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profilephoto01-001370000076Xd9AAEUpon completing school for business, I went to work full time in a sales position. I realized this was not my passion and wanted to go back to something I had a true fervor for; so I got my personal training certification(s).

Health & fitness has been a passion of mine starting at age 12. I stared off reading Charles Atlas and practicing calisthenics and dynamic tension. During college I decided to compete in a few body building competitions. This experience made me realize how important it is to be disciplined when it comes to nutrition and training. With a lot of hard work, I placed 1st place in the Heavyweight Class of the Missouri State Bodybuilding Championship. After bodybuilding I caught the powerlifting bug; and competed in WABDL (bench and deadlift) and 100% raw (bench, deadlift & strict curl). After meeting other StrongFirst instructors I was inspired to pick up the kettlebells and earn my SFG level I.

It is very rewarding to know that you are helping to improve someones performance/quality of life. I enjoy working with all types of clients, from the beginner to the experienced athlete.

SFG Level 1
Original Strength Coach, Level 1
TRX certified
Former NASM CPT, Former NCSF CPT
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Rob is the best of the best! When we started my training program, I had no idea what I was in for. Kettlebells interested me, but I had no idea how to begin to train with them. During our first session, Rob began the process of preparing me for kettlebell success. Each session we built on the technique to make sure my form was perfect before I ever did my first swing. Because of Rob's commitment to excellent form I have never once felt any type of back pain during my kettlebell workouts. He's taken a novice who knew nothing of kettlebells and turned me into a stickler for form who looks forward to my kettle bell workouts. I am better, stronger, and so much more confidant because of Rob. I can't recommend Rob enough to anyone looking to incorporate or increase their knowledge kettle bells into their training.

maya thayer
Rob is the best of the best. His knowledge, dedication and tenacity are unparalleled, and having worked with numerous trainers over the years I can say with absolute confidence that he is a consummate professional. He knows more about kettle bells than anyone I have ever met and is able to impart that knowledge seamlessly. Robert is not just passionate about kettlebells, he is an absolute stickler when it comes to form and for good reason. Great form is the difference between immense pain and total relief for those like me who suffer from injuries and back problems. I came to Robert weak, in pain, and fearful of touching weights, and within a few short months I am pain-free, stronger, and much smarter when it comes to how I work out. I could not recommend anyone more highly - Rob is an incredible trainer and KB master!

Aamer Haleem
I absolutely agree with the previous posts by Stephanie Quinn and David Cuevas. I think they each perfectly summarized what Rob does for his clients.
I would only add that, in terms of my own experience, Rob managed to achieve the impossible by teaching me how to work with kettlebells. Many other trainers have tried and failed to convince me that kettlebells were the way to go primarily due to chronic back issues. Not only have those issues been resolved, but my back has never been stronger. All thanks to Rob! Again, Stephanie and David's posts perfectly described Rob's approach. His attention to detail is unparalleled. As is his ability to teach you how to use proper technique in an effective manner. One of the things that sets Rob apart from other trainers is that he can impart years of accumulated knowledge and experience with the greatest of ease. Not every trainer/teacher is as capable.
If you've had ANY hesitation in adding kettlebells to your strength training, go see Rob. He'll change your perspective and you'll be better for it. I know I am.

stephanie quinn
Rob is an EXCELLENT instructor. I was new to kettlebells and have an old shoulder injury and he perfectly tailored my workouts to increase strength but also vastly improved the stability of my shoulder so that I can actually perform exercises I haven't be able to do in years. He's a stickler for form and has a keen understanding of an individual's limitations - and capabilities. His introduction to kettlebells into my every day fitness routine helped me find my way back to fitness that I enjoy and, with his instruction, I'm confident that I'm performing the exercises properly. I can't believe I'm about to say this but he made working out with a 35lb kettlebell fun! I highly recommend him if you are considering incorporating kettlebell into your routine. Even if you're experienced, I'm sure he can show you something new.

David Cuevas
Rob is very detailed oriented when it comes to Kettle Bell training in order to avoid injuries. He doesn't rush you through workouts in order to get to the next level and make you feel good about yourself. I've notice this from other trainers who rush you through training even though you may not be ready which can lead to injuries. He focuses on mastering the techniques and taking it a step at a time so you understand the basics before you move on to the next level. The basics can be anywhere from doing simple exercises without the kettle bells so it becomes second nature to you. It's extremely important to understand that doing them correctly is a huge deal. So I understand that and it's been implanted in my head to follow the techniques closely and with care thanks to Rob! I would highly recommend him to anyone that wants to implement kettle bells into their training for anyone that has minimal knowledge with kettle bells.


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Kettlebell Instructor SFG I


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Zip code: 63050
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