Kettlebell STRONG!


Destroy Your Plateaus, Get Strong As A Bull, And Lean Out Faster Than You Ever Imagined: Discover How To Properly Use A Pair Of Kettlebells…



Kettlebell STRONG!

Destroy Your Plateaus, Get Strong As A Bull, And Lean Out Faster Than You Ever Imagined: Discover How To Properly Use A Pair Of Kettlebells…

Kettlebell STRONG Book & DVD Set $97.50Kettlebell STRONG Book & DVD Set $48.75 x 2

Kettlebell STRONG DELUXE Edition $147.50Kettlebell STRONG DELUXE Edition $73.75 x 2


  • 3.5+ Hour 2-DVD Set: Watch and learn “live” as Master SFG, Geoff Neupert, takes a “victim” (and SFG2) through the Kettlebell STRONG! “Technique Stacking” System, layering one double kettlebell technique upon another for rapid gains in strength, speed, and confidence even with the most awkward of the double kettlebell lifts: The Jerk. You’ll watch a seasoned kettlebell trainer implement these cues and make immediate and drastic improvements to his technique and strength. Then you’ll apply it yourself.Broken down by exercise, you’ll be able to review techniques and corrections in these DVDs repeatedly at your own leisure.
  • 87-page Filler and Fluff Free Book: The written companion to the DVD set, the book covers even more training detail, such as corrections and more importantly, two different training programs: One for strength, called “STRONG!” and the other for conditioning called “One.” Both programs are guaranteed to take your physical abilities to previously unimagined heights.

Here’s Exactly What’s Covered In Kettlebell STRONG!

  • Discover the Catch-22 of double kettlebell lifting – miss this and you’re doomed to mediocrity right from the start
  • Learn the unique benefits that a pair of kettlebells have over a barbell and why in most cases the kettlebells are better for capturing “usable” strength – strength that you can use in your daily life…
  • Three reasons you cannot use the same strategies for double kettlebell lifting that you’d use for single kettlebell lifting and which strategy you absolutely MUST use for unstoppable success…
  • Where to start your double kettlebell training (HINT: Just in case you missed it the first time, it’s NOT the Double Swing)…
  • 3 major reasons you absolutely must work out with double kettlebells if you’re even remotely serious about seeing extreme results in strength, power, or conditioning
  • Finally Revealed: The time-tested learning sequence which stacks one kettlebell exercise on top of the other and makes the most intimidating double kettlebell exercises – the Double Snatch and the Jerk – shockingly easy
  • Why dealing with discomfort is the key to making gains with double kettlebells and which exercise teaches you how to be “comfortably uncomfortable”
  • How to “Zip Up!” – 5 simple cues to develop more stability, strength, and power
  • The single best exercise to help you overcome discomfort, fatigue, and fear associated with heavy kettlebells
  • Four common mistakes in learning how to overcome discomfort in the Rack Position
  • Why using adopting specialized Kettlebell Sport training techniques is not only a bad idea but why it will mess you up even more than you are now
  • How to breathe for optimum performance (and blood pressure/heart health) using double kettlebells
  • Discover why the Double Front Squat is one of the best and most often neglected double kettlebell exercises
  • The “gold nugget” cue that distracts your subconscious mind and tricks your brain’s “squat program” and gives you near perfect squats right from the start
  • Where to look when squatting for better alignment, greater stability, and more power
  • Protect your knees, hips, and lower back while squatting using the proper foot positions and knee alignment
  • Use this simple, but rarely coached cue to keep the heavy kettlebells from falling out of the rack while the bottom position of the squat
  • Learn this easy self-assessment to know if you need corrective work before squatting
  • How to stay upright and prevent your knees locking out before your hips (simple cue)
  • Four most common mistakes on the double kettlebell front squat and how to fix them
  • The common mistake that bigger guys make when squatting with a pair of kettlebells and why it’s damaging for the shoulder joint and the lower back
  • Why the Double Clean is a better all-around exercise than the Double Swing
  • What’s the optimal foot position on the Double Clean and how does it allow you to perform more work with less effort?
  • Learn this simple cue for taming the arc on the Clean
  • How to keep from “over-cleaning” the kettlebells causing them to come crashing into your shoulders on the catch and forcing you to lose your balance and fall backwards
  • “T________ + E_________” is the secret to moving heavier weights overhead
  • Discover the four most common mistakes in the Clean and how to fix them
  • Learn the two major foot positions for the double kettlebell ballistics, why they matter, and how one produces more power than the other (university tested)
  • How the two different foot positions affect the loading on your hips and pelvis – the pros and cons of both and why one can lead to back and hip injuries over the other
  • What sprinters can teach kettlebell lifters about weight displacement in your feet while in order to lift the heaviest of bells (this is SO counterintuitive)
  • Discover the overlooked muscle in your foot that increases your strength and power output (HINT: It stabilizes your ankle joint and helps you use your calf to straighten your knee.)
  • How to use your fascia to turn your hips into fully coiled springs for unbelievably explosive Cleans, Swings, and Snatches
  • How to load your hips even more and create a more powerful hip snap to lift the same weights for more reps or lift heavier bells
  • The hidden restriction that forces people to turn their toes out on the ballistics and how to fix it
  • Like a kid in a candy store – the “one-stop-shop” cure-all “magic” assistance exercise to teach perfect positioning for the kettlebell ballistics
  • The singular double kettlebell exercise that packs on more muscle than anything else
  • Use this simple cue to facilitate the powerful extensor reflex for a stronger Press
  • How to keep your lats fully engaged (and your shoulders protected) through the entire Press
  • A simple cue to not only engage your lats even more, but to recruit your pecs on the Press for a stronger Press and more muscularity
  • How to avoid the three most common pressing mistakes and protect your spine from serious damage – and which exercises you should do to overcome these mistakes
  • Explode your grip strength and your hip power with this Double Snatch “prep” exercise
  • The #1 mistake on the Double Swing and how to fix it
  • Learn when bending the elbows on the Swing is appropriate and when it’s not
  • Discover the two transition exercises that make your Double Snatch feel virtually effortless
  • Learn the simple cue to keep the kettlebells close to your body and tame the arc for the Double Snatch
  • Wanna pack on some muscle? This exercise packs some serious muscle on the upper back and shoulders when done for high volume
  • How to get your kettlebells to literally float – and pause motionless in the air like Wile E. Coyote just before he falls off the cliff – which is necessary to create enough space for the Double Snatch
  • How to develop power and build muscle simultaneously with the Double Push Press
  • The 2D Method for near-perfect Push Presses right out of the gate
  • Here’s a dead simple, foolproof “back up” cue for the Push Press that works almost every time for everybody, regardless of their athletic ability or coordination level
  • Learn the two different methods for lowering the Push Press and when to use each (goal dependent)
  • How and when to use your breath to keep from hurting your lower back on the Push Press
  • Heels up or heels down on the Push Press? Here’s how to know for sure…
  • Discover why the Double Snatch is one, if not the best exercise for developing total body power.
  • Two cues to think about to perform the Double Snatch to ensure you never miss a lift (Hint: It’s NOT to actually snatch)
  • Why lowering the bells into the rack after a Snatch is the best way to load up for another Snatch and protect your back
  • Why there’s no such thing as a “half snatch”
  • Discover the 3D Method for near-perfect Jerks
  • The key to using the Jerk to acquire the “work capacity of an android”
  • The key arm positions for perfect Jerks (Ignore these and risk hurting not only your shoulders, but also you lower back)
  • Unlock these four areas of your body to virtually guarantee your success with the Jerk
  • Use these two simple breathing exercises to help restore shoulder mobility
  • Perform this child-like exercise to increase your hip mobility to prevent trashing your shoulders catching your Jerks
  • Add these two unique thoracic mobility drills that unlock your rusty t-spine from the bottom up and from the top down
  • Here are two specialized shoulder mobility drills to help unlock your sickly shoulders from your ribcage
  • Three simple technique drills that help you overcome the fear of creating space for getting under the kettlebells in the Jerk and deliver confident Jerks every time
  • How to build specialized circuits to not only learn the Jerk technique but make it feel seamless
  • The key to making effortless gains on the Long Cycle Clean & Jerk
  • The single best program template for training with the double kettlebell lifts, especially when first starting out
  • A devastatingly effective training program for “wearing out” a pair of heavy kettlebells – making them feel like toys
  • The “only” double kettlebell exercise you should do if you “had to” for maximum gains in strength, size, and conditioning in minimum time
  • Discover the never-before-revealed “One” program to achieve extreme levels of conditioning and sick levels of strength as a by-product
  • Learn controversial techniques on head, neck, and eye positioning that will give you instantaneous performance gains
  • Why “neutral” head position while performing heavy ballistics is a bad idea
  • Why your reflexes matter more than you think when lifting heavy loads
  • Discover the position your body is hardwired to naturally default to under heavy loads and why “neutral” spine makes you weaker in the long run
  • Why cues like “axial extension,” “neutral spine,” and “neck packing” are merely addressing the symptoms and not addressing the root causes
  • And more…

Not only is this the only double kettlebell instructional program of its kind available on the market today, but I’ve also included an implementation section on :

Cutting Edge “Done-For-You” Program Design

Program #1: The “STRONG!” Program.

This program shows you how to wear out just one pair of heavy kettlebells using the definitive double kettlebell exercise – The Clean & Press.

Nothing makes your body stronger than Clean & Presses. This program shows you how to make the heaviest pair of kettlebells feel like toys, gaining new strength, muscle, and amazing levels of conditioning in the process. (There are 87 individual workouts in here – over 6 ½ months and can be reused repeatedly without ever plateauing.)

Program #2: The “One” Program.

If there was ever one program that did it “all,” this very well could be it.

The “One” program shows you how to take just one exercise – the Double Swing, and eat its lunch. (The best part? You’re only looking at 30 minutes of workout time per week. Yes, it’s that powerful.) Geoff has only revealed this program one other time, and that was at a lecture on Program Design at a recent RKC Certification.

The candidates, who were asked a very simple question:

“How conditioned, and more importantly, how strong would you be if you did this with a pair of Beasts?”

“VERY!” was the collective response.

Kettlebell STRONG! is THE definitive step-by-step guide for mastering the double kettlebell exercises and getting as strong as you want to be – as strong as you need to be – to achieve ALL of your physical goals.

However, it’s possible for you to –

Get Even STRONGER… With More Kettlebell Muscle…

Don’t miss your chance to get a copy of More Kettlebell Muscle, the sequel to Geoff’s landmark book, Kettlebell Muscle.

In 2010 a powerful little book, Kettlebell Muscle, rocked the kettlebell world with its short yet brutal workouts using kettlebell complexes and chains. Users were astounded with their results – many putting on an average of one pound per week, while less than one hour per week.

That’s one way to see muscle.

The other way, like a sculptor, is to remove what is already there, revealing the image hidden beneath.

In More Kettlebell Muscle, Geoff has designed not one, but TWENTY different kettlebell complex programs (not workouts) designed to chisel the fat off your body.

Each program is between 4 and 12 weeks in length, and is for almost all skill levels (except rank beginner).

Combined with the right diet (which Geoff just flat out gives you), you’ll reveal your inner Zeus or Venus in record time.

And These 7 Powerful Not-Available-To-The-Public Advanced Double Kettlebell Programs

Not only that, but you’ll receive a seven of Geoff’s best double kettlebell programs, reserved only for his elite Inner Circle members, including programs that teach you how to incorporate bodyweight training with double kettlebell work for the ultimate in usable real world strength and conditioning.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Strength, Double Your Muscle, Double Stuff, Keep Your Chin Up! , Keep Your Chin Up! Part 2, and… BURN, Baby, BURN!.

(Each month Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle members pay $19.95 for these programs, so this has a real value of $139.65.)

Geoff has NEVER offered anything like this before. When he comes to his senses, he most likely never will again.

Don’t miss out, get your copy of Kettlebell STRONG!

Bottom Line: If you’re serious about getting amazing results from your kettlebell training then you owe it to yourself to get Kettlebell STRONG! today. Without it, you’re leaving results on the table and frustration and disappointment inside.

Geoff has done all the research for you – learn from his 20+ years in the strength-training world. All you have to do is read, watch, and apply. It’s like receiving the answers to the test in advance.

And as always, your investment is backed by Geoff’s 60-Day, 100% Money Back guarantee. If you’re not completely and totally satisfied with the material, you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund.

Get the Book and DVD

Kettlebell STRONG Book & DVD Set $97.50

Or in two payments (second payment billed one month from today)

Kettlebell STRONG Book & DVD Set $48.75 x 2

Or the deLuxe Set

Kettlebell STRONG DELUXE Edition $147.50

Or in two payments (second payment billed one month from today)

Kettlebell STRONG DELUXE Edition $73.75 x 2

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60-Day Hassle-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

You’ll absolutely love your results from Kettlebell STRONG!. If you don’t, just request a full refund within 60 days of your purchase for a prompt, courteous refund.

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