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profilephoto01-001370000076TtTAAUTony, along with his wife Mira, founded Industrial Strength in Portland, OR in 2013. Their gym offers classes and private lessons for kettlebells, barbell strength & conditioning, Olympic-style weightlifting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and kickboxing. Currently Tony teaches kettlebell classes, barbell classes, and is the head black belt of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program.

Industrial Strength has hosted nearly every type of StrongFirst event, including Plan Strong, Strong Endurance, SFG Level 1 & 2, SFL, SFB, and the Tactical Strength Challenge. Industrial Strength is currently the only StrongFirst accredited gym in the state of Oregon.

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Accepting new students. Training offered in person and online.
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As someone with a career background that involved a lot of intense physical activity, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals who were very serious about training and possessed a high level of physical ability. After leaving said career, I found myself training alone and unmotivated. Eventually, my own physical aptitude decreased greatly. After scoping out several gyms I found Tony and Industrial Strength. That was 2 years ago. I am now delighted to report my strength, endurance (both physically and mentally) and motor function have shot back up to a peak I didn't think I'd ever see again. Tony is an exceptional Coach. He works incredibly hard on programming and has remarkable attention to detail. There have been training sessions when I have hit "the wall." But Tony has the ability to push you through--safely--and help avoid training plateaus . Additionally, the camaraderie in the gym is second to none--something I greatly missed and am happy to have back. If you honestly want to get stronger, I recommend you go see this man.

Chris Merrow
Tony Gracia really impressed me with his professionalism, patience and friendliness.

Lots of eye-opening advice and “AHA!” moments. For example, “telescoping” my elbow throughout the Get-up to maintain the lockout made a remarkable difference!

I will definitely be revisiting him in the near future.

Tony is an exceptional trainer with an acute attention to detail, form & injury prevention. His classes are motivating, balanced & pretty much guaranteed to help you get stronger in body & mind. I’m also super impressed with the culture of camaraderie, professionalism, & fun Tony & Mira have created at the gym. As someone who came in a year ago without a lot of strength to start, I was concerned about feeling intimidated or not being able to keep up (or worse getting injured!). I’m thrilled to say none of that has been the case & I totally credit Tony for the wonderful classes, care & attention he gives to this fantastic training program. And now I’m stronger to boot! Wow!

As a sports physical therapist I have had the opportunity to work with many trainers and strength coaches. Tony is by far the most exceptional coach I have had the pleasure to work and train with. He has a gift for programming and an keen eye for movement. He will without a doubt get you to where you want to be. Prior to working with Tony I could only snatch a 20kg and perform a Turkish-get-up with a 32kg while dealing with multiple injuries. After working with Tony I can know perform a 32kg Snatch Test and TGU with 60kg all PAIN FREE. I completely trust Tony with my patients and my own training. I highly Recommend him!

Mike Davis
Tony is a highly skilled trainer and leader that trains other coaches. He is constantly updating his skill level and programming. I have been training with Tony for many years. He has developed my strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and motor skill level to my capacity which I needed for my career as a police officer. He also got me to be a SFG I and doing 40kg Turkish get ups. I have been able to meet new standards in physical abilities in such things as firearms qualifications with more stringent times, defensive tactics skills, properly lifting people and other physical skill based requirements. I have also been able to transfer many of these skills to teaching others in related subjects to my profession. Tony is a great coach that cares about his students and the community.

Becca Reisch
I started training with Tony several years ago after a LONG absence from strength training, and while dealing with several lingering injuries. Tony has a keen eye for movement and can quickly identify faults in technique, which is key for getting the most benefit out of workouts and avoiding injury/re-injury. He also has a knack for pushing his students just a bit harder than they think they can go. Needless to say, I'm not feeling those lingering injuries too much anymore, and I'm probably stronger than I've ever been.

Erin Hamilton
I've been training with Tony for over three years and I can't say enough good things about the atmosphere and programming that he has created at Industrial Strength Gym. I came to Industrial Strength very out of shape and nervous to start a new fitness routine, but because of the emphasis on safety and being a good training partner, I quickly felt welcome and excited to work hard. His kettlebell programming has helped me lose and maintain a fifty pound weight loss and also collect a fun set of strength skills. Tony is a top-notch trainer and I highly recommend him and Industrial Strength Gym.

Noel Tenoso, PT, DPT, OCS
As a physical therapist, strength training is very important beyond a patient's rehabilitation. Tony and the staff at Industrial Strength Gym have the highest qualified trainer's in the area. Tony is a high level instructor with a great eye for movement and the right cues to make you strong and keep you safe. You cannot get a higher caliber of trainer, who is also a trainer's trainer. As a clinician, Tony is my go to movement professional to continue with my patients care and beyond!

Sammantha Kouba
When I first started working with Tony, I could barely snatch the 12kg or complete a Turkish Get Up with a 16kg. Really...both were a struggle. Tony puts a TON of work into his programming and helping athletes reach their goals. After working with Tony for the past 2 years, I can now complete a snatch test with a 24kg and a Turkish Get Up with a 40kg. I can't thank him enough. Truly an amazing person and coach.


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