Plan Strong™ Testimonials

I believe this is the crowning achievement of Pavel’s career… This seminar revealed the universal key to decoding what the best strength coaches and scientists have figured out… After 10+ years of serious strength training and 7+ years of learning from Pavel, there has been nothing that could hold a candle to this information. Thank you, StrongFirst!
—Jason Marshall, Master SFG, SFB, SFL

This seminar is extremely informative and complex.
—Lauren Perreault, SFG Team Leader, SFL

There was so much to take from the weekend; I have material for a lifetime.
—Mike Sousa, SFG Team Leader, SFL

Plan Strong was for my brain what SFG I was for my body… more than I thought possible in one weekend…
—Sam McLean, SFG

Programming is something that I have struggled with [in the past] and… now being able to read the programs in the manual is like being able to read a sheet of music for a musician.
—Leslie E. Hand, SFG

I enjoyed the depth, intricacy and detail that went into the content of Plan Strong™ program design lectures, application, and manual. StrongFirst provides the most detailed, comprehensive and thorough education on program design within the S&C industry that I have seen.
—Joseph Sansalone, Senior SFG, SFL

Mind blowing and mind melting.
—Jimmy Yuan, SFG Team Leader, SFB, SFL

The course was incredible. The material is unbelievably thorough and well thought out. The manual is dense. Very dense.
—John Spezzano, SFG Team Leader, SFB

Truly life-changing and eye opening. Enough material to work on for at least a decade, probably several decades.
—Jason Ginsberg

Plan Strong™ is a Ph.D.-level course in program design.
—Mike Perry, Senior SFG, SFL

—Delaine Ross, Senior SFG

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