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profilephoto01-001370000076Ut6AAE"Perfect Practice Makes Perfect". I was 13 when first introduced to the resonating expression and have spent the last 20 years applying it, not just to strength and fitness, but life goals in general. Because, anything worth doing, is worth doing right. I have always had a love and respect for true strength and fitness, so when I was introduced to kettlebells in November of 2012, I was immediately, "head over heels" hooked. Every session, I learn something new about myself, fitness, strength and the
importance of rest and *perfecting* my form. All modalities of StrongFirst have simplified strength and fitness for me in a way that transcends beyond the gym. This simplicity makes it possible for me to effectively teach all ages and fitness levels, both group or private settings. My excitement to learn, grow, share and teach this skill is incomparable to anything else I've practiced in my many years of coaching. Like I've said before, anything worth doing is worth doing right, and to make it right, your practice must be "perfect."
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Sari F
Maggie has been training me since 2013, and I have immensely improved my strength and physical capacity. When I first started working with Maggie, I was very inactive and had very little strength. Previous to kettlebell training, I would start a weight loss or fitness program and quickly quit. Maggie was very patient with me and worked with me to make sure I understood the techniques. She has been so encouraging through my journey and I know I would have quit a long time ago if it had not been for Maggie. I now have a passion for working out and kettlebells! I love seeing myself progress and become stronger.
She is very dedicated to her craft and she is very passionate about kettlebells. Maggie is 100% invested in her clients and their success/progress. Maggie is fun to work with, very personable and an excellent communicator. She is continually helping me to improve my technique and continue on a path to a more effective and injury free training. Maggie is very professional and has an immense understanding of human movement. She creates new and challenging blocks for us to make each session different.
I am very fortunate to have benefitted from Maggies's thoughtful, patient and precise instruction. She is the BEST!

Maggie has been training me since 2013 and continues to challenge and inspire me daily. She takes the time to research not only exercises that will improve my form, but also nutrition and other things related to my overall well-being. She creates blocks that are fresh and challenging to keep my interest spiked. No two days are ever exactly the same! One of the things I respect most is that Maggie lives what she preaches. She pushes herself just as hard as she pushes her clients and will demonstrate any move while also showing modified versions if need be based on her trainees level. While she is tough and driven, she maintains a great sense of humor and encourages just the right amount of competition to keep me focused. I can't imagine my days starting off without Maggie. Top notch all the way!

My trainer/coach/inspiration comes from Maggie Burrows, a SFG par none!! This year I learned that at 64 I could get stronger(200 lb. DL), that strength training is a beautiful dance between your brain and your body, that if its hard to do you need to do it!, that there will be kick ass days and gee-I -need a nap days, that the endurance and flexibility along with strength makes me feel fit and emotionally healthy and that I'm grateful for the knowledge and continuing
education Maggie revels in to keep all of her people safe and rocking the bells! Oh yeah and I now know where my lats are and can see them!!!! Maggie is a first class trainer! She has helped me to love working out! Being strong allows me to be active and healthy. Her workouts have not only made me stronger but have also helped to rehab my posture and improve my mobility. I get great satisfaction in being able to improve and not just maintain....... Her attention to form and safety really have impressed me. Strength is a skill and she so lives that. Thank heavens she's a lot younger than I am cause she's going to be my coach/trainer/inspiration for the next 40 years!!!!

Mario DiCecco
I have been training with Maggie for over a year now. Her attitude, personality, and drive make her an amazing instructor and an inspiration. Her focus on perfect technique has kept me injury free, and her motivation has kept me excited and always looking forward to the next workout. I plan to stick with her as long as she can tolerate me and expect to continue improving with every session!

Maggie has transformed my workouts. I grew up being very active and participating in a variety of sports. I always considered myself athletic but on my first workout with Maggie she assessed my mobility and strength and I needed some work! She has created a program for me that works on my weaknesses, weight loss and overall strength. She always demonstrates PERFECT form and makes sure that I know the proper technique step-by-step for each exercise before I increase weight so that I do not injure myself. She pushes me to do exercise that I doubt myself on, and I feel so accomplished afterward. I feel such a difference in my strength and conditioning in just a few workouts with Maggie. Maggie always checks in with me the day after our work outs to see how my body feels. I really appreciate that she is truly invested in me. She is so positive and fun to work out with. I really feel like I am working out with a buddy. I look forward to seeing where my fitness levels can go with the help of Maggie and Kettlebells!

Maggie works hard to keep me motivated and working hard. Kettlebells is a new program for me and I feel I will keep it up. Thanks for introducing me to it Maggie.

Maureen Parsons
After starting training with Maggie in August of 2013, I've been amazed by several things: 1) I always knew Maggie was strong both mentally and physically. Having her as a personal trainer, she has continued to prove this time and time again. She demonstrates proper form repeatedly and can easily do the work outs with me (times ten)! She's quick to correct my form to prevent injury, make adjustments, and/or assess my limits and when I can push harder. 2) I'm amazed how quickly I have gained strength and endurance through relatively simple exercises that can be done at home. 3) Kettlebells is a fast workout done as little as 2xs a week that works EVERYTHING. I can feel my core stronger than it's ever been making everything I do easier. Maggie's on top of her game. She honest and tough, yet playful and fun. Highly recommend if you're serious and committed to toning up!


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