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PLAN STRONG™—Porto Alegre, Brazil—December 12-13, 2020

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Fabio Zonin, Master StrongFirst Certified Instructor

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Fabio Zonin, Master StrongFirst Certified Instructor

BPro Treinamento Moinhos
Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 291
Porto Alegre, RS 90440051

8:30am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday
*check-in begins at 8:00am on Saturday

Email us with any questions

NEED TO RECERTIFY? Renew your StrongFirst Certified Instructor rank and keep your blade sharp.

Recertification* of your SFG, SFG II, SFL, or SFB is included at no additional cost when registering for PLAN STRONG™. Testing will be completed during the weekend. Must hold a current certification to be eligible.

*limited spots available.


Students of strength! Teachers of strength!

StrongFirst is proud to present an exclusive seminar on the most sophisticated and powerful strength training system ever—the Soviet weightlifting system. But we will not be talking about snatches and C&Js. You will learn how to apply the System to kettlebell and barbell military presses, weighted pullups and pistols, and the three powerlifts for extraordinary results.

You do not need a background in sports science, endocrinology, or neuroscience to attend the PLAN STRONG™ seminar.

The seminar will be highly interactive, with some of you designing programs in front of the class and others being called on the spot to evaluate. There will be plenty of case studies and dozens of readymade plans, barbell and kettlebell, to take home with you—along with a highly detailed manual.

Power to you!
—Pavel, StrongFirst, Inc.


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