Spring 2016 TSC Results


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Spring TSC results are final!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this very unique day of worldwide strength, spirit, and camaraderie. This April 2016 TSC included nearly 1,200 participants—the most in history.

We heard reports from all over of people breaking personal records in at least one of the three events, and of many locations where every single person in attendance achieved a personal best lift.

Our Women’s Novice division is once again the largest category with 338 participants, and for many (if not most) of them, this TSC was their first-ever strength competition of any kind. And by all accounts, they had an awesome time. In case you were wondering, all Novice category winners (top three men and women) must graduate from the Novice category in all future TSC competitions, and enter in the Open, Elite, or Masters (if qualified by age).


And so now, let us acknowledge the highest combined scores in each of the eight categories. For full rankings and results, please visit the leaderboard HERE.

Women’s Novice

1st: Martina McDermott at Hybrid Fitness in Belfast, Ireland
Snatches 139, FAH 85 sec, Deadlift 319

2nd: Ilona Wilson at The Yard Athletic in Johannesburg, South Africa
Snatches 132, FAH 105 sec, Deadlift 319.5

3rd: Katie Bogs at Tyson’s Playground in Stafford, VA
Snatches 144, FAH 74 sec, Deadlift 265

Women’s Open

The Women’s Open was a close race, ending in a tie for first place. Both women are from Salt Lake City and competed head-to-head. Nicole Davis had an impressive 360lb deadlift, and Saxony Record, fairly new to our community, unable to complete a pull-up just a year ago performed twelve neck-to-bar reps! What a great showing by both athletes.

1st Tie: Nicole Davis at Brickwall CrossFit South in West Jordan, UT
Snatches 124, Pull-ups 15, Deadlift 360

1st Tie: Saxony Record at FTR in Salt Lake City, UT
Snatches 134, Pull-ups 12, Deadlift 305

3rd: Vix Sharp at Hybrid Fitness in Belfast, Ireland
Snatches 141, Pull-ups 12, Deadlift 303

Honorable mention goes to Roxanne Myers who took first place in two events, both the pull-ups with 18 and snatches with 149. Very impressive.

Women’s Elite

An incredible showing in the women’s Elite division was led by Hyun Jin Choi—she took first in the 20kg snatch with 118 reps and in the deadlift, pulling 348lbs. Hyun Jin Choi was proud to be one of those competitors performing a “TSC Hat Trick” (improving in all three categories).

1st: Hyun Jin Choi at Powerzone in Seoul, South Korea
Snatches 118, Pull-ups 9, Deadlift 348

2nd: Sara Cooper at Shropshire Sports Training in Ellicott City, MD
Snatches 116, Pull-ups 10, Deadlift 305

3rd: Aleana Myers at Gainz Strength Training Gym in Vancouver, WA
Snatches 114, Pull-ups 7, Deadlift 320

Women’s Masters

1st: Angelique Shoeman at The Yard Athletic in Johannesburg, South Africa
Snatches 153, Pull-ups 10, Deadlift 269

2nd: Elizabeth Arndt at Omaha Elite in Omaha, NE
Snatches 159, Pull-ups 3, Deadlift 305

3rd: Linda Mertens at Crow River CrossFit in Plymouth, MN
Snatches 160, Pull-ups 3, Deadlift 285

Men’s Novice

1st: Mike Wagner at TNT Fitness Results in Winneconne, WI
Snatches 164, Pull-ups 26, Deadlift 600

2nd: “Dangerous” Dave Doyle at Box 33 in South Femantle, Australia
Snatches 154, Pull-ups 25, Deadlift 507

3rd: Karlo Fresl at OutFit in Samabor, Croatia
Snatches 134, Pull-ups 23, Deadlift 496

Men’s Open

1st: Tim Almond at Box 33 in South Femantle, Australia
Snatches 165, Pull-ups 37, Deadlift 551

2nd: Aldo Alberico at Lugo, Ravenna, Italy
Snatches 151, Pull-ups 22, Deadlift 584

3rd: Jason Marshall at Lone Star Strength in Lubbock, TX
Snatches 148, Pull-ups 20, Deadlift 605

Men’s Open Fun Facts

  • 35 men deadlifted over 500lbs
  • 34 men completed 20 or more dead hang pull-ups
  • 35 men did 125 reps or more of snatches


Men’s Elite

The always impressive and still undefeated Derek Toshner leads the pack in the men’s Elite. He didn’t win a single event but with two second places and one third place he isn’t giving up his title anytime soon.

1st: Derek Toshner at TNT Fitness Results, Fon Du Lac, WI
Snatches 139, Pull-ups 20, Deadlift 600

2nd: Ryan Karas at Vigor Performance in Loveland, CO
Snatches 101, Pull-ups 21, Deadlift 635

3rd: William Stott at Brickwall CrossFit South in Salt Lake City, UT
Snatches 107, Pull-ups 17, Deadlift 639

Men’s Masters

1st: Steven Horwitz at his gym in Rockwall, TX
Snatches 129, Pull-ups 18, Deadlift 475

2nd: Brian Smith at Primitive Strength in Amarillo, TX
Snatches 126, Pull-ups 15, Deadlift 415

3rd: David Knuth at TNT Fitness Results in Lomira, WI
Snatches 141, Pull-ups 7, Deadlift 485

Congratulations to all of you!

TSC Event Snapshots

Just a few random photos from the day:

April 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC Results

April 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC Results

April 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC ResultsApril 2016 TSC Results

Participating Host Facilities

Finally, thank you to every one of these facilities for hosting this Spring 2016 Tactical Strength Challenge.

evolution fitness systems | tucson | az
heavy metal girya | birmingham | al
hybrid fitness | belfast | antrim
fvt boot camp and personal training | sacramento | ca
crossfit virtus les docks | marseille | bouches du rhone
velocity strength & fitness | chico | ca
north beach kettlebell | san clemente | ca
breathrough strength & fitness | woodland hills | ca
projectmove | littleton | co
guliver fitness | solin | croatia
full force personal training | modesto | ca
armourbuilding | peachtree corners | ga
vigor performance | windsor | co
functional training prague | prague | dejvice
catalyst strength studio| north liberty | ia
atlanta strength and conditioning | marietta | ga
spencer school of strength | spencer | ia
method training | peoria | il
victory strength and fitness | 2503 fairview pl | in
the yard athletic | johannesburg | gauteng
bestrong training | wichita | ks
strongfirst israel | bat yam | israel
crossfit i35 | overland park | ks
powerzone | seoul | gyunggi-do
fawn friday kettlebell training | st. paul | mn
art & strength | baltimore | md
chicago primal gym | chicago | il
vault fitness | eden prairie | mn
rapid results fitness | durham | nc
reactive training | glasgow | lanarkshire
efx fitness | manchester | nh
shore results | atlantic highlands | nj
nj kettlebells | fairfield | nj
omaha elite kettlebell | omaha | ne
kings thai boxing | new york | ny
crossfit solaria | omaha | ne
mojo strength | matraville sydney | nsw
move physical therapy | monroe | ny
mansfield ymca | mansfield | oh
catskill kettlebells | delhi | ny
firebellz | albuquerque | nm
courthouse south river road club | salem | or
today’s health and fitness | toowoomba | qld
misfit gym | burleigh heads | qld
queen city kettlebell | cincinnati | oh
empowered strength | bend | or
willpower strength & conditioning | ardmore | pa
lone star kettlebell | lubbock | tx
crucible krav maga | plano | tx
charleston kettlebell club | charleston | sc
iron strength kettlebell gym | sugar land | tx
palextra | lugo | ravenna
alpha fitness | east greenwich | ri
24 hour fitness | the woodlands | tx
moulton kettlebell club | roanoke | tx
impavidus gym | ashburn | va
hardstyle kbjj | corpus christi | texas
primitive strength | amarillo | tx
box 33 | perth | wa
fit by red | seattle | wa
gainz strength training gym | vancouver | wa
brickwall crossfit south | west jordan | ut
the lab strength & fitness | spokane | wa
be better | gig harbor | wa
kettlebility | seattle | wa
tnt fitness results | fond du lac | wi
tysons playground | vienna | va
heaven hell asd | sarmeola di rubano | italy
ironkore performance training systems inc | toronto
fuelhouse | seattle | wa
hybrid gym | gabcikovo
tnt performance | brookfield | wi
bkc gym | bristol


Nikki Shlosser
SFG Team Leader at Strong First
Nikki is an SFG Team Leader in Venice Beach, California and is the former Marketing Director for StrongFirst (2013-2018).

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