Nathan Zimmerman

profilephoto01-nathan-zimmerman.jpgNathan "Sleeping Tiger" Zimmerman is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and a Strong First Girya Instructor, He holds a MS in Kinesiology from Cal Poly, SLO. His experience includes working as a physical therapy aide at the Body and Balance Center in San Luis Obispo and as a volunteer aide at Bell Trace in Bloomington, Indiana. At Bell Trace, he treated shoulder, knee, hip, and back injuries. \Since then he has gained experience in the fitness field through working at the Cal Poly Rec Center as a personal trainer, as well as helping with strength and conditioning for a local kickboxing team. Nathan has trained with and learned from the likes of well known and influential trainers in the strength and conditioning community including Dan John, Pavel Tsatsouline, Doug Nepodal, Brett Jones, Jeff O’Connor, Max Shank, Kelly Starrett and David Whitley.
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