Brian Myers

profilephoto01-001370000076TgMAAUBrian Myers is an Elite Instructor with StrongFirst, and is co-owner of Primitive Strength in Amarillo Texas alongside his wife, Roxanne. Together they started Primitive Strength with the desire to bring the highest quality training using the principles of StrongFirst, CFSC, and FMS to the Amarillo area. Brian has been a coach since 2007 through the NSCA and strives to help his students reach their full potential through movement, mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Obtaining SFG Level I in March of 2013, Brian knew that he wanted to work towards obtaining the rank of Team Leader. In 2015 he was successful in completing SFG Level II and assisted at multiple certifications. In the spring of 2017 he and Roxanne were both promoted to Team Leaders, which was an honor and privilege to work along side some incredible individuals. We resigned from this position in 2022, but still maintain our Elite status. Thank you for the opportunity.

The philosophy is simple when you train at Primitive Strength. Let’s get you moving better first in the foundational movements, then you can load those movements to increase strength and proficiency. We stand behind our motto, Move Better, Get Stronger. At PS we offer programs for everyone from youth athletes, to the aging adult looking for improved movement and mobility. Kettlebells are a big part of the training at PS, but we do not limit our knowledge and expertise to that alone. Barbell and body weight instruction are also incorporated into the sessions using StrongFirst principles.

Brian is an avid husband, father, hiker, backpacker, mountain climber, fly fisherman, and loves everything outdoors. Things worth noting along this journey include; summiting multiple 14’ers, achieving a 2.75x bodyweight deadlift, and a totally unexpected 1st place in the 2008 Land Lovers sprint triathlon in Lake Tanglewood. Brian is an SFG Elite, CFSC, NSCA-CPT, and holds an associates degree in Nuclear Medicine.
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Matt Wright
Without having previous exposure to weight or kettlebell training, I knew I wanted a professional to guide me through this journey. I wanted to educate myself about strength training for a positive lifelong change. Brian is a fantastic coach educating me about foundational movements and progressing at a pace comfortable for me. What is most motivating is Brian “practices what he preaches” without being intimidating. I see myself training with Brian indefinitely.

Michael Decker
For the past sixteen months I have been privileged to train under the direction of Brian. As a twice wounded Vietnam veteran my overall health/strength was very average at best. I have a full joint and bone replacement in my left shoulder and right leg due to these war injuries. In a matter of just a few weeks I saw incredible improvement in strength, flexibility and balance. Each week I felt better, grew in strength and saw my health go from decline to incline.
In Masters Olympics , track And field competition I recently won gold medals in discus and Shot Put. In Ultra Weight throws of the 200 lbs competition I doubled the distances in an eight month period. Brian’s instruction has changed my life, I’ll turn 70 in ten days and now I have the strength I had back in my 50’s.
Roxanne has done awesome improvements in her physical therapy treatments of my surgery and joint/bone replacements as well.
After seeing the results for themselves, I have friends now joining Primitive Strength and enjoying the benefits of the great instruction by Brian.

Craig Brewton
I have been training with Brian for a few years now and the transformation that I have seen is amazing. Brian continues to find ways to push and motivate me every workout. Over the years Brian has become a friend and not just a business transaction, mainly because he truly cares about his clients. Brian has pushed me to accomplish many goals that I did not believe I could accomplish before training with him. He also continues to preach movement patterns, mobility and nutrition on a regular basis. Brian and Roxanne want all of their clients to grow older with out feeling like they are getting older. If you are serious about investing in your quality of life for the rest of your life, then this is the trainer for you. If you want to post on social media that you went to the gym, don't waste his time.

J. Kevin. Golden
I started with Brian in 2012. I was getting into shape for a brown bear grizzly hunt with a bow. Brian far exceeded my requirements and I’ve nevee stopped. He and Roxanne TrueType care about your fitness. They do not just take your money!! If you’re not serious they want train you. They are a must for reaching your goals!!

P.S. I killed a Pope and Young Brown Bear with a bow and arrow. Thank you Brian!!

Brian Smith
I joined Brian at PS in 2012. He and Roxanne quickly earned my respect with their “practice what you preach” ethic and dedication to continual improvement in all aspects of things health. Under his guidance I have made significant gains in strength, but more importantly he has taught me safe movement patterns allowing me to increase my mobility and function better as I age. Brian and Roxanne are also good people who care about their clients and treat training as a craft, not a hobby. If you are serious about training and fitness Brian is your guy, if not, you won’t mesh, move on.

Tom Grimes SFG1
Brian has been my Strength-Fitness-Nutrition Coach since 2012. In a month i will be 63 and i am a helluva
lot fitter/stronger/healthier than i was 20 years ago.

If you are serious about life long fitness built on the foundation of strength ... look no further. He's your man.

Having had the privilege of strength training with Mark Rippitoe of Starting Strength, kettlebell training with Jason Marshall, Master SFG StrongFirst Elite: SFGII, SFL, SFB and getting my SFG certification under the tutelage of StrongFirst Master Trainer, Brett Jones ... i can assure you Brian, like them, is one of the elite in fitness coaching.

William Ware
Brian is a world-class coach who focuses on safety, form and meaningful progression. He is diligent and motivating. He cares about long-term health and practices what he preaches. He is a true inspiration to me and has changed the way I look a fitness. I highly recommend him for everything from basic instruction to a life-long practice.


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