Janelle Pica

profilephoto01-snatchjanelle543769_605204235441_1052563021_n.jpegJanelle Pica is a StrongFirst Level 1 Instructor and a Primal Move Fundamentals Instructor. She is also a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After having suffered through an autoimmune condition, Janelle was able to significantly improve her health by making dietary and lifestyle changes that put her condition into remission. Soon after achieving her kettlebell certification, Janelle spent time studying mobility exercises and calisthenic training in an effort to maximize her own strength training and help her clients move more freely. In November 2013, Janelle was certified as a Primal Move Fundamentals instructor and now focuses her attention on hybrid programs that involve demanding strength training meshed with fluid, functional movements. Janelle is the owner of Primal Fitness Pittsburgh and has been featured on major websites such as Robbwolf.com and balancedbites.com.


Kettlebell Instructor SFG II


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City: Pittsburgh
Zip code: 15221
State: PA
Country: United States
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