Strength Is Like Music or Surgery: The Value of the SFG

If you want to learn the skill of strength, the SFG Certification will have you set for life. You will get a solid start to learning the methods you can use to help people become stronger and mobile.

A Strong Body Starts With a Strong Mind

I’ve never met a strong man or woman with a weak mind, and in fact, I believe our physical strength starts by building a strong mind. Here's how.

Things Are Going So Well, Help Me Screw It Up, Part II

We should use performance standards to dictate when new skills are introduced. Follow the path laid out by Pavel and other top instructors. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Better One Day as a Lion

Instead of being discouraged and feeling like the world is trying to hold us back, recognize and appreciate that tension as a force necessary to move forward. Negative comments come from weak people.

When You Don’t Know What You Believe…

When you don’t know what you believe, everything becomes an argument. Everything is debatable. But when you stand for something, decisions are obvious.

How to Get the Most Out of Earning Your SFG

Here are five suggestions for continuing the momentum you built in the course of earning your SFG Level I Certification. Follow these and keep improving!

How I Got a Nearly 10% Bigger Bench Press in 2 Months

Little did I know that being sidelined by a knee injury would end up being the impetus I needed to achieve a bigger bench press. Here's the program I used.

Extreme Specialization for the Real World

Unless you’re prepared to give up your life, then the Bulgarian system isn’t for you. But here's a way to apply extreme specialization to your deadlift in a more realistic manner.

How to Use Bands to Properly Assist Your Handstand Push-up

I am 6 foot 3 inches and about 240lbs, so handstand push-ups always seemed impossible to me. But then, thanks to Pavel's advice, I figured out how to use bands for proper and useful assistance.

6 Reasons for the Leaps Between Kettlebell Sizes

Here are six reasons why the leap of faith between kettlebell sizes is really a leap of science and experience.