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profilephoto01-001370000076W5eAAEMy training career started off like most physical prep coaches. I began by reading Arnolds Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding and my dad’s Muscle and Fitness magazines. This led me to train like a bodybuilder in my basement throughout high school. The added strength allowed me to excel in shot put and discus and earn my way onto a college team. I learned very quickly that performance training and bodybuilding training were very different things. I may have been just a mediocre thrower, but I excelled in the weight room.

My track and field career was cut short when I found out I was going to be a father at 19 years old. Luckily, I was able to remain in the fitness world as a supplement salesman and part time as a personal trainer at a bodybuilding gym until I was able to switch to training people full-time. Around this time I grew a strong interest in kettlebell training because I saw the performance benefit as well as the convenience and versatility.

I eventually found my way to StrongFirst and learned the hardstyle kettlebell way earning my level 1 and 2 kettlebell instructor certification.

I have since found my way back home to Northern Kentucky to a gym called Peak Fitness and Sports Training where I work full-time. I get to work with athletes and the general population using the principals I've learned from StrongFirst, FMS, PRI, Strongman, and more.

I presently compete as a 100kg Amateur Strongman and in the Tactical Strength Challenge. I have also completed the Beast Tamer challenge. I enjoy attending seminars as often as possible and try to stay on the front end of new training information.


Steven Campbell
Thoughtful, caring, and a true student of physiology/sports science and always striving to learn more. Ben listens to your goals and tunes in during each session. As a fellow SFG I would recommend Ben to anyone looking to achieve a fitness goal(s) over a wide spectrum.

Adam Kline
When I first started training with Ben I had zero experience doing any weight lifting but he soon put me at ease with his knowledge and friendly demeanor. One thing about Ben is he is always trying to get better at what he does. You can clearly tell by the effort he puts in with you and with himself that this is not just a "job" for him. This is his passion. You wont find many people with more knowledge of this industry than him. Highly recommended!!

Bridgette Hightower
I was nervous as hell when I joined the training group. I learned so much from Ben. He helped correct my positioning and guided me when it was time to increase my weight throughout training. He’s patient, funny and won’t let anyone feel judged while learning. Awesome coach. I’d recommend him to anyone. Thanks Ben!!

Ross Hicks
Ben is one of the most well-rounded trainers I have worked with and he constantly shows his depth of knowledge every time a question or problem pops up. He has great cues to give in the moment and has useful information to share with me that I could think about later.

He is constantly improving and putting in the work outside the gym as well, which helps motivate me to get better each day.

Ryan Patrick
By the time I finishing writing this Ben will be better than I can express. He's constantly learning, living the life, and a gift to those who are fortunate enough to train with him.

He's a rising star in the industry and will continue to lift those around him. Do yourself a favor and seek out hits coaching.

Sarah Giacin
I’m not really sure where to begin with reviewing Ben. He has been an incredible coach, motivator and most of all an awesome friend. I began training with Ben 6 years ago, moved away for two of those but always stayed in contact. He helped me understand my strengths and really honed in on them. I began training with him at a weight of 260 pounds, but for long. With his guidance and never ending knowledge on his craft I lost 100 pounds in just under 11 months. No gimmicks no crazy diets or ridiculous training schedule. Just hard work and great coaching.
He really is amazing at what he does, he doesn’t make you feel like he’s a drill instructor, and will always help you grow when you fall off track a bit. There’s never any judgement and always a lot of coaching.

I really can’t say enough great things about him and I’m glad we’ve remained friends throughout the years. It really is because of him that I’ve been able to stay at a maintaining weight since dropping it 5 years ago. Thanks for being a great mentor, buddy! Keep on changing lives!

I can't say enough about Ben. He is wonderful at meeting you where you're at and helping you to advance in a proper and successful way. His training techniques and drive to see each individual succeed comes from the passion he has of learning and teaching. If you haven't trained with Ben, do yourself a favor....start.

Chris Duncan
Ben is a great trainer. Knowledgeable, honest, helpful, funny and challenging. He customized workouts to meet your needs and puts the important things first.

I can’t recommend Ben’s training services enough.

Ben started training me over 4 years ago when I was first starting out. I was a complete beginner and very apprehensive about training with weights. Bens approach to training is encouraging and professional that is laser focused on his clients health and safety while working toward their individual goals. You’ll appreciate his professional approach and technical understanding of improving the body’s function and mobility. Ben views his clients as individuals and will tailor your attention every step of the way. Ben excels at working with all levels of fitness and ability whether you’re at the begging of your fitness journey or an athlete looking to improve your competitive edge. He practices what he teaches -follow him on social media to see for yourself.

Mark Regner
I’m a fellow coach and have known Ben for several years now. I recently hosted him for a kettlebell workshop for my clients. It was a great experience. Ben is an extremely knowledgeable coach and had the ability to effectively teach individuals through articulate and succinct cueing. This is what makes the biggest difference. He’s able to pinpoint what area or movement pattern that needs adjustment, and is able to efficiently communicate that to individuals in the simplest terms possible. He’s passionate about training and coaching and truly looks out for the client’s best interest regarding their progress. I’d strongly recommend him as an online trainer, a coach, or for a seminar. All around five stars.

Joseph Gronefeld
To say Ben knows what he is doing is an understatement. Ben and I have been training together for three years now. From the first night at Peak he wanted me to train to be a strongman competitor. I was more worried about bettering my health and I never truly felt like competing again. It wasn’t until this past July that I fell in love with competition again. Even though I was competing against myself, it felt remarkable. I decided to compete in the strongman competition and I feel very confident in my strength. I owe that all to the coaches and Ben at peak. Ben and I really started talks no about health fitness four years ago at a mutual friends wedding. I feel like we have built a life long friendship and I know with his guidance I can become the best version of myself. Thank you Ben. You’re a great coach.

Easily the best trainer I have ever worked with. Ben is patient and will help you achieve the results you are hoping for. If you’re willing to follow the plan he will customize to your specific needs and put in the work you will absolutely see the results. His training style is unmatched. He is thoughtful and truly cares about his clients, not just another trainer going through the motions. He will push you to be your best self and encourage you to keep pushing through your “I cant’s” showing you how you CAN.

Don’t hesitate to hire Ben. He’s one of the best around!


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