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I'm a strength and movement coach certified through StrongFirst Inc. I specialize in kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight training. I'm also a FMS (functional movement screen) certified coach. The FMS helps us identify imbalances or asymmetries in the body so we can correct them, helping to prevent potential injuries before they happen and building a more bulletproof you.

I've been certified through StrongFirst for 6 years, and was recently promoted to StrongFirst Team Leader. As one of only two Team Leaders in Washington State, I'm proud to be entrusted to train and certify new StrongFirst coaches throughout the year.

My goal as a coach is to make YOU more durable. To be durable, you must have strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility. Too often, we train hard in one or two of these modalities while ignoring the others. My goal is to ensure that my people stay balanced, healthy, and strong in all aspects.

I believe that kettlebells are an awesome way to accomplish this goal because they make you strong physically AND mentally. You have to focus during a kettlebell session - no thinking about taxes, work stress, the presidential race, or any other distractions. It's a true release and therefore the best shrink you'll ever have. Physically - you'll build an iron core, joints that are more mobile than they've ever been, and you'll end up stronger and more explosive than you've ever dreamed.

I work with a wide range of people, from 16 year old athletes to retired NHL hockey players to 75-year-old grandmothers. I love keeping sessions fun, effective, and to the point. I was overweight, depressed, and basically lost when I found kettlebells. They didn't just change my life, they saved it - and I'm confident they'll do the same for you.



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StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
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City: Seattle
Zip code: 98108
State: WA
Country: United States
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