How to Prepare for and Pass Your SFG Level I

Successfully completing your SFG Level I takes smart planning. This was my path to a successful Level I and the eight-week training plan I followed.

How I Got a Nearly 10% Bigger Bench Press in 2 Months

Little did I know that being sidelined by a knee injury would end up being the impetus I needed to achieve a bigger bench press. Here's the program I used.

The World’s Standing Advertisement: “Wanted—A Man”

Over the door of every profession, every occupation, every calling, the world has a standing advertisement: “Wanted–A Man."

Class Envy: Strength Envy from the Upper Class

I am convinced the upper class are simply envious of the strong. And envy breeds resentment. This is a slippery slope, ladies and gentlemen. I come from a country that was ripped apart by class envy and drowned in blood.

A Strong Woman and Her Endless Possibilities

When a woman takes her first conscious step toward being physically capable, she immediately expands her limits of possibilities. A strong woman has endless possibilities.

The Tactical Strength Challenge as Celebration of Life

October 4 was Jim’s one year anniversary of heart surgery and the date of the Tactical Strength Challenge. Jim had begun his reborn life and was determined to compete.

The Way You Carry Your Strength Matters

If you are reading this blog, you are strong, or at least on your way to strong. Do not let it go to your head. Let your conduct inspire the weak to be strong.

Better One Day as a Lion

Instead of being discouraged and feeling like the world is trying to hold us back, recognize and appreciate that tension as a force necessary to move forward. Negative comments come from weak people.

Do Not Be Afraid to Be Alone

You may have a coach and training partners, but when it comes down to it, it is between you and the iron. Do not be afraid to be alone with the iron.

Is Greatness Possible Without Obsession?

True greatness in any field of endeavor requires obsession, dedication, and sacrifice. If it is a game you want to win, obsession is a powerful weapon in your arsenal.