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profilephoto01-001370000076TprAAEI first found strength and fitness at a young age, while studying martial arts. Through my training, I learned the value of physical capability—and how a strong mind is the key to making a real impact on the body. I started training exclusively with Kettlebells in 2007; in 2009, I accomplished my RKC (the precursor to what StrongFirst is now). The community I found through StrongFirst has inspired me to help others become stronger and fitter and to continue pursuing education as a strength coach and fitness professional. I now use many tools to help my students, but the Kettlebell remains central to my methods both for others and myself.

Strength can have a transformative effect on one's entire life. I founded Max-Level Fitness not only to help others create true progress, but out of the conviction that strength and fitness are the foundation of self-sufficiency, independence, and being prepared for the worst-case scenario. I believe that a true workout is not a collection of random exercises done with the hope of success, but a thoughtful plan designed with a focus on real, measured change and with the individual athlete in mind. The effectiveness of my programming is reflected in my Beast Tamer status, accomplishing Sinister, and my top three placements in multiple Tactical Strength Challenges.

I train and teach private and small group sessions throughout Philadelphia, sharing my passion for strength and fitness by helping students of all levels achieve their goals. To learn more, please visit


B.S. Exercise Science, Temple University, 2006
CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), National Strength and Conditioning Academy, 2007

StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Certification, 2009
StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor II Certification, 2011

FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level I: Certification, October 2009
FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level II: Advanced Correctives, October 2009
CK-FMS (Certified Kettlebell Functional Movement Specialist), May 2013
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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I have been working with Noah for over 5 years. Noah's knowledge of anatomy and physiology is well beyond many of the trainers that I have worked with. This has allowed me to make substantial progress in strength, stamina and flexibility despite significantly impaired knees, neck and shoulders. This has translated into enhanced safety and productivity when at work and being able to play hard with my 15 and 18 year old boys.

For me, the most important aspect of the relationship that I have with trainer is trust. I have to be confident that he or she will ensure that I make the greatest progress while remaining injury free. In my case, this requires a trainer that is observant and meticulous about form while being flexible enough to quickly adapt routines when something does not work. Noah is the personification of these requirements.

Noah approaches his work with extreme professionalism. He is constantly working to upgrade his skills and add new techniques and tools to his repertoire. This keeps his work outs fresh, interesting and above all, challenging.

I enthusiastically recommend Noah Maxwell for those who wish to improve their fitness, regardless of level, without hesitation or reservation.

As an experienced athlete, I have worked with many instructors and trainers. Noah stands out not just for his comprehensive knowledge of the human body and how it moves, but for his unique ability to impart information.

Noah is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who empowers his clients to make consistent, measurable progress. In the two years we've worked together, he has coached me for such disparate challenges as competitions, injury recovery, and both pregnancy and post-partum training. Simply put, there is nobody I trust more when it comes to building, repairing, and rebuilding my body.

Thanks to Noah's dedication to the work--and make no mistake, you will work--I have both set and achieved remarkable goals. But even beyond the physical results I've enjoyed, he has taught me not just what I should be doing, but how and why. His support and the example he sets with his own training inspire me to work to improve my strength and capabilities to their utmost extent.

Sam B.
I contacted Noah because I wasn't getting enough out of my workouts. I wanted to try kettle bells. Noah, first started looking at my strengths and weakness. He immediately identified physical issues that were inhibiting me from getting more fit. His knowledge of the body is amazing. He gave me stretches and slowly started me on exercises. I felt better right away. He worked me into a kettle bell routine that I now do by myself. I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have. He's funny, understanding, and smart. I continue to be blown away by the breadth of his knowledge and ease with which he gives me exercises to address issues. He is the best.

Noah is extremely knowledgeable and can develop a program for you to hit your goals. He is by far the best trainer I have met.


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StrongFirst Certified Team Leader
StrongFirst Elite
Kettlebell Instructor SFG II
Barbell Instructor SFL
Bodyweight Instructor SFB


Beast Tamer, Sinister


City: Havertown
Zip code: 19083
State: PA
Country: United States

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