Foundation of Strength DVD


StrongFirst is proud to present The Foundation of Strength DVD.

Strength is a foundational skill, upon which athletic performance depends. Understanding the basics of strength training and growing familiar with their mechanics is the first step in becoming a better athlete. Getting stronger allows you to play harder and stay in the game longer.

Strength supports better performance on the field and resilience to injury. Strength overcomes, strength endures.

Foundation of Strength provides easy-to-follow, simple instruction on basic exercises designed to make anyone much, much stronger. As it’s often said, the difference between being good and being great is having a fundamental understanding and mastery of the basics.

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The Kettlebell

A simple to use gym-in-a-hand that provides anytime, anywhere strength and conditioning. Learn and master the kettlebell swing, get up and squat and understand why kettlebells are found in any facility that teaches power, mobility and performance.

The Barbell

Perhaps no three exercises are more important to any athlete than the deadlift, the squat and the press. Each appears deceptively simple, but success in any of them requires an understanding of proper mechanics and the correct set up that leads to a successful finish. Spend a little time learning the basics of the barbell and watch your lifts get bigger while you get stronger and stay safer.


There’s a lot more to using dumbbells than biceps curls and shoulder presses. The use of dumbbells in a strength and conditioning program is as old as the ancient Greeks, but using them properly requires a little more thought than just, “Grip it and Rip It!” You’ll learn how to use dumbbells to build muscle, increase stamina and teach your body to move athletically.


Sandbags are a “living weight.” As it moves, the sandbag’s weight shifts and changes shape. We lift more things that move and shift each day than we realize; the large bag of pet food at the store, the bag of topsoil or sand from the home improvement center, our children from a car seat to their stroller. First responders helping a patient off the ground, a police officer taking someone in to custody, or a soldier helping a fallen comrade demonstrate that we lift much more living weight than we realize. A few simple cues can make lifting those weights simpler and safer. Train hard. Lift heavy. Stay safe. Get StrongFirst.

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