Timothy Shuman

profilephoto01-001370000076TtGAAUTim is the chief instructor of Orlando Kettlebells. He has nearly two decades of experience Coaching individuals of all fitness and strength levels—from professional athletes to Olympians, college all-stars, and high school standouts.

Tim has developed an extensive collection of exercises throughout his career. Though he strongly encourages individuals to challenge their strength and condition, Tim places greater emphasis on safety by focusing on form and technique, rather than weight.
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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
Website: www.orlandokettlebells.com
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Alex Peterson
Excellent dude. Knows his stuff and will help you reach your goals. Highly recommend.

Elisa reynoso
Detailed and to the point type of coach . Super tedious in you getting the movement right so you won’t get hurt and then pass it on to teach it well to others . Really enjoyed him being our team leader . Felt secure in my lifts after he corrected my form to execute it right . He is very knowledgeable as well.

Brett Turley
Tim was my team leader at SFG level 1 in Tampa. He was a phenomenal leader and instructor. He answered almost every question I could think of before I was able to ask it. Very thorough and on point throughout the weekend, with a great sense of humor to boot. If Tim is coaching you in any way, consider yourself very blessed. Strong guy!

Stephanie Tierney
I just completed my SFG 1 certification with coach Shuman this weekend. I am thrilled to say that I received my certification.
When I look back on the weekend, coach Shuman stands out for so many reasons. His passion for sharing his knowledge was radiating through his teaching. He was able to keep everyone on their toes while educating us in a way that was understandable. While sticking to the rules of the program, he was able to make us all laugh at the same time. I felt comfortable asking him what I needed to ask and always got an answer that was beneficial and accurate to help with my training . I’m thankful he was part of my experience with this .

Kevin Cleary
I was an assistant on Tim's team at a recent SFG I certification, and his passion, attention to detail, and genuine desire to help those working under him grow as coaches was apparent from the start.

If you're attending an SFG weekend and have him as your team leader, you've hit the jackpot!

If you're an assistant selected to his team, you will walk away from the weekend a better coach and person!

Luis Gonzalez
Tim is an excellent and invaluable asset in my training. He has a keen eye for detail. I started training with Tim earlier this year. I asked him to help me prepare for the strongfirst instructors certification. With his help, I passed and became a certified Strongfirst Instructor!

Luis Gonzalez
I started performing the lifts outlined in Pavel Tsatsouline’s books and knew I couldn’t digest all the intricacies on my own. Tim Shuman has a keen eye for detail and guided me through the lifts. I was exited to work on my bent press with him and get the insight I needed to perform the lifts safely. If I am back in Florida, I would definitely seek Mr. Shuman out again because he is an excellent coach.

Cody Jarrett
I am currently in the midst of prepping for my SFG I certification and wanted to have an expert review my technique to make sure I was up to standards as well as to help prepare me for the snatch test. I will start by saying wow, I wish I would have reached out to Tim several months earlier, that would have saved me many unnecessary aches/pains/torn calluses and self-programming errors. He provided me with several cues that really did give me that much sought after "ah ha!" moment. Because of my time working with Tim I am going into my SFG I weekend much more confident.

andrew smith
Wow, Tim is professional and insightful. If you ever end up in central Florida you need to spend an hour with Tim working on your kettlebell technique. Whether you're learning a new move or perfecting your swing he can improve your skills. He is legit. You will learn several important things and have fun doing it.

Tim has been instrumental in mine and my family’s personal strength. What a real treasure Tim is! He’s the best and I would look no further if you are seeking to be strong and healthy.

Oscar Agramonte
I'm a personal trainer and StrongFirst instructor and recently reached out to Tim for help with my own training.

I've known Tim for a while and can't believe I waited so long to get some lessons from him! He is an excellent teacher of strength! In our first lesson he was able to refine my technique which lead to immediate improvements in my lifts.

Tim not only is a great coach, but is incredibly strong and moves really well. He has a great eye for finding out what you need based on your skill level.

I would highly recommend Tim to anyone who wants to get stronger or move better and look forward to continuing to learn from him.

Mark Shropshire
Tim and I first met when we both attended our first kettlebell instructor cert in 2012. He was and still is the consummate professional. Humble, intelligent and a superb instructor. He has been a resource for me ever since. If you have the opportunity to learn or work with Tim DO NOT PASS IT UP!

Reneta Music
I have had the pleasure of teaching beside Tim numerous times and am honored to call him colleague and friend.

I highly recommend him as a strength coach and a conditioning coach. You won't find strength as pure as Tim's anywhere.

Debby Marine
Tim is an extremely qualified instructor/trainer/coach in the field of strength and fitness. Whether it’s a kettlebell, or a barbell, Tim’s ability to teach proper form and technique, that is easily understood, brings out the best in whoever he teaches. His eye for detail, to ensure that every exercise is done correctly, is his biggest attribute as an instructor.

Tami Benz
Tim is truly the best! He has a special gift and eye for coaching you through to your goals. He makes sure you understand proper form and how to stay safe while getting you stronger. He's a natural born teacher. Thank you for all you do, Tim!

Augusto Juarez
A wealth of experience in strength and movement, Tim was the first teacher I went to for kettlebell training. I've periodically trained with him for the past 3 years, and he has been instrumental in my decision to be involved in the StrongFirst community.


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