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All-Terrain Conditioning™—Modesto, CA—September 11-12, 2021


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Derek Toshner, Senior StrongFirst Certified Instructor

Degree in Exercise Science
SFG Senior Instructor
14x TSC Champion
5x National Champion (track and field)
10x All-American (track and field)
Mountaineer and Rock Climber

BrickHouse Strength & Conditioning
2504 Sunrise Ave
Modesto, CA 95350

9-6pm Saturday
9-2pm Sunday
*check-in begins at 8:30am Saturday

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What You Will Learn

All-Terrain Conditioning™

Dr. Fred Hatfield described an endurance challenge of carrying twenty beer kegs to a second-floor pub as quickly as possible. This general endurance task would be tough for many individuals. It is the type of general conditioning that most athletes need before the specific conditioning needed for their sport. How would you do on Dr. Hatfield’s challenge?

All-Terrain Conditioning is an in-depth two-day event that teaches the theory behind our Strong Endurance™ event and the movements that you will need to build your endurance the StrongFirst way. The course curriculum utilizes the Strong Endurance™ plans developed by Pavel Tsatsouline.  You will also learn the most fundamental kettlebell skills needed to complete these protocols. This seminar provides 3 months of protocols to build your oxygen transport system (cardio) and develop more power. We will also provide a short peaking cycle before an endurance event. This peaking cycle utilizes glycolytic conditioning to prepare people for competitions. We will discuss when and how peaking should be used as it should be used sparingly.

The course provides the general endurance that athletes from many activities can use, including:

  • Obstacle course racers
  • Crossfit athletes
  • Fighters
  • First responders
  • Special operators

The materials you will learn in this course have been extensively tested and refined.  At the course, you will learn the following movements:

  • Deadlifts
  • Swings (two handed, one-handed, and high pulls)
  • Turkish Get-ups
  • Power Push-ups

The endurance protocols provided at this event will help you:

  • Build cardiovascular endurance
  • Increase the quantity and quality of your cells’ aerobic power plants (mitochondrial biogenesis and respiration)
  • Maximize Power
  • Peak for Competition



What are the fundamental movements taught at this event?

The Deadlift, Swing, Get-up and Push-up are the fundamental movements. They are easy to learn yet difficult to master. Once a student can safely do these movements to the StrongFirst standard, they can train effectively.


Will I learn the snatch?

We will be teaching the kettlebell high-pull, which is one movement below the progression for the snatch. Athletes who have the movement abilities and mobility will be allowed to progress to the snatch. If the student is not ready, kettlebell high pulls will be a great alternative. Programming will also be discussed on how to pass the 5-minute snatch test presented at our SFG Certification and Tactical Strength Challenge.


Why not more exercises?

We chose the movements that are easiest to teach and offer the highest return on investment. Like our other courses, this course is narrow and deep!


What will the programming and theory sections cover?

We will cover the basics of Strong Endurance™ theory without going into depths of what the Strong Endurance™ seminar covers. We will provide programming (and practice the programming) for building the oxygen transport system, building speed and power, and peaking for events.

How would the All-Terrain seminar be different from the Strong Endurance seminar?

The Strong Endurance seminar goes into a deeper amount of information about how the Strong Endurance principles and plans were created. It also provides many plans for different exercises. The All-Terrain seminar is more of an applied course that provides some of the background, as well as teaching the movements used in each of the protocols.

Will I get a manual?

Yes, all students will receive a manual. This valuable material is great to refer to as you continue to pursue and refine your own skills thru practice.


Will I get a certification?

This event is not a certification, but you will receive a certificate of attendance.


Will I be training or will there be tests at the event?

We will not only discuss Strong Endurance™ principles but practice them as well. Students will complete the fundamental movements needed for the protocols. If you cannot complete the physical tasks, please contact us at


Who teaches this course?

Dr. Craig Marker, SFG Team Leader, will teach the course. He has been assisting Pavel with researching the Strong Endurance™ plans. The curriculum has been developed with Brett Jones and Fabio Zonin, as well as Pavel.


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