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profilephoto01-001370000076TqaAAEReneta Music, began her training in karate in 1991 and received her 1st degree black belt in April of 1994. She has gone on to achieve her 8th degree black belt in Shurite Kempo and is the Chief instructor of the SKTA. She is the Chief karate and kettlebell instructor at the Mansfield YMCA. She and her husband travel and teach Life Protection. In 2021, she was asked to be the phys ed teacher at a local IB school

In the fall of 2010, Reneta started her strength journey and achieved her Level I certification in kettlebells in the fall of 2011, her level II certification in the spring of 2012. She then went on to receive a body weight certification in the summer of 2013 and proceeded with her barbell certification in the fall of 2013. She is currently a Team Leader. She holds a level II certification in FMS, Function Movement System, where she trains proper mobility, flexibility and addresses and fixes dysfunctions in movement. She travels for StrongFirst teaching kettlebell and barbell courses.

Reneta is the owner of Hard Style Body, which was founded in 2015. She travels and teaches kettlebells, barbell and bodyweight and preforms FMS screens. She acieved her NCSF Personal trainer certification in November of 2019.

She also provides online training.

You can find her on Facebook as Hard Style Body or under Reneta Music. She is on Instagram as Hardstylebody. You can also view her web page at
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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Ryan Arnold
I worked with Renata on occasion while preparing for SFG I. Though our interactions were few, she brought a technical eye to my training and saw small issues with the lifts that we were able to fix prior to certification weekend. I appreciated her honest and insightful feedback. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for somebody who will take your lifts to the next level!

Nick M
Reneta has been fantastic giving me instruction on the Simple and Sinister program. Her ability to spot and correct errors has really helped me to understand and develop the skills needed to progress through the techniques. Always cheerful, and superb at demonstrating proper form. Highly recommended.

Rebecca H.
Gary and Reneta Music are fantastic instructors! Not only is kettlebell an excellent workout, they make the class so enjoyable that you truly look forward to their sessions. They are the consummate of professionalism and an excellent example of what you would expect from StrongFirst instructors.

Tim Moxley
Reneta and her husband Gary are outstanding instructors and very friendly. I am self taught with Pavel’s old books and CD’s. They identified and fixed several things I have been doing wrong in the get up, swing and deadlift. All in 1 hour. I feel I received more than my money’s worth.

Augusto Juarez
I've had the opportunity to learn from Reneta in one of her Hard Style Body seminars in Orlando, and the sheer amount of knowledge she dispensed made it money very well-spent. I've also had the privilege of assisting in one of her StrongFirst Kettlebell Courses. Her professionalism, and expertise in all three StrongFirst modalities are tremendous.

I attended a basic cert. class at the beginning of March 2016. Until that time I had only been using the KB for swings, and as I quickly learned, I was not using it to its potential. This class was an awesome experience, and complete eye opener. To truly maximize a KB workout this instruction is a must. There was never a dull moment in class. Reneta was an excellent instructor, motivator, and example of what you can accomplish when you train properly.

Marc DeLellis
After completing my first ever kettle bell course, not only with SFG but at all, I cannot rave enough about Reneta Music. Reneta is very engaging and a charismatic personality but also excellent at teaching, especially as I was a beginner. Reneta displayed her skills of strength that to say the least, were very inspiring. I cannot thank Reneta and SFG enough for the experience. I highly recommend Reneta as an instructor.

Reneta was the instructor for an all-day SFG Course I attended in Maryland, and it was fantastic. Her knowledge, and her ability to help people understand movements and perform them properly was beyond my expectations. Both her and her husband (also an instructor) were incredibly careful with everyone and aware of injuries, and taught movements with safety in mind. So thankful I was able to have them as my instructors'learn a TON and I'll be continuing my StrongFirst education as a result. Thank you!

Eric Krause
I participated in the Dayton OH kettle bell basic class with Renata as one of the instructors. The course was well organized and very informative. Renata communicated with all the members of the class and was very engaging. I was concerned that I would not get my money's worth since I have been around weight rooms for 30 years. I was so wrong. I learned so much from Renata & the other instructors. I also thought I was in decent shape. The day was challenging and it showed me that I have work to do. I would recommend this to anyone at any level of fitness. It was well worth the money. Thanks Renata!!!

Reneta came down to Dayton for an all-day kettlebell seminar and it was phenomenal. The instruction was clear and tailored to the needs of each of the participants. The true mark of an instructor is the ability to explain a concept to someone who's not getting it in language they can understand. Reneta and Gary are master instructors. I paid for knowledge and guidance, I got both along with 3 PRs. Whatever you're doing there's no way it will get worse by having a team leader look it over so take the opportunity. And if you see Reneta walking over during your swings for the love of God hinge! Hinge like your life depends on it!

I got to know Reneta at the YMCA. We were both chosen to be Livestrong instructors, which is a cancer survivor group.
She is so good at motivating members and has them doing things they did not think they could do! I started training with her and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She tested me and found my problem areas and had me start working on them. My shoulders were very tight. I am a thyroid cancer survivor and have had 3 major surgeries. 2 on my neck and one on my chest. I did not know this, but your muscles will draw in toward the traumatized area to protect it. No doctor told me this, it was not because I was getting old. I saw results in less then a month. I feel taller, the pain in my hips and heels went away! I don't walk on my tip toes anymore. I am 56years old but feel like a child doing things for the first time. My confidence and self esteem have improved and I feel strong! She is such a caring person and passionate about what she does. She is a miracle worker whether she admits or not!

Kerry Davis
Reneta Music recently came to our gym for a two day seminar where she shared kettlebell lifts, barbell lifts, and bodyweight. Her instruction is phenomenal! She presents in a way that is quickly understood and provided several progressions so that each of us could participate depending on our abilities with specific goals to mark the next step.
I highly recommend her.


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