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profilephoto01-001370000076YapAAEMy passion is teaching others to live an empowered, pain-free active life using strength and movement principles from StrongFirst.

I have over 20 years of diverse teaching/coaching experience ranging from young athletes to elderly patients in clinical settings. Working full time in the clinic setting as an Exercise Physiologist and Employee Wellness Coordinator for over 10 years, allowed me to understand how important it is to fuel the body and mind through proper exercise and nutrition at any age. Since 2014, I have taught strength and movement-based exercise full time at my private training studio Empowered Strength and online.

I have competed as a Scottish Highland Games athlete since 2004 and hold several world records. Last year, I successfully lifted the 734lb. Dinnie Stones and many of the legendary stones of strength in Scotland. This coming year, I am planning a trip to Iceland to lift even bigger stones and continue to build my body and mind into my 40's!

Along with my StrongFirst certifications and physical achievements, I hold certifications through the NSCA, FMS and Original Strength.

Now let's get you strong and durable to LIVE EMPOWERED!
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Phil Reget
I am a massage therapist that works on elite level athletes. I understand the importance of strength, form and technique for athletes. I’m a competitive swimmer in United States Masters Swimming (USMS). Because of gum and pool closures due to the pandemic I last motivation for some lofty goals in the record books. I bought some kettle bells at John’s recommendation and went to his facility for some tips on proper form since I’d never used kettlebells before! I’ve worked with Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists in the past and John’s instruction was fantastic! He guided me into proper form and because of his passion for helping people get stronger the right way, my motivation to break some records (at age 52) returned in full force!

Thank you John!

Phil Reget

Ronan Arthur
I've been training with John for two months, and he's already reshaped the way I think about fitness and strength. He's taken the time to really understand where I'm at and to address the things that make me unique to create a custom program. We're laying the foundation for strength, and I'm already seeing the results in how I feel and carry myself throughout the day. Thanks John!

Andrew McGregor
John Odden has helped me achieve big dreams I never would have imagined possible had we not met. In addition to this, the fitness and lifestyle goals I was able to accomplish under his guidance simply happened as a natural course his coaching (think obtaining optimal weight loss as an ancillary consequence rather than the goal itself).

One of the other great blessings of working with John is seeing the beneficial spillover of the physical training into other aspects of life.

I recommend him fully and in the highest regard.

John is very knowledgeable, organized and accessible. He is extremely athlete-focused and tailors exercises and programs to me specifically. We are all at different places and John meets us at our level. It’s not one size fits all on line programming- my program is for my specific needs and goals: great coaching.

Heather Rasmussen
I have been training online with John for a little over a year now and I can't sing his praises enough. My big issues were my knees. I didn't think I'd ever get them functional without pain again and John showed me some simple movements that basically built me back up from the ground up and now I am functioning like a Real Athlete again! I always look forward to his programming and he really is the best Coach I've ever had.

Devon Pfeiffer
I've been training with John since July 2020 and have already noticed a big difference in my ability to move through life stronger and with less pain. Having been an athlete most of my life, my strength and fitness (even while having scoliosis) typically allowed me to do all of the things I love. I never experienced weakness or pain with things like mountain biking, yard work, moving furniture, etc. but as I approached my mid-40's these things started getting harder. This really motivated me to rebuild my foundation and core using strength training. John has knowledge beyond what I expected and the StrongFirst philosophy plus John's focus on movement patterns and how it affects your body as a whole really resonates with me. I'm much stronger and my back feels better today than it did just 7 months ago. Thank you John!

John Odden and I have been colleagues for some years now collaborating as teachers and instructors both at his fantastic gym Empowered Strength and from afar working together on articles, programming, and training. John is an outstanding technical and strength coach and personal trainer, a superb colleague and collaborator, and a class act.

Kelly Thiel
I have been training with John Odden for 2.5 years now. I can honestly say that I have never been stronger than I am today. I have been an athlete all my life; but this is the first time I have received such a high-level of coaching. His knowledge and experience is such that I was inspired to join the StrongFirst community as an instructor, this past year in 2019. Training with John has helped me to be strong and pain-free, and to be able to live and play as I enter my late 40s! It has truly been a life-changing experience!


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