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profilephoto01-001370000076VJ1AAM**Currently instructing Virtual Classes and offering discount Online Training for all students. Keep swinging and please join us at EDK Training. We’d love to connect!**

Cheers! I am the owner of EDK Training in Minneapolis, MN. I instruct small group kettlebell classes in a private studio environment and coach individual sessions both online and in-studio. I welcome and encourage all students and skill levels.

"Trust the process..."
I have been training with kettlebells for twelve years and I will never forget my first class in my hometown – I was hooked and fascinated by the skill of my certified instructor.
For the past decade, I have continued to challenge my strength and push my physical boundaries. I have attended all four StrongFirst certifications and always strive to improve my skills – learning from my mentors and fellow StrongFirst coaches, I remain dedicated to consistent practice and maintaining certification standards.

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Specialist and former RKC instructor.
I coach a variety of students remotely and in the studio, from triathletes to yogis and everyone in between. I have a deep appreciation for alternative training modalities and bring my strength training knowledge to all areas of fitness.

Outside of kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training, you might find me running or practicing yoga. My own personal practice and professional instruction has brought a heightened importance of physical well being and joy into my life... As a coach, my mission is to bring that joy to others!

I am currently accepting new students for SGT and primarily coaching individuals online. Please find me via my website and on social media: @erickadarst or @edktrainingmn


Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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J Kaston
Having taken my first class with Ericka just yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling like $1,000,000! Ericka had the right combination of instruction and engagement to challenge and sweat! If you have kettlebells at home and are looking to dust them off, I highly recommend taking 45 min out of your day to work with Ericka. She will correct your form, work your muscles and you both will smile in a pool of sweat when its all over!

Lisa Terrell
COACH OF COACHES / Mother of Dragons: Ericka Darst
Are you a strength coach? Do you want to learn how to use kettlebells optimally without getting hurt or your clients hurt? Go to the Coach of Coaches.

Coach Erika Darst is the Mother of Dragons in the Twin Cities. She has trained some of the best kettlebell instructors in town. Why is she different? The Devil is in the Details.

I have been teaching kettlebells as an RKC for three years, I have been using weights for 30 years. I needed to get re-certified every few years, so my time was up and chose to go the Strong First route. I knew it would be super challenging to pass. I met with Coach Ericka and I had SO much to learn still.

All of my lifts have gone up. I trained with her and I was so prepared for my Strong First certification in Chicago. I have trained with other trainers for certs, and not gotten half of what Erika has taught me.

The SFG cert weekend was outstanding, I passed all of my tests despite the high failure rate for this certification (30 percent failure rate). Every time I drive to her studio I think about how lucky I am that I met her at another certification three years ago where I FAILED several of my tests in front of her. NOT THIS TIME. I passed them all thanks to Coach Ericka Darst! Thank you for making me a better kettlebell instructor, for the fitness and techniques to pass Strong First SFG. You are GOLD!

Sarah Palm
I tried Ericka’s kettlebell class on a whim several years ago, and have been hooked ever since. Ericka’s creative training plans make every class exciting and challenging. Her attention to each individuals’ needs never wavers: just this morning Ericka helped me fine tune my goblet squat and I was able to find strength and ability I didn’t know I had. Ericka provides support, challenge, respect and a terrific sense of humor (oh and the best music!) - a combo that makes it easy to wake up at the crack of dawn several times a week to get my kettlebells fix! I compete in canine agility, and the work I do in my EDK Training classes has translated to faster sprints, more endurance and improved footwork on course. Heartfelt thanks to Ericka for all of your hard work and support! I am so fortunate to be able to train with you and my fellow EDK friends.

Jeffrey Warshaw
As a two time Kona Ironman qualifier I have ambitious athletic goals and as a physician I am very discerning in my choice of trainers. Ericka came highly recommended, and my first hand observations of her working with clients confirmed to me that we would make a good fit. I have not been disappointed. She comes prepared to each of our sessions with a carefully crafted menu of exercises to work through, each building upon the previous within that day's workout, and building in a more holistic fashion from week to week. The progression is well thought out and designed to target my weaknesses while improving not just my strength but also my flexibility and posture, all while avoiding injury. I highly appreciate her attention to detail in getting me to execute each move in a technically precise fashion, and her demonstrations of the movements leave me with a profound respect for the degree to which she has honed her craft. Working with Ericka has made me a stronger and more resilient athlete and under her tutelage and support I am left with a sense that my best is yet to come. What more can you ask for?

Elana Centor
I'm not sure how I became interested in kettlebells but my first experience was ordering a DVD and trying to self-teach myself kettlebell techniques. That was a mistake. While I was immediately hooked on kettlebells, I also quickly realized that I would gain a great deal more from my workouts if I knew I was executing with proper form ( I have since learned that it takes years to master that form....)
Since then I have worked out with some good coaches and some not so good coaches. Three years ago, I found Ericka. I knew I had found the coach for me.
Ericka is committed to proper form and after three years of swinging those bells in Ericka's classes, there are still days when Ericka needs to remind me to tweak what I'm doing. Just this morning she looked at my feet and had me slightly adjust the direction of my heels. Just a small correction, but it was a big difference. You can't get anything by her and that is exactly what I want.

There are many places you can go to take a kettlebell class but if you want a coach, if you want to work with someone who is going look at what you are doing with a laser focus and analyze what you are doing, then you want to work with Ericka.

When she does a group class, she's not up there working out with us. She's watching, correcting, suggesting and encouraging. She coaches - not just in private classes but in group classes.

Ivory Ruud
Private sessions with Ericka helped me crush a PR goal while recovering from injury. In early 2018, I set a goal for a PR military press. As an experienced kettlebell student, I knew I had some "leakage" issues to resolve in order to achieve it. Then, in early spring, I suffered a bad ankle sprain. I laid off of my press goal for a few months to focus on active recovery. Impatient to get back on track, I turned to Ericka for 1:1 coaching. Ericka's laser-focus on perfect technique was just what I needed! In addition to improving my core strength, Ericka helped me regain flexibility and correct asymmetries caused by my injury. Equally important: she reminded me to be kind to myself when I was frustrated. By our last session, I had achieved my PR goal and made huge gains toward full recovery. Ericka is a phenomenal coach who brings it all: excellent training, passion for coaching, and compassion for students!

Molly Zauhar
I've been taking kettlebell and barbell classes from Ericka at EDK Training for a little over a year. I am not a big cardio gal, so when I was introduced to a workout that included iron, the high school athlete in me came back alive. I mostly appreciate Ericka's focus on technique above anything else. She does a great job at slowing down the process in order to prevent injury and teaching movements correctly from step one. However, do not be fooled, she also encourages and pushes her students to work up to their fullest potential. It creates a fun environment when your coach is highly vested in your progress and at times is more excited about your accomplishments than you are. I highly recommend Ericka an any of her multitude of classes she offers. You will not be disappointed.

Kim Schuster
Having exclusively been a runner and yogi for 16 years, I was a bit intimidated to try Ericka Darst's kettlebell class this morning. Within minutes of being in her class, I realized my concerns were unfounded. Ericka provided a very welcoming and safe space to work out in. I also appreciated how she broke down the mechanics for each of the kettlebell forms we worked through to keep our bodies in proper alignment to maximize the benefits of the work being done and prevent injuries. I will definitely be coming back for more of her classes!

Jake Ostler
I've trained with several kettlebell instructors, certified and non-certified, and Ericka Darst is the best.

There have been two important game-changers for my training and overall fitness: 1) discovering kettlebells and StrongFirst's methodology; and 2) choosing Ericka Darst as a trainer. She pushes me to work harder than I would on my own. Her coaching of technique and form enable me push myself and avoid injury. I look forward to the training sessions.

I have a wife, four kids, a corporate career, and a commission in the Army Reserves that all keep me very busy. Most of my training is done on my own in our basement or in a small gym at the office. I've found kettlebells to be an ideal tool for training at home.
Still, my gains went up even more after making the decision to attend at least one session with Ericka each week. I wish I had found her sooner.

If you're considering kettlebell training for the first time, I highly recommend purchasing 'Simple & Sinister' and finding a StrongFirst trainer to help you master the movements. If you're in the Twin Cities, I recommend contacting Ericka.

Marissa Borsdorf
Ericka is an excellent coach. She is passionate about teaching you the correct technique but also strengthening your ability to believe in what you can accomplish with the right mindset. Training with Ericka helps me approach things I thought I couldn't do before from not only a strength perspective but a confidence perspective. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for her training and it's carryover into my every day life.

Deb Newel
Ericka's focus on coaching proper form for each kettlebell exercise coupled with her passion and commitment to help others succeed is exactly what I needed. Private sessions with Ericka have been invaluable for me. I had previously suffered a sports-related injury that over time , due to my body compensating for the injury, lead to other injuries. Ericka's training sessions have not only helped me get stronger, but her attention to technique and corrective strategies have eliminated the ways in which I had been compensating and significantly reduced my pain. I have truly enjoyed training with Ericka and I have never felt better as a result of it!

Amber Shamblott
Ericka is a phenomenal, knowledgeable, and encouraging coach who exudes so much passion for what she does. She provides a fun and supportive environment and strongly emphasizes on proper technique. She truly changed my whole attitude on fitness, which helped me fall in love with kettlebell and barbell training. I started training with her over two years ago and I’ve lost over 35 pounds by incorporating her coaching in my routine, now, lifestyle. This whole experience has inspired me to begin my journey towards a SFGI certification. Twin Cities, run, don’t walk to train with her, she’s worth it!

Carl Luoma
Ericka is a fantastic coach, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to train with her. Her instructions are clear and informative, breaking down each exercise into easily understandable components. Classes at EDK are always fun and challenging, I learn something new every time, and leave feeling energized. Not only have I learned proper kettlebell technique, but also why it's important in order to maximize efficiency and avoid injury. I'm always excited and looking forward to the next sweat session with the EDK crew.

Maria O'Connell
As a chiropractor. I see many sports related injuries due to lack of quality training from instructors. Ericka, however is the highest quality kettlebell/barbell instructor in the Twin Cities bar none. You will see results in your fitness, avoid injuries, and have fun while doing it. I can not recommend her highly enough!

Steve Spaulding
Ericka is a top notch instructor. She is very knowledgeable and more importantly, she is able to impart that knowledge onto others in an easy to learn manner. I highly recommend her if you want excellent coaching or training in kettlebells or other strength training or mobilty work


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