Kettlebell 201: The Rite of Passage

Once you have reached the impressive yet realistic “Timeless Simple” standard, you have choices to make. Stay on a monastic diet of swings and get-ups, slowly chipping away at “Sinister.” Or try something “same but different”: the snatch plus the clean and military press, the classic Rite of Passage.


To attend this workshop, you need to be competent in swings, get-ups, and goblet squats. Ignore at your peril.

Learn these skills from a Kettlebell 101 workshop, a StrongFirst accredited gym, or a StrongFirst certified SFG instructor.

The Snatch is “the Tsar of the kettlebell lifts.” Thanks to more muscles working and twice the distance travelled, it accomplishes even more than the esteemed swing. Achieve total body explosive power, ruthless conditioning, and a vice like grip. Burn fat like never before. All with a lighter kettlebell—save space in your home, car trunk, or deployment kit.

Once we have taught you the skills with our usual attention to detail, we will send you off to succeed with a Strong Endurance™ snatch plan.

The one-arm Clean-and-Press will rival any other pressing exercise when it comes to shoulder strength and muscular development. It is untouchable when it comes to shoulder health, thanks to its ergonomic perfection.

The military press comes equipped with the “Rite of Passage” type programming—possibly the most reliable progression ever.

Three versions of the ROP—“Jurassic,” “907 Hypertrophy,” and “Heavy”—will keep you gaining for a long time.

Kettlebell 201 ROP sets high goals—and gives you the skills and the roadmap to reach them.

Do you have what it takes?

Sign up and power to you!

Aarburg, SwitzerlandOct 8, 2022
Geneva, SwitzerlandOct 9, 2022
Seattle, WA, United StatesOct 16, 2022
Paris, FranceOct 23, 2022
Lake Stevens, WA, United StatesNov 5, 2022
Chula Vista, CA, United StatesNov 6, 2022
Seoul, Korea, Republic ofNov 6, 2022
Pointe-Claire, CanadaNov 12, 2022
Naples, ItalyNov 13, 2022
Portland, OR, United StatesNov 19, 2022
Lima, PeruDec 11, 2022

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