Trevor Hoke

profilephoto01-image1.jpegA former distance swimmer and runner, Trevor found kettlebells searching for a way to rehab injuries and to return to endurance activities.  Very quickly he realized that strength training and the StrongFirst community embodied everything he was looking for to be fitter, a better husband and father, and a more effective trainer and coach.

Kettlebells provide for the expression of strength and conditioning using the same tool.  They can form the basis for an athlete to become stronger and faster.  They can return lost mobility and athleticism for those looking to have it back.  These elements, when put together with proper programming and individuals working together, lay the foundation for a community where success is inevitable and the day-to-day practice is something to look forward to every time.

Come learn to get stronger, move better, and learn a lot about yourself along the way.

We are StrongFirst.

Trevor Hoke
Eugene, OR 97401
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