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profilephoto01-001370000076ThRAAUI am a StrongFirst Elite instructor and team leader as well as an Iron Maiden. Having trained multiple places in the valley over the years, I decided to open my own space in 2017, STOUT Strength and Conditioning in Salt lake City. A place where people value strength as a skill and choose to use fitness as a means to better themselves and improve their quality of life. No ego, no competition just a supportive place to learn and work hard. Programming and training is done by me and you'll frequently hear the words "torso power". My programming is rooted in stability and strength of movement patterns, progressive but appropriate loads for those patterns and of course the right dose of cardio.

I've spent years training all sorts of folks, attending StrongFirst certifications and events and traveling around the country instructing courses. All of these experiences have shaped what I prioritize and value in the training I offer. In addition to small group and one on one training, I often meet with students for skill sessions preparing them for SF events. I will always be partial to in person training but I have grown to love connecting with students far away via online coaching. Please contact me with any local or distance coaching questions. I live for this stuff. I love what I do. My people are amazing. Strength has changed my life forever. I am because we are. StrongFirst.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Cooper Savage
Anne is an amazing coach and a total badass. I've done private sessions, group classes, and remote programming with her, and I'd recommend her to anyone. Her training style has a serious focus on form, and she always offers alternative movements to accommodate my injuries and issues. She's created the best atmosphere at her gym—laidback, unintimidating, and fun. There are no fitness-cult vibes here, just good old-fashioned strength training.

Brad Buchanan
My wife and I took a private kettlebell class and Anne walked us through every motion and technique to where we had a very solid understanding of what we needed to do without getting hurt.

About a month since we took the class and I feel my core and lower back getting stronger and less achey.

If you're interested in getting into kettlebells I would highly recommend working with Anne. She's a great teacher and generally just fun to be around!

Angie Meyers
I became a part of the Stout community about a month ago, after encouragement from family members that Anne was the best personal trainer they had experienced. I have experienced serious past injuries and want to get strong, while being safe and decided to give Stout a try. Anne is helping me to reach my goals at my pace, all the while watching my form and helping me to prevent further injury. Strength training should be a part of everyone's fitness goals and if you feel like you need help to get to a place where this seems attainable, I highly recommend you reach out to Anne. She is a high level professional, extremely kind and encouraging and can help anyone work towards their goals no matter their experience, age or fitness level.

Piper Connelly
Stout was exactly what I wanted and needed in a gym. Small classes, with a community feel and programming you will literally never grow out of. Anne is extremely knowledgeable while her personality adds a fun flare to serious training.

Jamie Bischof
Having worked with RKC, HKC, and Strongfirst coaches across America, I can confidently say Anne is one of THE BEST practitioners of kettlebells, strength, and functional movement coaches in the game. Anne's use of stellar cues and sound science have helped me to get in the best shape of my life at 32 years old. Her gym, Stout Strength and Conditioning is a welcoming environment for all types that relies on small steps and incremental growth to achieve goals and maximize your time spent there. I would recommend Anne for anyone that is looking to improve their daily life from physical to mental and everything in between.

Ashley Simon
Anne's group classes have made getting into kettle bells and fitness completely accessible to a beginner (me). I've been able to get stronger on a great schedule and improve my other fitness activities. Really appreciate her attention to detail and the community here.

Jason Spaulding
Best gym with best trainer I’ve experienced. Mature crowd and excellent programming. I’ve seen dozens train with Anne, and we’ve all made continuous gains in strength and fitness. Kettlebells have improved my biking, climbing and mental health. Recommend without reservation.

I’ve been training with Anne for over 3 years and her coaching has made me stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. She focuses on each individual person, even if in a class setting. And everyone at Stout inspires to push further. I’m so grateful to Anne and the Stout community!

Nick Wyatt
Anne is, by far, one of the best strength and fitness coaches in Utah. Not only is she exceptionally knowledgeable of proper technique and methodology, she is a master of movement instruction. Anne is able to take complex exercises and break them down in terms understandable to anyone under her direction. She genuinely cares about her clients and their progress, as well as going the extra step to get to know them on a personal level. Anne's classes are informative, effective, and unexpectedly fun. As someone who has trained under a host of coaches at various gyms throughout the state, I would highly recommend Anne Casstevens to anyone looking to get stronger, fitter, and smarter about their training.

Stephen Helfenbein
As an outdoor professional I rely on my body to stay healthy and strong. Anne is my MVP. Her skills and experience help me thrive during 180+ days of skiing every year. I couldn't keep up that pace without her.

Toni Allison, PT, DPT
Anne is the all-around best gym coach I've ever had. She's motivating (but not annoyingly in your face), super smart (all about that torso power), and creative in her workouts (keeps it fresh!). As a physical therapist, I send her patients that are graduating from PT because I know they are in knowledgeable hands with Anne and she will help them achieve all their fitness dreams. Just like she is helping me with mine!

Anne takes training to a whole new level. She's passionate about what she does and it shows. Her programming is thoughtful, intentional and most of all - effective. She listens to and takes the time to get to know everyone she coaches allowing her to customize her programming to the individuals ability level.
Anne stays up to date on all things StrongFirst, she attends, assists at and teaches lots of workshops, certs, courses and hosts events like the TSC.
To top it all off, Anne's just delightful to be around. She's totally down to earth. She's authentic, passionate, hilarious and kind. She's as real as they come!

Elise Pederson, MSPT
I have been a student of Anne's for 4 years and knew that when she opened her own gym I had to follow her there. She is thoughtful with her programming and truly cares about good, quality movement and not just eeking out ugly reps (as we see in so many "crossfit" style gyms). She makes necessary modifications for all fitness and skill levels and will customize training for specific personal goals. I am at my strongest at 38 years old and will continue to improve my fitness level due to Anne's impeccable coaching. Personable, kind, funny, approachable and a true gem in the fitness industry. Highly recommended!

Eric Stanley
Anne is an amazing instructor. I always feel like her programming is well thought out and exactly what my body needs. There is depth of quality about her coaching that she is able to convey in simple straight forward ques. I have followed her from two other gyms until finally landing at a gym she owns. I would recommend, her coaching to anyone at any level hands down.

Margie Meyers
Anne is a stellar technique coach and programming guru. She points out those small adjustments that can be made in body position to make the workout perfect. She's also excellent at developing training programs that deliver results. I'll keep coming back to Anne.

Glenn Kemp
I have followed Anne through 4 gyms and for 5 years. Her programming is fun , challenging, and has helped me improve my strength and fitness to the best level in my life. She is also fun and her classes are a blast. She is a great inspiration.


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