I Am a 12-Percenter — Are You?

At age 58, I have a 12.4% risk of dying before I turn 68. But I have one tool that can lower my mortality rate and manage all the risk factors that come with each additional decade of life.

No Excuses Allowed: I Became an SFG II at Age 70

I recently passed the SFG Level II Certification. At seventy years of age, I was told I am the oldest person to pass. But I never let excuses stop me.

Strength for Women After 40: My Plan and Perspective

How is it that at 49-years old I’m able to maintain a weight of 132lbs and 16% bodyfat? To do a full wheel backbend and 100 40kg swings or 100 16kg snatches in five minutes? Here are my thoughts on strength for women after 40.

Your First Pull-Up: A How-To for Senior-Aged Women

If you’re an older woman, you can still get strong. And one of the best ways to both demonstrate and build your strength is by training to do your first pull-up.

SFG Certification: An Event for All “Ages”

How did a 72-year-old guy decide to attend an SFG Level I Certification and — perhaps more importantly — prepare for the rigor of those three intense days?

Be a Man Among Men: My Father’s Deadlift Program

We are all adults here: either you have it, or you don’t. StrongFirst is not in the babysitting business. As they used to say in the Rhodesian army: “Be a man among men.”