STRONG ENDURANCE™ by Pavel—in Person OR Online —November 7-8, 2020


Register to attend online—or in person in Denver, CO, USA


Pavel Tsatsouline, CEO of StrongFirst, Inc.

Project MOVE
1440 S. Acoma St.
Denver, CO 80223


Online Video Platform

Denver, CO (GMT-6)

9am to 6pm Saturday, with a lunch break between 1-2
9am to 2pm Sunday, with no lunch break
*check-in begins at 8:30am


The seminar is available only in real time.

ONLINE—Student manuals will be mailed after the seminar. No digital option provided.
IN PERSON—Student manuals will be provided at check in.

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You put in the time and effort to earn your StrongFirst Instructor status; don’t let it slip away!

Renew your StrongFirst Instructor Certification at no extra cost if you attend the Strong Endurance™ seminar.

You must hold a current certification to be eligible. Recertification spots are limited.

Attending online? Recertifications will be completed at a later date via online submission. Details will be emailed closer to the seminar weekend.

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What Is Strong Endurance™?

What Is Strong Endurance™?

There are times when simply enduring is not enough. One must carry on at a high level of strength, speed, or power.

A football game. An obstacle course in a full kit. Moving grandma’s antique furniture.

For decades such endurance had been built with “metcons.” Then a Russian professor reframed the question and changed history.

What if instead of training the athlete to tolerate ever-increasing concentrations of lactic acid we trained him to produce less of it?

Anti-glycolytic training (AGT) was born.

Enter Strong Endurance™, the last word in “anti-acid” training.

This Seminar Is a Game Changer for:

  • Fighters and team sport athletes who must explode over and over. Because 20x20m sprints biochemically have nothing in common with a 400m run.
  • Athletes for whom speed is king. Point fighters. Ping pong players… You cannot afford to learn slowness through HIIT.
  • Military, law enforcement, first responders. You must always be ready to save lives and cannot afford conditioning that leaves you sore and smoked.
  • Endurance athletes who seek an extra edge.
  • Regular folks who choose to “get in shape” the healthy way—without stressing their hormones out of whack and flooding their bodies with free radicals and toxic ammonia spewed out by “metcons.”

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What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

  • The tools of classic Russian anti-glycolytic training—and how to apply them to program design.
  • The next generation of anti-glycolytic training—developed and tested by StrongFirst.
  • For those dialed in biochemistry—the science behind the system.
  • State of the art kettlebell training plans (swings, snatches, C&Js) that develop a wide range of qualities—while putting a premium on power. Minimize fatigue and soreness while leaving plenty of energy for other pursuits.

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Installment Payment Plan

Available until October 7, 2020.

You can decide to pay only $250 at registration. The 2nd and Final installments are $250 and $195.

All installments must be received by November 2, 2020. Payment instructions will be included in registration confirmation.

You will be responsible for making the installment payments until your account is paid in full. Your registration will be confirmed upon receipt of the final installment payment.

If the payments are not received on time, your registration will be forfeited. Cancellation policy applies. You may transfer your registration to someone else if you are unable to attend at no fee if request is made at least 21-days prior to scheduled certification.

Email us if you have any questions.

*Promo Codes cannot be applied with Payment Plan option.

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