Our New Chief SFG Instructor: Brett Jones

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce our new Chief SFG Instructor — Brett Jones!

Strength Is Like Music or Surgery: The Value of the SFG

If you want to learn the skill of strength, the SFG Certification will have you set for life. You will get a solid start to learning the methods you can use to help people become stronger and mobile.

4 Tips to Make the SFG Snatch Test Easier

This program can fit into your current training without interrupting or bogging it down.But it will make your SFG snatch test easier - and far less dramatic of an experience.

SFG Certification: An Event for All “Ages”

How did a 72-year-old guy decide to attend an SFG Level I Certification and — perhaps more importantly — prepare for the rigor of those three intense days?

A Group Lesson Plan for Conquering the Deep 6

What follows is a practice/plan to take your group class on a guided tour of the Deep 6, ensuring they have and keep stellar technique, as well as stay together as a unit.

SFG Level I Certification: 3 + 6 = Excellence

The SFG Level I Certification digs deep into the six movements that test your skills, strengths, and weaknesses - and even your mental strength.

SFG Level II Certification Prep Story

Here's what to expect at your SFG Level II, how I prepared, and my recommendations to you to ensure you have a successful Certification weekend.

How to Get the Most Out of Earning Your SFG

Here are five suggestions for continuing the momentum you built in the course of earning your SFG Level I Certification. Follow these and keep improving!

The Proper Thumb Position in Kettlebell Pulls

Recently, we have seen a number of students coming to SFG Certifications who clean and swing with their thumbs up. I am here to put an end to this fashion.

Peaking and Assessment for SFG Preparation

Here is the actual program I used with my students for SFG Level I preparation, as well as how we assessed and adjusted our strategy along the way.