Podcast Episode #16: Mira Kwon

StrongFirst Podcast Episode #16


Mira Kwon is the co-owner of Industrial Strength, an Accredited StrongFirst Gym in Portland, Oregon. She is an accomplished weightlifter. In this episode, she talks about the benefits of Olympic weight training and how it differs from kettlebell movements.

Show Notes

01:16 — Mira talks about how she got where she is today and her athletic background.

06:34 — Mira talks about her training.

10:08 — Mira talks why someone would do Olympic weightlifting?

14:28 — Mira describes the clean and the power clean.

16:18 — Mira explains the focus needed for Olympic weightlifting.

23:00 — Mira discusses the optimal training load.

28:50 — Mira discusses her gym’s community and training philosophies.

35:20 — Closing thoughts on using the kettlebell swing to assist in Olympic weightlifting.

2 Key Points:

  1. You need to build your skill around 70-80% where you have more control.
  2. The gym you create comes down to tone and mindset.

Tweetable Quotes

A lot of people miss lifts because they’re not in the right frame of mind. – Mira Kwon Click To Tweet
It’s not so much about lifting as heavy as you can every day, it’s about practicing and being consistent in the details. – Mira Kwon Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned

Industrial Strength

StrongFirst Accredited Gyms

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