimes it is just the slightest correction that can make a huge difference.
Thank you, Andrea!

I did my recert via FaceTime time with “Coach” Andrea. Even though we were in separate cities, her coaching made the experience potent and highly productive. Working with her was a great recharge for my fundamentals.

Zaine Salerno SFGII, SFB
Andrea has been a consistent and amazing coach through my SFG career. I'm always excited to work with her and am inspired by her sharp eye, meticulous standards, and firm but warm coaching. She is always friendly, encouraging, and patient. A rare gift to the business.


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