Long Duong

profilephoto01-001370000076VK9AAMUnited States Marine who served from 2007-2012. New York University alumni with a double major in International Studies and Anthropology. Accomplished the StrongFirst Beast Tamer Challenge in May 2016. Competed in multiple powerlifting meets in the 181lb weight class with a 310lb bench press, 340lb back squat, and 530lb deadlift. Assisted with coaching multiple 3-day weekend StrongFirst seminars to certify over 50 candidate barbell and kettlebell instructors. Developed over 30 specialized training programs for clients, resulting in improved strength and endurance. Counseled over 40 clients, ranging from ages 18-60, to improve their functional movement and fitness.

Available for in-person and/or online coaching and specialized training programs.
Contact Information: DuongLK89@Gmail.com
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