Strength Has a Greater Purpose

Here is the key point from my speech on the mission of StrongFirst that I gave at our recent leadership meeting—addressing our motto: "Strength has a greater purpose."

To Be StrongFirst: What It Does and Does Not Mean

It is not about the kettlebell, barbell, or pull-up bar. It is about the one thing they have in common: strength. I cannot be strong for you. Only you can do that. However, I can show you the means.

What Makes StrongFirst Different?

The answer is: "I am not saying you are wrong. I just know I am right." If you want to compare us to Brand X, help yourself, because we are not doing it for you.

Is New Really Better?

At StrongFirst, we do not reinvent the wheel; we refine what our predecessors have done. As for the StrongFirst programming, it is a 2.0 version of the methodology of Soviet weightlifters.

Strength Kept Me Out of a Wheelchair

Strength kept me out of a wheelchair. In my early forties, I blew in my spine. After a year-plus-long rehabilitation, I started becoming strong—by deadlifting.

Vote Strong

It is the StrongFirst vision that today’s young adults who are members of our brotherhood and sisterhood of strength will raise the next “great generation.” Vote Strong!