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Russian Breathing & Relaxation Techniques for Superior Performance

The “express” version of the Second Wind seminar, delivered as part of this special event, is seven hours long instead of the usual thirteen. You will learn the same breathing exercises as in a full-length Second Wind seminar. We will save time by shortening the lecture about the science behind the drills—but you can still read about it in your unabridged Second Wind manual.

Our ancestors realized that disciplined breathing yielded tremendous power over self. Breathing practices shrouded in mysticism were developed around the world and more are still sprouting today—some effective, others harmful, many pure psychobabble. In contrast, the breathing systems developed by Soviet and Russian scientists are firmly rooted in physiology and thoroughly tested in the field. These are what you will learn in Pavel’s Second Wind seminar.

Brett Jones, Director of Education

(To anticipate your question: No, we are not teaching the Buteyko method or Systema breathing.)

Some of these low-tech/high-concept techniques promote physical and psychological resilience:

  • Cultivate a “grace under pressure” found in elite soldiers and athletes
  • Tune up your “on/off” switch—learn how to totally mobilize or relax on demand
  • Boost your “anti-fragility” against all sorts of pathogens—heat, cold, blood loss, infection, toxins, radiation, etc.—by increasing your cells’ resistance to free radical damage and reducing the stress reaction
  • Reduce fatigue-induced injuries

Other Second Wind techniques improve athletic performance, even in elite athletes:

  • Endurance—through many adaptations in the heart, lungs, blood vessels, blood, muscles, and the nervous system
  • Speed—through improved muscle relaxation and increased creatine phosphate storage in the muscles
  • Power—through a possible conversion of type I muscle fibers to type IIA
  • Coordination and reaction time—through improved muscle relaxation

Read about the science of the Second Wind

Most of these techniques are simple to learn, require no special equipment, and can be incorporated into your regular training or done anywhere, anytime. They work for all healthy people, from general fitness newbies to intermediate athletes to champions.

Feel awesome. Be awesome.

Build Muscle that is as Strong as it Looks

Stefano Travaglini—a Built Strong student
1° Italian Championship NBFI 2016 cat. BB Medium and Overall
1° Northern Italian Championship WABBA 2019 cat. BB Tall and Overall
1° Italian Championship AINBB 2019 cat. -80kg and Overall
2° Mr Universe ICN PRO 2019
1° Vitamincenter Trophy 2019 cat. -85kg 
2° Mr. Italy WABBA 2019 cat. -180cm

In what was considered a golden age of physical culture, icons of the iron game like Tommy Kono, Franco Columbo, Steve Reeves, and others were truly as strong as they looked. The physiques on the stage were equally capable in the “pit.” Built Strong is a return to this golden age of physical culture.

But why focus on hypertrophy if one isn’t likely to bodybuild or to train bodybuilders? Because solid muscle is armor against life’s “threats,” helping you to:

  • Gain “functional muscle”
  • Increase strength
  • Improve posture
  • Enhance body composition, symmetry, and proportions
  • Look fitter, healthier, more muscular, sculpted, and imposing
  • Fight age-related muscle loss
Daniela Padovan—a Built Strong student
1° Pro CUP UKDFA 2017 England cat. Figure
3° World’s Amateurs WNBF 2017 cat. Fit Body
1° European Championship FNBB 2018 Benelux cat. Bikini Power
1° Italian Championship NBFI 2019 cat. Women’s Physique
1° Italian Championship WNBF ITALY 2019 cat. Fit Body
2° World Championship DFAC 2019 cat. Women’s Athletics

Built Strong takes the elite strength programming information in Pavel’s ground-breaking Plan Strong™ seminar and applies it to hypertrophy. These principles create a unique system for gaining muscle and strength across multiple areas and lifts.

Built Strong takes traditional training variables—such as frequency, volume, intensity, reps, sets, rest, and more—and teaches you how to expertly manipulate them to design effective hypertrophy programs based on Built Strong principles. And in contrast to more traditional bodybuilding approaches that focus on single muscles, our system trains movement patterns—never forgetting that function precedes the structure.

Built Strong’s sophisticated algorithm allows you to precisely customize the training to your goals, to the time available for training, and to the available equipment—as opposed to the common, but often highly unreliable, “instinctive” bodybuilding methods.

And finally, Built Strong sessions do not leave you sore the following days, making it ideal for anyone looking for muscular gains while still playing another sport, being physically active, and enjoying life.

Stefano Travaglini—a Built Strong student

What You Will Learn

  • Built Strong: an approach to hypertrophy according to the principles of Plan Strong™
  • Focus on movements rather than only on muscles
  • Functional hypertrophy vs cosmetic hypertrophy
  • The training parameters in Built Strong
  • How to design a Built Strong plan
Fabio Zonin, Master StrongFirst Certified Instructor

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