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profilephoto01-001370000076TpFAAUI am the owner of the BrickHouse Strength & Conditioning in Modesto CA. I make my students stronger so they can dominate in life! I train all ages and backgrounds and one thing that is similar in all of them; how strong they are, both physically and mentally. So I make sure that they are able to conquer everyday like there is no tomorrow! Strength is an attitude and at the BrickHouse, we are strength. I am honored to have the title as SFG Team Leader. It has been a dream of mine ever since I attended my first cert. If you ever want to talk shop or whatever, shoot me an email - sousastrong@yahoo.com.
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Ryan Moench
Recently had the pleasure of attending kettlebell 101 and 201 with Mike at his gym in Modesto. Sessions were phenomenal and very detailed. Mike is able to break down complex movements into very understandable sections.
During the courses I received extremely helpful corrections that I now keep in mind while training at home. I walked away feeling much more confident about the movements and my ability to perform them correctly. I cannot recommend enough. Sign up, get strong.

Chris Mazzanti
1/8/22, Kettlebell 101.
It can be super awkward to attend a class where you know nothing about the subject matter and fully out of shape, but Coach Mike’s Professionalism removes that feeling immediately!! Coach Mike is full on humble and a subject matter expert!! Although I have much work to do, I left class super confident, based on his knowledge, presentation and energy to help his students thrive. Looking forward to Kettlebell 201 regardless of a four hour round-trip!! Thanks Mike!!

Matt Case
I had the pleasure to travel from Idaho to Modesto for kettlebell 101. I started doing simple and sinister programming about 2.5 months before and knew I could tune some things up. I learned wayyyy more than I imagined. Mike was super knowledgeable, has a great gym set up and loves Slayer. Once I get the simple standard I’ll be back for the next course. Highly recommended !!

Dana Cvengros
I recently attended the 1-day barbell course with Mike as the instructor. I wanted to learn more about technique and prepare to pursue the certification. After this one day of instruction, I came away feeling stronger and better in form and technique. Mike is an awesome instructor, he's very knowledgeable and makes it fun to learn.

Brenda Olson
I have been training with Mike for just over 2 years. He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of strength training and nutrition. He has helped me become stronger, leaner and all around happier! He understands if you are having an issue with an elbow or shoulder and plans a way for you to get a good workout while the issues heal. I just can't thank him enough for his strong yet compassionate way of training! I would and do recommend Mike to everyone I know!

I attended a 1 day kettlebell course at Mike’s gym in Modesto this past weekend. The instruction given by him and two other instructors was very good and easy to digest in real time. Mike and the other instructors helped me clean up my technique with all the movements that were covered; (Swings, TGU’s, Goblet Squats, Presses). I would highly recommend Mike for all your hard style kettlebell training needs.

Liana Scoto
I’ve been training with Mike for about 6 years. Although I haven’t always been consistent, I know I feel my best when I’m training at the BrickHouse. With all the changes as I’ve aged, Mike has worked with me, encouraged me and motivated me to continue with my workouts and not give up. Although the training is in small groups, it feels like personal training because no one does the same workout. He individualizes everyone’s workout to their personal needs and desires. Don’t ask me how he remembers everyone’s specific needs, but he does.
Another aspect of his training is nutrition. He is extremely
knowledgeable and helpful in this area. With podcasts to listen to, food journaling, sending photos of meals and great suggestions and recipes.
Mike is a wonderful young man and I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon him. I never thought I’d be working out with him this long, now I can’t imagine a time not working out with him.

Ana Zambrano
Mike helped me to understand that health comes before fitness. He taught me to eat better and listen to my body.

He has a great depth in knowledge and supports his students by providing guidace in skill and methodology.

I wish Mike made a (or many) playlist(s) on Spotify.

Pavel Macek
Crazy STRONG guy, excellent teacher with a great taste in music, and my great friend. Learn from Mike, and get strong - get StrongFirst!

Shawn Phillips
I have been involved in sports and working out my entire life, and I have to say Mike has been by far the best all around trainer that I have worked out with.
He is passionate about what he does and unlike many others he believes what he teaches.
Mike puts a lot of time into perfecting his skill set and educating himself to be the best.
Mike has a knack of managing various skill levels all at the same time while making sure everyone gets the most out of every session.
Weather you are a seasoned veteran in physical fitness and nutrition or just a beginner, you will get results with Mike and learn in the process. I highly recommend Mike from Brickhouse stregnth and conditioning to all.

Jason Avelar
Mike is a dedicated trainer who will do whatever he needs to do to help you reach your any fitness goals you want to accomplish. Mike is well versed in nutrition, mobility, body weight, barbell, kettlebell training and more. I have been working for over 20 years and I have not met a better trainer.

Tai Avelar
Training with Mike is challenging but fun. I have a love/hate relationship with the programs he designs. He definitely makes me work hard, but it’s all worth it because of the results I am seeing and the strength I am feeling. Mike is a very experienced trainer and I know I’m always in good hands training at The Brick House. He can quickly adjust movements for me depending on how I’m feeling that day to ensure I always get a safe and effective training session in. I would highly recommend training with Mike; you won’t be disappointed!

Pete Luffman
I had the pleasure of assisting Mike deliver the SFG curriculum at the SFG1 kettlebell certification in England. I was blown away by his attention to detail and ability to break down the movements, not only that Mike makes it fun and interesting!

If I lived in California, I know who I would go see to get stronger!

Margy Sawyer
I have been training with Mike for the last 10 years and have seen him grow in his knowledge and expertise in strength and conditioning , body mechanics, nutrition and kettlebell training. He is able to assess people where they are and train them at their level, gradually increasing their confidence and ability. His small group sessions are like you are getting one on one training because each person is working on different exercises. He fits your work out to you, not you to the group. He has been able to modify my workouts through various surgeries on my feet and knees and I’ve come out stronger and recovered better due to his instruction. A truly exceptional trainer.

Rob Callahan
I'm an amputee and I worked with Mike to help me improve my core strength and generally help me stay strong and properly aligned. Even with just a short time He significantly improved my technique and over time I've been able to consistently stay in good shape and live strong.

Polar Bear
KB training with Mike is thorough, detailed, and patient. The accompanying documentation was unexpectedly comprehensive. Your swings will be spot on and your posture perfect after participating in Mike’s training.

Carol Vieira
Great trainer and person. Mike works with clients of all ages. I have been training with Mike for almost 10 years and I would recommend Mike as a trainer for anyone. Very professional and knowledgeable in his field.

Awesome guy, strong and knows his stuff. Was my group leader at an SFG, patient, but strict and got the best out of you. Also, not a guy to mess with in the mosh pit....

First of all, I am astounded that this guy doesn't already have hundreds of positive reviews. I have been training with Mike since before he was involved with kettlebells and Strong First. The progression he has made into a world-class trainer has been nothing short of phenomenal. His dedication to his clients and his professionalism are second to none. If you are within distance of his gym and have even a small amount of desire to learn about strength and fitness, contact him! You will be amazed at what you'll learn from Mike. You've already come this far to read this review. Don't piddle around with anyone else. Get the best training available in the area. I guarantee it will change your life for the better. His gym, Brick House Strength and Conditioning will feel like home.


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