Hector Gutierrez Jr.

profilephoto01-001370000076TkGAAUHector helps men balance work, family, and "alone time" for spiritual self-development so they can become better men, husbands, fathers, and lead their family from the front.

He gives these men "the blueprint" to find what's been holding them back, and how to use what they find to regain control of their life, step into their God-given masculinity, and finally take action towards their goals.

His blueprint gives them the ability to stay in shape anytime, anywhere, 3-5 days per week without feeling “overworked” or worrying if their body will feel “broken” the next day.

In the end, his students gain the peace of mind to be able to check off *everything* from their day: physical fitness, family time, and self-development.

Ultimately Becoming Better Men.
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Accepting new students. Training offered online.
Website: https://strongashec.com
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Paul Romans
I have had the pleasure of interviewing Hector in person a couple of times. I have also had a brief "instruction"/ explanation of how to do the DSW for my podcast, which is based on getting out of your comfort zone. Hector was extremely illustrative and informative, in how to approach, set-up, and perform the exercise to benefit my safety, fitness, and strength. Hector also has a number of impact videos designed to help individuals find, strength through not only exercise, but mental, financial, and spiritual strength. It is a pleasure to know, and learn from Hector.

Scott Short
I first found out about Hector through the StrongFirst website forum. I quickly found out why he is such a big deal. Hector is all about quality content. He has one of most thorough and quality filled blogs and YouTube pages that I have come across. I have used a couple of his programs and have found them to be very beneficial and well thought out. I have a lot of training experience and can tell that Hector is very analytical by how he writes his programs. His Kettlebell Workout Snacks ebook is pure gold with plans from beginner to advanced. Hector is quick to respond to emails and is very focused on his primary goals of helping people, especially men, in exceeding in every aspect of their lives.

Right now I never met Hector in person. But it feels like he is closer to me than any personal trainer before. His programs and courses are some of the best you can get. His explanations are second to none and of great knowledge and detail. Pure gold! Also he is a very nice guy who is always willing to help with a problem and answers his mails very quickly. I´m jealous of the people who can work with him directly.

Go, Team GUT. ;)

Joshua Abella
I was introduced to Coach Hector's approach to Kettlebells via his Kettlebell Workout Snacks ebook. Steady work at his Atos 1.0 for 4 months really helped me a lot in building a strength foundation for bjj, together with SFG Gab Rosales' guidance. Was glad to have been part of his Ronin Phase 1. His approach to strength is straightforward and he provides immediate feedback and suggestions. Grateful to him for all he has helped me with especially with strength for bjj.

Zach S.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Hector. His commitment to his students is incredible, and his knowledge is unparalleled. I feel very fortunate that I met Hector, and I hope that others will have the same opportunity.

Marius Lefter
I worked with Hector during a stressful time for me (I was between jobs and just moved into a new home) and a difficult time for him (getting ready for a liver donation surgery; he offered a huge chunk of his liver for a family member, how brave is that?), and he managed this situation with power, skill, grace and courage.

He is truely one of the best ( of coaches, men, husbands, fathers) out there, and his coaching & communication skills are second to none. Thanks to him, I actually started talking a BJJ class, too. Here I am after a while, having laid the foundation with Hector, almost 40 pounds lighter and much, much stronger and able to behave like a man.

When I started training with Hector, I never swung a kettlebell and became aware of my physical weakness immediately. Hector has always taken the time to demonstrate strength in his training with explanations of how to do it the right way and why.
Don’t underestimate the knowledge and dedication to a lifestyle of strong body and mind Hector demonstrates! He has always taken his time to asses your progress, get to know you and make himself available to answer all your questions while offering personal encouragement.
I’m stronger today then I’ve ever been in my life!
I’ve never looked forward to working out as much as I do now.
Thanks Hector!

Coach Hec aka StrongAsHec, the moniker itself tells whatever you need to know to get you interested or consider him as your trainer whether online or your personally visit him which is one of my bucket list. Honestly, I didn't start my basics with him, it was with Coach Louka to be specific, what he did to me as a student and now as an SFG Official Instructor is the simplicity of the knowledge about the concept of StrongFirst, specifically on your own you'll figure out what you need to do in order for you to discover the proper way and the beautiful "gift" a kettlebell can give to a person. There's so much to say how great of a coach he is, just study and understand and you'll see what I mean. I'm a Filipino from a third world country, being a witness of his magnificent contributions some people in our country try to abuse his freebie programs and confuse his teachings, so for those who are reading this, go straight to hec it might need some time for him to respond but at least you will be satisfied.

Catherine Buck Le
I had the opportunity to act as an Assistant under Hector at my first time assisting at the StrongFirst SFG1. I learned so much from him that weekend; I am truly thankful that I got to know him.

Hector is an extremely knowledgeable StrongFirst coach. He has all the qualities that make a great coach and leader:
1. He has an amazing eye for coaching and helping students nail the proper technique.
2. He lives his values, demonstrating perfect technique and insane strength in his own training.
3. He genuinely cares about his students and their progression, not only in strength and fitness, but as overall better human beings.

Hector is one of my role models – just a top quality person! He is a leader among men and women and I sincerely hope to get to work with him again soon.

- Cat

A true coach who values the relationship! Pr ‘d my TSC deadlift and crushed simple with his programs!

Denis Policar
Hector's programs are the real deal. Helped me prepare for the SFG certification.

Matthew Havelka
My job sent me to Corpus for 6 months and Hector and Hardstyle welcomed me with open arms and taught me a skill and developed a passion in me that I will use the rest of my life. When I went back home to Houston I bought some KB's and have been using his programs and facebook groups to continue to train and get stronger. Great gym, great programs, and great people!

Rurik Brackett
I have had the great pleasure of working with Hector through his courses and being a guinea pig for several of his training procedures. I can say with certianty that his approaches are startling effective! I have gotten stronger with every one of his programs and if you take his course his emails are indispensable. he brought my double military press from 2x28kg for 1 to 2x32kg for 1 and gave me the endurance to get 102 snatches in 5min with 24kg.

Wanna get strong? Get strong as Hec!

Rurik Brackett
I have had the great pleasure of working with Hector through his courses and being a guinea pig for several of his training procedures. I can say with certianty that His approachs are startling effective! I have gotten stronger with every one of his programs and if you take his course his emails are indispensable. he brought my double military press from 2x28kg for 1 to 2x32kg for 1 and gave me the endurance to get 102 snatches in 5min with 24kg.

Wanna get strong? Get strong as Hec!

Derek Vergara
Coach Hector and his programs truly embodies the core principles of Strongfirst. I used several of his programs already like; ATOS 1.0 & 2.0, Plan 801a, 803a & 803b, Snatch 240 (for my SFG1 prep 2 years ago) Snatch 601, SP001, Swing Strong!, Plan701a and 701B and just recently Deadlift260a and Snatch384 for my TSC. We at the Gravity Chamber are big fan of his approach to strength training and correct programming in achieving strength goals that clearly transfer to real life applications

Sara Crehuet
I've been following several of Héctor 's programnes for more than a year. It amazes me how simple and efficient they are. All the videos and tips he provides you with for free are always so useful!!!
He's always there to help.!

Hector Gutierrez Jr. is the real deal. He is a great trainer, great friend, great father, great husband, and a great servant of God. Hector helped me achieve my goal in May of 2018 by improving my time in Corpus Christi’s Beach 2 Bay Full Marathon, not the relay, the whole 26.2 miles by myself. Conditions are brutal in this race with the high humidity and scorching heat. Through Hector’s guidance on the kettlebell, I beat my time from the previous year. As matter of fact, all my times improved in the 5K, 10K, and half marathon. I am a stronger runner now because of Hector Gutierrez Jr. I’m now training for the 2019 B2Bay Full Marathon and I know I will beat 2018’s time. The program I’m using for this race is Hector’s Kettlebell Workout Snacks and body weight exercises he taught me. Hector is an inspiration to me and to the people he serves. This man is an angel on Earth.

Deniz Gev
He is the absolute best coach along with coach Jake. His programs not only made me stronger in body but also mind. I am so lucky to be training at his gym every day (more like 5-6 days a week ?).

Ram ramirez
Awesome instructor and friend, I did a class with him and the amount of information I received was incredible. Highly recommend choosing him for your kettlebell training

Hector's Double Kettlebell Manifesto is an outstanding ebook. If you follow the programmes as written they will not fail to deliver. Plus: They're huge fun. So what more could you ask for?! Highly recommended!

Mark Limbaga
Roughly two years ago, Hector decided to take me under his wing and be my mentor. To say my training and those who I train did not improve is a massive understatement.

One of the best teachers and people you will ever meet

Augusto Juarez
I've been following Hector's programming for the past year, and I am very impressed. I love its simplicity and no-BS approach, which has allowed me to spend more time concentrating on my jiu-jitsu.

Mark Limbaga
Hector has been serving as my mentor for almost 2 years now and while his programming and attention to details in technique have made me stronger, the lessons did not stop with me.. they also helped made me a better coach.

Definitely a top notch instructor worth learning from


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