The Lateral Arch: A Secret Weapon for a Big Bench Press

If you do not compete in powerlifting, then you have no business arching your lower back like the pros in the bench press. But you can and should use one professional technique called the “lateral arch.”

My 1st National Powerlifting Competition and How I Trained

Here is how I decided to compete in powerlifting, how I trained, and how I incorporated the teachings of StrongFirst into the process.

StrongFirst and the 5×5 Method

The 5x5 method is credited to Reg Park, a bodybuilder who built a 500-pound bench press in the 1950s. It remains one of the most reliable ways to build strength in existence.

The Best Press Exercise

Which press exercise gets you the strongest while avoiding injury? Let's go through the possibilities and I'll explain the reasons for my choice of best press.

4 Tips for Getting Tight and Instant Strength Gains

I'm about to give you some tips you can take to the gym the next time you train. If you use the tips as I suggest—you’ll see instant strength gains.

StrongFirst Deadlift Team Pulls Strong

On June 22-23, 2013, the StrongFirst Deadlift Team competed at the IPA Strength Spectacular at the mecca of strength training, York Barbell Club in York, PA.

Bench Press to Kettlebell Press More

Here is how you use the bench press to set a kettlebell military press personal record within weeks.